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October 24, 2011


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Elizabeth E.

My husband and I just got back from a trip to Canada (business for him, play for me) and on the drive from Quebec City to Montreal, we had a long talk about the "new normal" in our lives, now that we are both older. Things that were once so easy--that we didn't ever give a thought to doing--now are harder. Like squeezing in all my projects in a given amount of time. Not going to happen, most days, as I run out of steam far too early. I think adjusting to situations is making the "new normal" feel okay, feel like it's on its way to comfortable. I wish a good journey for you on that particular challenge.

Glad you weren't mortally wounded with the needle. Don't want to keep a good woman down! And glad to get an update on all your projects. It's fun to reacquaint ourselves with those things We Just Had To Have (but have never finished). I've had a bit of that going on for a while now, and truthfully--it's a different kind of discovery.

Glad to hear from you--

Amy C

Your much braver than I am. I've had the needle break and go through my fingernail. I totally freaked out.


I'm so glad to hear that your mom is doing better...love your attitude! I'm working at embracing the "new normal"...you're my idol!


Ouch. Wishing your finger a speedy recovery :-)

Leota Krantz

I am so happy that your mother is feeling better and that you are sticking close to her. This time is precious. Too precious to waste. Take care and will be checking in on all of you tomorrow.

Linda P

Gosh, it's good to have you back! I'm sure you will be anxious this week, wondering what you are missing at market, but hope you will post a lot here to keep your mind off of it, or at least post to us some great photos someone has sent you!!
I have been there/done that - sewing the finger thing! We never think it's going to be us!! ouch!!
Love the little boxes - the best laid plans to change them out - sort of like the little cross stitched frame I have of snowdrops for each month.....LOL!!!
Give Mom & Rosie a high 5 and hang in there!


Not to worry about market = a good thing..

Jealous in Atlanta,

Projects are fabulous! sigh


BTW about that finger thing. I have done that 3 times...I agree about the bandaid.


Auntie Pami

I've done that before. My Mom had to take me to the ER. I was 10(?). And, it hurt like, alot. I almost sewed my finger bone. You are lucky, but you really need cuter bandaids.


I've sewn through my finger too. It didn't break the needle and I couldn't reverse the needle so I was kinda stuck to the machine for a moment. Once I pulled on the tread and got it out of the needle eye, I was able to raise the needle and free my finger (without bleeding on my project).


I'm glad to hear your mom is doing better. I miss your posts but SOOOO understand as my mom is in the same age group as yours. The projects you finished are wonderful. I had to take a closer look to see why the stars are Lemoyne 'like' and the technique is so much better! I'll have to give that a try.


Gruesome enough, thanks! So far I have managed to avoid this type of injury, though I have had needles break and fly up into my face--glad I was wearing my glasses at that moment.

It sounds like your mom is responding well to her treatment and I hope her strength keeps coming on more and more. I'm sure she gets frustrated by the illness.

Lovely fabric and thread play going on there! The boxes are too sweet.


I sure hope you video taped that one-handed "homestyle micro-surgery". I'm sure you have a nephew that would enjoy the DVD. Stocking stuffer? would probably show up on the youtube top 10 before long.

Change is good. It helps us to see the bigger picture, pulls us back in from that long stretched out tangent we're in. Sounds like you're all adjusting.

What a great example that such a talented and sought after quilter would have priorities in order. . . yourself, your Mom, Rosie, quilting (not necessarily in that order).

Will miss you this week-end, and look forward to the next.

Mary D

Hi Carrie, I'm so glad your Mom is doing better and interested in doing those Mom-type organizing and sorting chores. That is a good sign. I treasure all the time I had with my Mom. I always say the only thing I've really resented is that she is no longer here. I see friends with their Moms and I have to admit pangs of jealousy.

Hope your "shots" are current after that needle episode--hate when that happens!

