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August 03, 2011


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Bonjour!! I think you should write a travel book. I have thoroughly enjoyed your trip to Paris. As I was reading I thought "I'll comment on that" now I can't remember...have to go back and look...oh yes, the presentation, French love their food, hence the two hour lunch break every day, I love the way when you buy something they ask if it is for a present, if it is they will wrap it for you and it doesn't matter if you spend 2 Euros or 200 Euros it is still wrapped beautifully. I think I will have to take a trip to Paris just for the fabric shops, there are two that I know of in Limoges and neither of them have much in the way of quilting (they have a little space in a corner for quilting and no Moda!) I am looking forward to your next post Mmmm chocolate. A Bientot! Linda x

Jackie Beard

Have loved following your trip in Paris. I was there for 1 day 2 years ago and now realize I need to go back and spend some time. Thanks for all the tips.

Nancy (in USA)

From a person who doesn't fly...ever, all I can say is WOW. So much beauty. Thanks so much for sharing you trip with us. I may not fly, but I can dream!!! Hugs...


Your trip sounds wonderful! I love your description of the Paris Metro stations as being like an ant farm. I certainly found them confusing, though my then 15-year-old had the system down pat within two days.


I am really enjoying your Paris blogs... my husband and I were there about 5 years ago and you are refreshing wonderful memories! Did you notice mini mannequins in the fabric shops 2 to 3 feet tall? Yes, you MUST go back!! :)

Sandy (Strlady)

thanks so much for taking us through your trip. I went to Paris many, many years ago and I loved it. I was there a weekend and dream of returning with much more time. Your blog posts have warmed my heart with memories. Thank you!

Marlene Bush

What am amazing story you are telling - it's almost like a delicious meal. Thank you so much for posting. I have loved every word. I do have one question. Do you think it's okay if a nearly 65 year old woman read your whole post and then went back and reread the part about the French policemen? :) blessings, marlene

Wendy P

You are hilarious! Every time I read your blog, I am laughing. And loving the tour of France.

So jealous! Unfortunately I have to live vicariously through you and Peter Mayle.

Also, I have given your blog an award! Please stop by my blog to accept!



So jealous of your wonderful trip! I am going out immediately to purchase some cheese and flowers.


Loved your post, I need to finish writing about my trip last year still - seems like there is so much to talk about. My daughter and I stood in line two hours to climb the tower at Notre Dame, but at least we knew what we were in line for - the poor lady in front of us also thought she was in line for the inside of the cathedral! I also agree with you about Sacre Coeur. So lovely. We passed through during a service and it was so wonderful. I have so many great pictures there!

If anyone is going, I highly recommend Rick Steves book on Paris and his (free!) downloadable audio tours. Excellent resources and will keep you from standing in line to climb all those steps if you really don't want to!

Colleen M

Je parle un peu. That is one of the only things I remember from my college French many moons ago. I remember Madame Woolsey saying, "If you only remember one thing from this class, this is it: "Je parle un peu.'" It came in handy a few years down the road when cruising with friends and we stopped at St. Martin. We met some French guys where this phrase came in handy!
Love the pictures and the details of your trip. I will have to live vicariously through you until my kids are out of school!


Your trip sounds lovely. I have been in Paris, I think, 20 years ago and I loved it every moment.
I was there also 3 weeks ago, but the only thing I got to see was the metro between Montparnasse and Gare du Nord.


What a wonderful trip :-) The cheese and wine sound amazing! I have the same trouble with a gate at our house....I've always wondered why it's so difficult to make it work right!


don't stop writing about your trip--it's so much fun to read! and i totally agree with the person above who said you should write a travelogue! can't wait for the pictures of food!


Every time you post about your trip I just soak it all in. Maybe if I soak enough I won't be so jealous? ;-) Oh, it is beautiful there. Someday I hope i can go... someday! It looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time. Next time I"m going to sneak into your suitcase. You've been warned.


Hey Lady! Having lived it with you for a few days, I really appreciate how detailed and accurate you were! I haven't even started writing about the trip. I am absolutely ashamed of myself. I dig out all my treasures every few days and it brings back the wonderful memories (of which you were such a large part of). Missing your fantastic company...and the champagne sorbet, but especially your company in FRANCE! LOL

Elizabeth E.

We DIDN'T go to France for vacation, so I am really appreciating all your pictures and commentary, so I can FEEL like I went to France.

Lovely lovely lovely is about all I can say--the boat rides and the walking about and the photos of the food. Delectable!

Thanks. :) E.

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