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December 15, 2010


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What a laugh! Love the Three Wise Women idea... why didn't God think of that?

I didn't realize you were close to Rockford. That is one of the quilt shops in my area. I love the quilt and didn't not laugh one itty bit that you bought 2 kits. I have some extra books if you are interested.... ;)


"Gift Etiquette"...I really think you are onto something there! And, no, I don't see anything wrong with buying a pre-wrapped package from a store and then removing the original wrapping (and/or ribbon, in your case, Carrie) and replacing it with another wrapping (and/or ribbon, again in your case, Carrie) before giving the gift. In fact I wish I had thought of it--except of course, we don't have a Pottery Barn anywhere near where I live. Foiled again. Drat! I always miss out on all the good stuff living in the sticks. :(

Sinta Renee

Loved your story! That quilt is a gift that just keeps on giving! And the Wise Women... yes, absolutely! I believe that with all my heart. LOL
and on a side note: I have actually been given store decorations before/right after Christmas... but you have to ask NOW. I have the best door wreaths from Starbucks!


Don't even question switching the ribbon! I wrap gifts according to how I think it would be appreciated. Those who would not pay attention to my wonderful wrapping get rubbish paper and no ribbon.


I have to share the 3 Wise Men story with all my friends who are feeling overwhelmed at this time. Made me laugh! Thanks!!


Can we talk? Somewhere on the web, I was directed to an interview that you did with Martingale. There was this very interesting question that was asked and I was stunned! Did I miss something?? Go there and look, please.......

The question was -
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Okay, I see that there may have been a type-o as the question is listed twice,but still! I started to wonder if Rosie has been holding out on us!

Sandie ~call me crazy

Well I'll admit to buying the same book twice. That's all I'm sayin'. :-)) lol I saw NCIS and Hettie's re-gifting~ too funny! You could always stand outside the store door handing out your phone number to anyone who buys a pkg with the ribbon on it 'helping' them to save it from a landfill. ;-) ove your posts! Have a good evening!


Oh Carrie!!! I can ALWAYS count on you to make me smile and most of the time to burst out laughing. Thank you so much for this delightful post. I enjoyed it so much...especially the fact that you bought the same kit twice!!! Hooray for the love of fabric and three cheers for beautiful ribbon. Now if you can just figure out a way to get your hands on some. Hey! Your a business woman, maybe you could find out where they order theirs...well, you've probably already thought of that too...after all, a quilter in search of a specific item is a true force to be dealt with!!! As for Christmas being just 10 days away, nope, it doesn't seem possible. I mean, my oldest grandson, one of the two that we raised, celebrated his 22nd birthday yesterday! With the remodeling going on, even though it's a fairly small job, my house, all but one tiny area in the family room downstairs, looks like something straight out of the cyclone scene in the "Wizard of Oz" ... the black and white side, not the beautiful Technicolor 'Over the Rainbow' side. So, Christmas??? With no tree and pretty wrapped presents and no decorations except of course my small Nativity, it doesn't even feel like Christmas this year! I do know that next year will be much better ("Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise"). I think I need some stress relief in the form of a quilting project...if I can just find my sewing room...I know it's here somewhere AND, I'm certain I only have ONE of them. *wink* Big hugs for you, good scratches for Rosie and since it's not 23 degrees and snowing there, (like it is here), maybe you could play the rock game with Rosie for me if you find an extra minute in your day, (somewhere amongst all those duplicate kits, or in one of your 'magic closets'...HoHoHo). Wishing you and yours a very Blessed and wonderful Christmas!


I love the quilt story...and the ribbon...yes...I can relate to that too...being completely obsessed with something like ribbon without really knowing what I'll use it for! 10 days...I can't believe it...I think I'm starting to panic about now! Thanks again, Carrie...Merry Christmas!

Leslie Schmidt

I can see using that beautiful ribbon on the candy canes you made last year for the Quilt Designers Christmas Blog Hop. Loved the story. Thanks for the giggles.

Anne Ida

Yup, I'll own up to buying the same book twice, even bought a DVD twice. The book made a nice gift, the DVD is still sitting around here somewhere. I loved your story of buying the same quilt kit twice though *lol* You must really have loved that kit!

Hmmm... the ribbon... It really is lovely, so I can see why you want to stash some! I don't think you buying a few packages pre-wrapped and switching the ribbon would bother anyone! I can't really relate since we don't have any shops who actually sells pre-wrapped prezzies here, but I don't see that there could be a problem :o)


I know how to solve the problem. Just go to Pottery Barn, buy yourself a ton of gifts, and enjoy the ribbon!!! Yup. That's it!

Linda P

Loved the quilt story, and raising my hand - very guilty of buying the same book, kit, magazine.... when we like it, we like it!! Yes, an awwww moment for your friend to give it back after making it!
Some where, I did buy some ribbon just like that - I haven't used it yet, cuz.....well, I''m saving it!!! LOL - I hate myself when I do that. What if I want it on something else?? Then can't find it again.... what a cycle we live in!!! Get WS to buy some of the same ribbon!! Seriously with all you buy there and promote at PB - hope they give you your own roll!!


If I'd thought of such a clever way to get the ribbon, I'd have done it already! My vote is go for it and get all you can. If you start a Facebook campaign, just let me know. I hear they're very successful - we all saw Betty White on SNL, remember?

Lisa D.

OK, I will admit to buying the same pattern twice and sometimes the same fabric (oh - I already have *that* red?), but I've not yet managed to buy the same kit twice. You must have really liked it, and I can see why - it's a beautiful quilt!

Beth Paulson

Carrie, I've done that, Books, patterns and the darlingest? little quilt for a Lori Smith pattern..hmmm Judy is my cousin maybe I could get her to do both and she could have one...that is a beautiful quilt that she did for you ...I like Monica's new fabric too...the Ribbon, my niece had beautiful lime grosgrain ribbon on her wedding gifts and white satin yds of it and I got it all! I'm looking for the perfect place for it too. that ribbon your coveting would be great on runners,or pillows of French General. maybe when you wrap pkgs you can droll and wish out loud you could have any leftovers!!..


I'm still smiling over the 3 Wisewomen story. I plan to use it today.
That quilt is gorgeous! Judy is a true blue friend for sure.

Mary Ann

Only twice? LOL, I have bought the same pattern 3 times once., a multitude of books twice but I don't think a kit , except a baby quilt and that I did on purpose...and then we had a run of boys and its full of pink, green and sweet flowers. What a good friend you have in Judy!


I love the three wisewomen story...and no it's not wrong to buy prewrapped. I just wait till the ribbon hits the floor and take it back:)


oh my gosh! I just can't seem to quit sewing for Christmas and the house needs cleaning.....I finally made some cookies yesterday only because I was hungry for "sweet" and my kids might appreciate it this weekend. I loved catching up on your blog this morning ( a very brief break with my coffee).....I totally agree with "Saving the Ribbon" ....I want some of that PB ribbon.....and we were just there last weekend!

Louise Mele

Did you know you can buy that ribbon online at Moda Fabrics at the Fat Quarter Shop!! I just happened upon it after reading your hilarious story! There are several color variations too. Not cheap, but if you crave it....And it's Moda!

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