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February 20, 2009


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Lisa D.

Holy smokes, how did you do these so fast??? Cute, cute blocks and I love the blue.


That is insanely cute. Your imagination is so out of the box!

June Piper-Brandon

That is such a cute quilt. Unfortunately, I'm stuck at work and can't play until I get home tonight.

Ruth B

What a great giveaway! Fingers crossed!!


Oh, I really like your teeny version! It's so sweet and happy. And I read down a ways, and I have to say your Darwin story gave me a really good chuckle! I think you're right -- one of these days he'll be nominated for a Darwin award! Thanks for the laugh and the eye candy, and for the chance to win such a nice basket of goodies!


I love your quilt! My, you are a fast sewer. Have a great day!


OMG.. you ROCK Carrie!!!!

country things

I'm still reading and enjoying your blog,including your patterns, recipes and tips on binding. You can never have enough tips on that dreaded task. I've been in somewhat of a rut, but your ORANGE give-way might be the answer. I've been collecting a few orange fats (for cats), but must admit they are somewhat hard to find - should have started looking around Thanksgiving - story of my life. Made and enjoyed your Red Velvet Cheesecake and it's a far cry from orange, but is just as good as the original cake!!
Enjoyed seeing Rosie's picture - she's a doll.


I love your Mini OP quilt!! (and your basket!) I am way behind so I better get to sewing! Thanks for the idea to go smaller! Love it!!


Thats so cute! I must admit, I'm not much of an orange person either...I don't think I've used orange in any of my quilts so far.

Jo Jacobi

My friends and I are working on Elizabeth for another of our group and I lucked into this blog!
What fun to look at your little quilt. I love little quilts and might just try one this weekend after I finish 3 more blocks for my Halloween--orange, green and black quilt!


Hmmm, now that I am seeing everyone doing these OP blocks, I might just have to do some! I like them small like yours!

Sharon G

our quilt is really cute. I am just starting mu orange Op, just got in from work and ready to roll


Oh, teenie tiny little blocks just make my heart SING!!! Love what you got going on in that adorable quilt. Hugs...


ooh! this cute little quilt has me running to my stash for some orange to join in! ; )


Your little quilt is so pretty! Now my cat wants me to make him one since it's just the right size for him. lol


Your quilt is magical - I love it! I am so envious....still working for another 9.5 minutes!


I really like your quilt. I don't have any colors like those, but I am really liking them. Now I need more fabric. :)


OOOOOO...I love this tiny version. I have to make a couple of minis to donate to our guild for their fall auction.....and this would be a great one! Thanks for doing the math to make it smaller!!!


What a wonderful combination - I thought I was the only one who liked orange and blue. Very nice!

Trudi Wood

What a fantastic little quilt, I'm almost tempted to downsize my own. Absolutely Lovely!


Your op quilt is fantastic, i like it smaller too. Enjoy your weekend of sewing.


Wow! I love that small quilt! Would be great, I think, for my granddaughter's American Girl-type doll from Target!! perfect size and the colors!!


I love the smaller size.... I don't have a lot of Orange in my stash, but what I have is Fat Quarter's. I have made a note to self buy more Orange fabric...... So this smaller size works great.... Thank you.....

Barbara Anne

APPLAUSE!!!!!!!! Okay, tiny applause!! You did well!


What a great color combination, and how clever to make it into a miniature!

I want to sew now! But dinner must come first.

I just home from work, and being on the 'left' coast, I can see I'm wayyy behind on the OP Challenge!

Cathy McMann

Now that I am seeing all these OP's I am wishing I did it too. But not much orange in my stash. Your smaller version is very cute, would be a good wall quilt for the studio.

Amy R

Carrie - Just love your color choices and that you made it your own! Thanks so much for sharing your brain work with us so the rest of us can do a small version as well!

Mary T.

That is the cutest quilt. I love all things little!
But I don't think I have even enough orange in my stash for something so small

Juul :o)

Hi Carrie and Rosie,
I'm a silent reader for some time now *Ü*
I love your sense of humor and the orange quilt is a cutie.
As orange is our country's national colour I realy need to play along in your prize draw, so please please count me in.

Carla Finley

That is really pretty! I never would have thought those colors would go so good together. Love it!

Sharon in FL

Adorable! Here I was thinking bigger...your tiny version is fabulous. Thanks for sharing and being such a speedy sewer!

Becky Cochran

you're so very clever, it's fun to see what everyone else is doing. I'm working on an orange quilt and cannot allow myself to quit just now to make this little quilt, but I will have to make it, perhaps in table runner size. I say table runner but use them on my dressers, I'll make one to match this quilt. And then two smaller versions for my night stands, perhaps in a slightly different pattern.


My favourite knock knock joke involves orange, too. I won't tell it here because my daughter says it's not funny - just annoying.
Love your little tiny quilt. Did little tiny elves help you make it?
Okay, it's getting late...

Vickie in Cleveland

Wow, you are fast! How clever, too, to make such a sweet little mini quilt! Love your colors.
Thanks for posting your directions.

Judy Deeter

That is a great story...not sure I would admit to the real one when it is sooo good! Pat would have to live that one down.LOL Judy


Can I copy you? love what you did on this block. Kathy, the blig blog


*giggling at patting yourself on the back*.. I was just mucking around with my son and I think I sprained my finger.. typing aint easy with a swollen pointer finger..
Your cute, well its well worth the sore arm *W* looks great.. :O))



Was going to make the Pat's size blocks now have to make the mini like yours! Too cute!

Marg McCulloch

I really love you wee version of the OP quilt, your color choices are fantastic. I love bright, bright, bright, but would never have thought to put orange and blue and green together. It is adorable!! I will definitely be shopping for some fats! I am at a real retreat this weekend so working on an oriental quilt in the queen size, but I definitely will do this little one at some point. Thanks!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland


Shelley C

Your mini project is adorable...and your session on color seems to have been successful! I have such a fear of bright colors...I tend to stay with the safer toned down colorways and only play in 'safe' zones LOL. I would need exercises like this and a course on reading a color wheel to be confident enough to use color. THanks for your rendition of the project...can't wait to see how others turned out too.


Love your mini quilt. My stash too is VERY low on orange fabrics. The LQS is having a fat quarter sale this Tuesday, so what better way to help the economy... that's my story and I'm stickin to it...


Hi Carrie,
I wish I were at home this weekend to participate the OP challenge {I digged deep in my stash and actually found 2 pieces of orange fabric ~ your instructions for a smaller version would have been perfect}.
Your little quilt top is gorgeous!
Hugs, Julia
P.S: wow, you're FAST!

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