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October 30, 2008


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Covered Porches

Welcome to blogland!!! It's nice reading and getting to know the lady behind the beautiful quilts. I would love to know the things that inspire you in your designs.

Lisa D.

Well, I would love to be included in your drawing, Miss Carrie. Some bloggers don't respond to comments. I don't think less of them because of it. I'm a loyal reader to the end. I enjoy your blog! Mmmm - would love to try some of that apple pie!

country things

I love this blog - it's the only one I read and will continue to read! I love seeing the new ideas and patterns and fabrics and hearing about Rosie and her mom's (i.e., Carrie's) travels and experiences and deliveries of fabric. It just couldn't be better. Thanks so much for taking the time to share.


Never mind the kit ... I want some pie! Love your blog and your patterns. Hoping to see some Miss Rosie's fabric one day soon .. I know I'll love it too!

Becky S.

Hi Carrie,
I wanted to let you know that I am enjoying reading your new blog and I LOVE your beautiful quilt patterns!
I wish I had a Ted that delivered Moda fabric to my house.
Your sour cream apple pie looked
so delicious- I might have to bake one this weekend. It's my favorite- YUM.

Ginny Worden

I know what you mean about Virginia Cole's patterns, I have tried them myself, and find them kind of addictive. Love your blog, and your patterns, but nice to know some of the "famous" quilt designers are bitten by the same quilt bug the rest of us are. Keeping my fingers crossed, that my name is picked. If not, of well, next time. Take care, and happy sewing.


Hi, Carrie and Rosie! Am enjoying your new blog. I have one too! I am also following you on Twitter but alas, you haven't Twittered yet! Gosh, I sound like such a groupie! Ha! Well, throw my name in the hat for the goodies you are giving away and come visit, disfordovey.blogspot.com


Love your blog--what a cute title. Please enter me in your giveaway--I love your patterns :)


Hi Carrie~
Love your blog!I don't want to sound like a stalker, but I check your blog everyday! I also enjoy working on your patterns. Keep those creative juices flowing...good pie often helps! LOL!


To respond or not respond to comments - that is 'the' question. I struggle with that one quite a bit but do what feels right. :-)

I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog but then again you knew I would. LOL


I try to respond to comments, or at least go visit the commentor's blog and leave a comment. It is hard though. I haven't even had time to go visit my favorite blogs, must less the blogs of my commentors! Some times I can get caught up on Sunday mornings if I spend time on the computer.
Would love to enter the drawing for the Card Trick package!


Love the new blog!

I guess the best way to deal with comments is whatever suits you best, whether that's by email, or by visiting their blog and leaving a comment.


Pick me! Pick me! Please. I'm so glad you've finally got a website - I've been buying and using your patterns and books for what seems like years - but I don't have 'Cheap Trick' - yet. I'd like a Ted to send me fabric also - my son Ted sure doesn't. Happy blogging!

Sheila in Ohio

I often wonder if I should respond to a response to a comment! LOL

I can't wait to try that apple pie recipe; it looks and sounds heavenly.


Well, I'm after the bewitching hour, however no matter to me. I love your patterns and books, in fact have dupes - Glad you started your blog, so fun to see what you are working on. Give a little pat to Miss Rosie - happy week end!!

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