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August 09, 2011


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Welcome to Wisconsin! Looks like you're about 2 hours north of me.

I don't know if I could live through a Liberty's visit. There's just so much amazingness, and I'd have a breakdown trying to choose. I have a small vase that my great grandmother picked up in Germany that looks almost like it's wrapped in a Liberty of London print.

I've really enjoyed your vacation posts, although the one with the food tours did require me to wipe down my keyboard afterward.

Enjoy your retreat!

Auntie Pami

I would love to see the ribbon wall. I have a crazy quilt in my future. Oh well, one of these days I'll have to go. Although the pastry shops in Paris are still haunting me. Can you show close ups of the Liberty rolls? They have less calories.


Thanks for the tour. Have been to London many times but never been to Liberty...maybe just as well LOL. I am glad you are not in London now, it saddens me so much what is happening there at the moment. Linda x


Hi Carrie! LOVE reading your posts about your trip. I so want to go back to London after seeing this post. I never particularly wanted to see Paris but after your terrific post and wonderful pictures I Do want to see Paris.


I just caught up on your blog and I'm exhausted! What an amazing trip you had! Holy Cow! You really brought some of Paris back to us. Loved it. However, you should have brought back enough chocolate for everyone....just sayin.

Kathi Schaffer

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Kathi Schaffer

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Oh Carrie, thanks for taking me back to Liberty of London. I stumbled in there on my first trip over the pond nearly 25 years ago, before I began quilting, but I was sewing garments back then. All I could afford was a scarf on sale, but I spent the better part of 2 hours just wandering around in awe - and yes, being eyed by security over and over! I also found my way to Cabbage & Roses and at the time there was a little cafe downstairs. I had to sit with another woman (it was crowded) but we talked about our homes and had a lovely chat - she was amazed that I could live in a "detached" house! I can't wait to hear more about London!

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