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August 03, 2009


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Oh Carrie you get me everytime with the gotta have it.

Kathy Brown


I am addicted to Gigi's pin toppers - I'm ashamed to say how many I have!! She was wonderful last spring market - she custom made hairbow and bird toppers to match my fabric. She's GREAT!!!


They are all so cute!

dotti white

Carrie...thanks for sharing this link. My daughter showed me some that she found on etsy....I think that they would be the perfect gift in a handmade pincushion. How sweet! I love Gigi's philosophy that she puts LOVE into all of her creations! Thanks again for sharing. If you have a moment, take a look at my new blog design and let me know what you think! Have a wonderful week!

Nancy Anne

Enabler!! Now I'm going to be the proud owner of 5 - count 'em: 5 - of Gigi's pins. They are just too irresistible!

Rebecca Woods

Arent they gorgeous. I did a pin cushion of the month over here in Australia and every month we got a kit for pin cushions (and sometimes more :) ) and one of these pin toppers to match. I love them.

Camille Roskelley

Oooh, I love my little strawberries- so glad there are cupcakes, cake, and teapots to keep them company. Heading on over to take a peek. Thanks again!!

(Today, I'm pretty sure my kids would disagree with the 'nice lady' comment. I mean, what kind of a person makes you clean YOUR room, and make your OWN bed? C'mon...)


Whoa very cute very cute! I'm a cross-stitcher and a quilter and these have a future in both of my types of pincushions (stitched and quilted that is!). Thanks for sharing


Ok it's your fault. And that's what I'm telling DH when mine arrive. :)
Thank you for sharing the link. I loved those.

Lynda Green

Not only do I love your patterns, patter in your blog... but for the pics of these pins... just placed two orders - completed one, then realized I missed some categories! I love to support artists directly and have a feeling I will continue to support Gigi (and you!)


Whooooo hoooo!!! Placed a good order for pin toppers - my peeps are gonna love me at Christmas time - (I did order a few for myself as well). Funny I'm posting behind Lynda Green, I used to be Linda Greene. Thanks for this link and blogging about this - something very special, and not something you will find on all the shelves!!!

Bookaholic Cindy

Thanks for sharing this. I was able to place my order this past Monday. Oh, I can't wait to get these cuties!


i loved these so much that i HAD to order some, too. and i hope you don't mind that i linked to this post on my blog.

Zina Harrington

I love your blog name and header. So sweet.

Gail Sciortino

Could you please put me on your list of blogs?
Here is the link... http://gaelt.blogspot.com/

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