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May 04, 2011


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Sinta Renee

Love it! I have twins... and back when they were little like this... I only had pete and repeat! hehe

Lisa D.

Another twin mom and I love it too. Thanks for the morning smile!


LOL! I love it!

Leslie Schmidt

Some people are just so dang clever! Very cute.


Oh, that is too cute! Their parents must be computer nerds.


oh that made my day:)


thanks for the laugh! yes very funny!


Very cute!

My dad's nickname is Pete, just like the first poster wrote, and his twin brother is Repeat. Some of my dad's relatives prolly don't even know his real name is Alvin cuz they only ever called him Pete.



Becky in Georgia

Thanks for sharing this with us! Still giggling:)


Aren't those the cutest little ones!!! Thanks for sharing.


I stopped by Corn Wagon today in Springville. They're getting everything all spruced up for your visit next week. There was a certain buz of excitement amongst the ladies, as well as a few other quilt shops I visited today.

Colleen M

Adorable, I always wanted twins!

Kyle Redente

My twins are now 26. I would have made shirts like that, but there was no copy and paste options back then! I loved the picture, it really made me smile.

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