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August 31, 2010


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I love Jennifers quilt. Congrats to the lovely winners.


What a beautiful version of Three Barns! Wait till you see the quilts for tomorrow's parade...might be the best parade yet!


Love the bright version of Three Barns! And congrats to the winners of your lovely fabric!

Lisa D.

Wow, that Three Barns quilt in brights is breathtaking!!! My mom's cousins were visiting from Kansas earlier this month and it was 115 there! Glad you didn't have weather that hot. Oh, and my mom is Dorothy too! And she has one of your Ruby Slippers quilts that I made for her.


its all about the fabric huh?
that quilt looks great in brights too!
maybe you just need to make it again in your new fabric line...
congrats to the winners...lets hope next time that random generator person is good to me :)

Linda P

Welcome home!!! Even tho I have mailed my addy, wanted to thank you public here - you are so generous! I promise to give Fresh Pallete a really good home! Love Jennifer's quilt - sorry, you didn't get to take it home, but.... I'm sure Jennifer has fond memories of making it too. Love it the bright colors, looks happy! Again, many thanks, Carrie!! xo

Mary Flynn

Congrats to your winners! Oh Carrie...I loved your Three Barns pattern and just haven't got it yet and then I see Jennifers's and my heart just skips a beat! It is a beauty!!


Congratulations to the two lucky winners! Enjoy, enjoy!!! Jennifer's Three Barns quilt is absolutely beautiful. I love the bright colors. Glad your back safely Carrie. Can't wait to see more pictures and hear more stories. Hugs to you and scratches to Miss Rosie. Throw a rock for her too when you have a spare minute...like you have so many of those huh?


Forgot to tell you Carrie, we have had snow in the mountains the last two days and it is pretty chilly here today, mid 50's, even though it is sunny and clear. We went straight from Winter to Summer this year, skipped Spring entirely...now it looks as though we will be jumping from late summer to winter without much Fall! The ski resorts are all smiles though. *sigh* I don't ski...


Congrats to the lucky winners...OMG that Three Barns is absolutely incredible. What vision she has! Love it!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Congratulations to the winners and as said many times by others - love the Three Barns!

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Practice your whining and then try again.

Your fabrics are beautiful! They just look so happy together.

Diane Cannon

Hi--I wanted to let you know that we are glad you are back!!!
and if you would like to see all my hand quilted Schnibbles for the past year--I have done a parade of them--yesterday!!!
Hugs, Di


That is one gorgeous quilt. Thanks for showing it!


Beautiful quilt! Congratulations to the winners and thank you, Carrie, for an enjoyable blog...
~Joyce in MI

Ann in NC

Jennifer's quilt is stunning! Now I need to check out the pattern! Thanks for your generous giveaways!

Leslie Schmidt

Congrats to the lucky winners. I'm saying this with a pout. That is a gorgeous rendition of Three Barns. I haven't been working with bright clear colors, but I am being swayed. They look so happy.


:-) :-D I love that number generator! I think this is the first time in my life that I won something... Don't loose hope!

Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to receiving this exciting package and making a happy quilt for a happy person. Well, with this fabric they will definitly feel happy whenever they see it :)

Many happy greetings from Austria to all of you.


Congratulations to the lucky winners. Terrific fabric Carrie!



hey--i was over at amazon and notice you have _another_ book being published--hooray! can't wait for that one too! (not that i've had time to make a quilt from your last two books but i lovingly look at them every once in awhile and day dream :-)

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