I, too, have been pulling out those half finished projects and it is so fun to see them finished. Heck, I even finished reading a half finished book! woo hoo!

Looking forward to your next post with gadget news. Love knowing about good gadgets, you've never steered me wrong!

Sandie~ call me crazy

Ouch! I hope you heal quickly! Love your boxes! And blocks! Have a good day!

Debbie I

Hi Carrie,
Had the same thing happen with me and a sewing machine needle. I pulled it out of my finger like a hand grenade pin. Freaked me out! Hope yours heals soon.
I love that you acknowledge your treasured time with your mom. I lost mine 20 years ago when I was only 31 - she was 59. How I wish we could still talk and do things together.
Thanks for the updates. :-)

Archie the wonder dog

Ow! Hope your finger heals soon! I love the new tops in the boxes, I have the wanties!!!


Carrie, I love to read your posts, every word. Without fail you make me smile, often laugh out loud and more often amaze me with your creativity and wonderful projects you show us. Now, that being said, this is the very first time you have ever made me cringe!!! Please tell me the needle didn't go through your fingernail. When you said you got the pliers and pulled the pieces of the needle out and the thread, I literally cringed and got goosebumples! OUCH!!! All the same, the paramedic comment, got rid of the cringing and had me laughing out loud again so your still in good standing here *wink*. I do agree with you that we need bandaids that we can open with one hand. Really, how many times when we need a bandaid, do we stop to yell "help, my finger got "stuck" in the sewing machine and I can't get the bandaid open." No, I am woman, I am quilter and I am tough so I shall dry my tears, free my finger from the Bernina, suck it up and find the bandaids myself, as soon as I find the pliers.
Actually, if your very careful not to slobber on it, you can open one with you free hand and your teeth, but if you happen to drool on it, you have to start over because that tissue paper stuff the bandaids are in gets really soggy and you just have a mess. The voice of experience speaking here. Nuff said.
I'm also very happy to hear that you mom is home and doing so well.
By the way, I was reading over my post on your giveaway and noticed that I hadn't proof read the comment. I left a lot of letters off of words and the punctuation is so horrible its kind of hard to read. My apologies...I have sick dog (my little bright eyed sweetie) she came awfully close to making that one way trip to the vet yesterday, lots tears were shed but at the last minute we decided to wait today has been better. All the same, I was concentrating on her and trying to write my comment at the same time. My apologies. Hope you can get the gist of it. I also read that post before this one so I didn't know your mom was home and doing well when I wrote that one. Okay, well, now I've written a nonsense novel that I hope you can sort through. I'll stop rambling and just send you some hugs with and extra one for your mom. A little scratch for Rosie is also enclosed.


ok is this a sign maybe you shouldn't be sewing on the machine maybe you should only be doing applique now, you new found love?
or working with wool, love those projects , how fun would it be to have a whole basket full of little pillows like that, think you should trace a picture of Miss Rosie and make one of her!
LOVE those boxes what a great idea! very clever hmmm wonder if the top could work as a pin cushion?stars look great, love those fabrics!
hope your finger is better and hey its ok you can go back to the sewing machine, nothing better then the humming of a sewing machine


LOVE those boxes!
So sorry about your finger! I'm a nurse and a really good "sticker" but I can't stand to be stuck myself!

Beverly Ferro

I would want to take with me my list of favorite jokes to share. I have some really funny stories that would make everyone laugh and have a very "funny" time. I have done that before and it has been a hilarious good old time. That is what I take with me when I gather with a group of quilting gals. Fun stuff!

Ranch Wife

Just think of your needle encounter as a war wound. Hope it's healing well and that it hasn't put too much of a kink in your stitching. Love your altered boxes! We too are experiencing a 'new normal' and adjusting to an empty nest. Spent some time taking care of in-laws too. Thankful that I can do that though and keep a hand stitiching project ready to go at all times. Sending hugs to you and your Mom and toss Rosie an extra treat for me.

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