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December 07, 2008


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This is an absolutely wonderful idea. I just finished 7 quilts for Christmas and wish you would have written this sooner. I am off to link to this post on my blog. Everyone needs to read this...

Ginny Worden

Thanks Carrie, for the very useful info. I sometimes forget, or don't want to admit I am the creator of quilts, but it is important.I will try to make sure the quilts get their "birth certificates".


I love this way of doing labels! Although I love to have a wonderful appliqued label - I too can get lazy & not want to have to do the stitching . . especially when there are deadlines! It also solves the issue of the wonderful little pieces of blocks that are always left over & I can't bear to throw them away. . . & yet they just seem to pile up & never get used. . . This is perfect! (I live the idea of the quotes too. . . makes them even more personal.) Thanks Carrie!! xo, Bren

Debbie Myers

Oh Carrie !!

I'm sooooo glad that you posted all this important info. While in a few of your classes I was always regretful that I didn't take better notes when I had the opportunity! Because, I LOVE these ideas !!! I do, however, remember the handwritten, w/ the saying, label part of the process. I have been implementing that portion, along with leftover blocks or scraps from the front of the quilt, for the past year or so. But, the part about the 5 yards of fabric and measuring 20" down, etc., well that part I missed... So, again, a BIG thank you for "reading my mind" and putting your method into words for myself and all readers of your blog!

From cold, cold, cold and a little snowy Chicago...Belle and I wish you and Rosie a very Merry Christmas !!

Debbie Myers
Batavia, IL


Fabulous post! I used to do all this, including the quotation, but then got lazy. Why did I never think of piecing the label into the backing fabric? The hand sewing scenario you described was all too familiar!


I truly loved this post...not only was the information extremely helpful (as yours always is) but also it was inspiring as I, too, am a "quotation" person! Thank you so much for inspiring me to gather up all of my favorites and start using them with my quilt labels...which I'm ALWAYS going to make from now on!


As a relatively new quilter, I'm so glad you posted this information. My first quilt, a king-size bedspread amish style 'Star Spin' design, is already back from the quilter and I am binding it this week. But my second one, a large throw size, is ready to sandwich and be quilted. I have gerded my loins in preparation for trying to machine quilt this one myself (shiver), so I will be able to use your label suggestions on it and I will do the same on all my backings prior to quilting in the future. This is great stuff Carrie, Thank you so much.


Carrie, I'm so happy you've shared your labeling with us! This has always been my biggest dilemma - and I had to laugh at all the mishaps you described when sitting down to hand-sew the label - I've had them ALL! I'll definitely have to try your way on the next quilt back. Thanks so much!

Wanda Sotkowy

Wow I had not idea that the ink from my printer would fade faster then a pigma pen. Thanks for the tip. Now I just have to make sure I write legibly.


I like the idea of "birth certificates" for quilts, and your method is very good! I always put my labels on at the very end, when the quilt is finished. While this probably makes it easy for "someone" to remove the label, I do write my name etc inside the binding; hidden proof that I own the quilt!


Carrie thank you so much for this wonderful Birth Certificate post...I am soooooooo bad about doing labels and it's all because of "appliquing" them on when I get it back from the quilter. I'm always just so excited to get the binding on that I forget about the label. Your way is awesome and it's perfect that the label is quilted in...Thank you so much!


I have tried this on one of my quilts and when it was done the label was hard to read. Maybe because the label was cream and the thread was black. Now my quilter will hand sew all my labels on for me. She has found this easier for her. Since her name is on the label she wants it to look good.


Carrie, Birth Certificates, what a great idea. Sounds much better than a 'label!' Thank you for the inspiration. For all the quilts I create I have been bad at signing them. I also really like the idea of a quote. Thanks for this post I am copying it for the future. Hope you're enjoying your day! ~ Wendy


I thought I was the only one who did quotations! Sometimes I put in a bit about something important going on in the news also. I used a Sharpie on labels several years back and I'd caution against it. After awhile the ink separated and left a yellowish stain around the black ink. Very unsightly, I ended up re-doing all the affected labels but with your method, yikes!

Anne Sutton

Genius, pure genius. Now if I could just get you to come up with cute quotes for all of my quilts, then write the label for me in that beautiful handwriting of yours, I'd be all set! Bring your marker to market.


I've always called the labels "hallmarks" like on the bottom of china. Ah...my problem...I did 8 little quilties for Christmas and have not done one single hallmark...yet. I usually hand embroider them and just couldn't do 8 of them...now I'll write them...but I'll have to hand-stitch them on since they're all bound now. Thanks for this very thoughtful post. We need this information for us and for future generations. How many quilts do we not know anything about?

Amy @ parkcitygirl

I too love birth cert over label! It gives more meaning and love to the beautiful creations! Thanks for sharing :)


y'know--after 10ish years of quilting, it FINALLY occurred to me to machine-sew the label on! the only time i have doubts, is when the quilt is a gift and i'm feeling a little shy and thinking they might want to re-gift the quilt in the future--i want them to have an out--and i don't want to see my quilt at goodwill's one day either! :-)

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