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August 06, 2011


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I think I put on weight just looking at all those pictures! It all looks so yum.


You're killin' me here! I'm ready to leave my husband and jump on an airplane to France to go pig out on desserts.


You're a bad bad bad influence...lol.


Another fabulous post! Oh don't get me started on the French parking, that is normal for France, you know how intimate the French can be LOL. I was once sat in our car when a French man decided he wanted to park in between me and the car in front, so he reverses into my car then goes forward and then back into my car again!!...they just can't judge the space so know when they feel a bump they have gone far enough!!!! After reading all this I have made a decision I will not be living in Paris, not with all that chocolate around!! Don't the French know how to present things, not only do they taste fabulous they look fabulous too. Thanks for sharing. Linda xx

May Kristin

Oh my, you really make me want to go to Paris!
And now I know why I haven't been there yet, if I had, I would have been rolling like a ball on my way back home...! :-)
Thank you for the tour!

Linda P

I' go just for the chocolate after reading this tour!! I've got one of those little madeline molds - it was awesome to see the whole wall.
I've been up since 5 am - think I might get a nap with dreams of delicate pink peppercorns, and ....


Love sea salt and dark chocolate too. One of my sons has been in northern France since last December. He has been to Paris and will be there again soon and also flies home from there next December. So, one..can he bring a dessert home and two..if so, which one!!! Maybe an Eclair Au Chocolate might travel better..yum!! oh, must not forget the chocolates too!

Patti O'Donnell

I have loved reliving your Paris trip with you. It is a dream to go and now more so.

Laurie in Iowa

Terrific post. Thanks so much for sharing your tours with us.

Cheryl Miller

My mouth was watering as I scrolled through...how could anyone resist one of each...they are all so pretty!


Thank you for sharing your fabulous trip in such wonderful detail! The pictures are beautiful and make me so hungry. We are missing so much here in the good ol USA. Presentation and the time to enjoy the experience....wish we could slow down just a bit and enjoy life. Keep sharing your trip....I'm loving it!!!!!


Mmmmm loved reading about your culinary adventure! I can't eat anything with wheat in it so for me it's about as good as being there!


Oh those desserts! What a fabulous tour. The French have elevated pastry making to an art form, and what they do with chocolate is probably illegal in some countries!
But, back up, tell me what you have been reading!


Fantastic post! I've got to go on one of these tours on my next trip.


I spotted pain au chocolat in one of your pictures. Definitely one of my favorites. Who couldn't want hot flakey croissant stuffed with chocolate. Although baguette with butter and apricot jam comes a close second.

Lisa D.

Oh.Em.Gee. I am speechless. How much of a genius are you to find those tours? I want to be your travel buddy!


I loved everything about this post but especially that you were tasting macaroons as I've been on a quest to duplicate my great-grandmother's recipe which of course wasn't written. Her father was a baker (back in the late 1800's-early 1900's) but nothing, absolutely nothing, like the French. I'm after almond and, since I'm in the US, coconut. I think I've found the right recipes but I still have a few others to try. One can't quit until all are tried, right? I'm also going to check for walking tours where I live. I'm sure there are lots of places I know nothing about and you've inspired me!

Technical question - did you use more than one lens? Did you use a zoom or what focal length? Your pictures are all fabulous!!!


OMG, Carrie. Those photos were fantastic. I'm drooling all over my keyboard. Now I'm going to have to go to my local grocery store and find some kind of cake/tarte/chocolate/fruit torte, etc. I know there won't be much choice, but I must have something!

Sandie ~call me crazy

Ok, now I am seriously craving chocolate and macaroons! lol
I can't put a good book down either. ;-) I have to limit my reading. Have a happy day!

Auntie Pami

Oh my, the Frasier is like a Strawberry Carousel, pistachio nut crust, whole berries covered with white chocolate mousse. Don't recall a crumb topping. My absolute favorite desert. The French do know how to make pastries. Just looking makes you gain weight. That is why you have to shop daily in Europe for groceries, you have to have fresh desert daily and the bread...nothing beats fresh bread. Except a large cream puff with a cappucino. I may have to break out my pastry books...

Nancy (in USA)

Chocolate and Pasteries and Fruit...OH MY!!!!!

A beautiful, but wicked post Carrie, *huge sigh* and big hugs...


It looks like a fun thing to do while visiting.

Wendy P

Now I have many more reasons to want to see France(Europe) now. And a definite craving for sweets!

Thanks for another lovely blog tour!

You didn't say what books you've been reading!


Cruel, so cruel. You got to see, smell, and taste all of these lovely things. And what do we get? Pictures. So, so, (big sigh) sad.

L. Rudd

Oh my . . .

suzanne simpson

how dare you-how could you do that to me-that last post-chocolate - desserts-pastries-again the chocolate - the pictures, i was sick-sick with envy-oh my, not fair not fair - mouth watering, i could almost taste it when i read - it was beautiful to say the least

Leslie Schmidt

This was another fantastic post. How did you remember so much? Did you take notes? Did you write in chocolate? This was better than the Travel Channel! And thanks for cluing me in to the fact that the chocolate watches weren't for time-keeping. I was ready to order one for my son who is quite into watches, but you saved the day!


Wow,the raspberry tart looks delicious ....A little dollop of whipped cream would just make it sinful,not that those others aren't already that way. A walking tour is just what every tourist needs while in Paris.I've always wanted to go to Europe for the architecture,now I have another entirely different reason for wanting to go.

Cabbages and Roses

Your trip sounds amazing and thank you for the mention about our sweet stores. xx C&R

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