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February 21, 2009


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Susan Ramey Cleveland

Congrats to the winners.


Hmmmm..my posts keep disappearing, ah well, I'll try once more, Congratulations to Charlie and Vickie!!! Enjoy, I know I would.

Wanda Sotkowy

Even though I didn't win I get excited just seeing all the goodies! Happy Orange Day!


Congrats to the winners!


#rd try .Mine keep disappearing too,LOL!


Is that my scrap bag keeps getting bigger? It is multiplying while I sleep!

Juul :o)

Carrie, you are so funny!
And I mean that in a very good way!
I haven't won, but I'm sitting here with a big smile on my face.
Thanks for that!

Congratulations to the winners!


You are so funny. Generous too! My shoes do that. Multiply that is. How else can I explain the excess of footwear in my closet to my husband?


So funny! Thanks for sharing the giggles today! Congrats to Charlie and Vickie!

Lisa D.

That's kind of cool how that basket cloned itself overnight. I wish some of my fabrics would do that - you know those ones you just can't bear to cut into, lest you use it all up?

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