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October 25, 2011


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sandra fraenkel

chocolate, reading glasses and music...in no particular order...Thanks for the chance to win!


Peanut butter m&ms would do it for me...why we don't have them in Australia I'll never understand :-)

Leah Spencer

My essential oils to help me relax, feel uplifted and to rub on my sore shoulders after hours of sewing. :)

JoAnne McPherson

Carmex. I'm addicted!


Sigh...my heating pad! I can't go anywhere without my heating pad.


That would have to be my quilting buddies. It's a lot more fun quilting with your friends. I have one friend that buys things twice too. When we shop I will say to her "you already have that book!"


Okay this may sound a little much, but I would do so much better with a good teacher. I am hands on and reading the patterns can be slow and daunting for me :-S But if someone walks me through it, I am good to go :-) Oh and yes chocolate doesn't hurt either.


I wouldn't be able to be without snacks. More importantly, milk duds. Easy to pop in with one hand while changing out fabric and pretty residue free so your fabric doesn't give away the addiction.


Ahh...the ONLY reason to go to a retreat, for me, is for the company of some like-minded souls that find quilting/sewing make them blissfully happy. And possibly a gourmet chef to whip up some fab meals!


My chair. I cannot abide those folding chairs that seem to be at most retreats. I am going on retreat at the end of this week and so is my chair!!


While in just a year or two I'll have to include those cute reading glasses, for now my favorite fleece jammies and a picture of my kiddos would be all I'd need!


I would need my quilting buddy with me and chocolate!!


I would want to take shoes/slippers/flip flops that easily slide off my feet when sewing! I have.to.sew.barefoot. Some fun company would be an added plus! Thanks for the chance to win!

Sandie~ call me crazy

A chair cushion for those hard folding chairs. ;-) And my slippers~ I can't sew with shoes on. I guess that is two things, but I've been known to break rules. LOL Thanks for the fun! I would love to win a copy of your book! +++


I would NOT survive without my IPad. Besides being able to access email, etc., it has all my movies and music on it.

Jean Burke

I would need tunes.....some Jimmy Buffett, Jack Johnson, Scott Kirby......make me feel like I really was sewing on a tropical island.......and maybe an umbrella drink!!! Thanks....cheers!


A good light! This is a must whether I'm sewing by hand or by machine. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Amy O'Donoghue

Hmmm, you already mentioned peanut M & Ms, I think I would have to take my favorite apron - I really like having the pockets to put things in!


Definitely need my glasses, it sucks getting older!! Chocolate and a nice glass of Sav Blanc with Ice!!
See I"m relaxed already!!

Amy M

One thing? Music, it won't matter what kind, just something to keep that litany of self doubt quiet as I learn.


Well, first of all, I hope that your mom is doing okay. I too would have fallen into the "Impatient Daughter" when my mom in the hospital years ago. It's very hard to be patient when your worried about someone you love so much.
Okay, to start with, I'd be happy to just go to a retreat, LOL. It's on my bucket list but not sure when it might happen, BUT, if I was going, I would have to have my ugly house slippers got them for one of my surgeries last year and hubby didn't even want to walk down the all with me, *giggle*...and Ipod loaded with audio books...helps me fall asleep. (My Bible is a given, I carry a small New Testament in my purse) If I had to choose between the ugly house slippers and the Ipod, the slippers would win, hands down. Thanks so much Carrie for a chance to win some most delightful treasure. Yummy fabric by the way.
***Note, I won a copy of your new book from Lissa (of Moda) a few days ago. Haven't received it yet (can't wait to get it) but just wanted to let you know, in case I was fortunate enough to win, so you could pass that on to someone who doesn't have one. Big hugs...

Loretta Swan

I have a really nice Plano fishing box that I have all my tools and extras in. In my sewing room I have it open (to get to the 3 tackle boxes, it also has a top part for odd shaped items). I place it on a wooden TV tray and it is PERFECT for the sewing room... if I need anything it is in the fishing box. When I am ready to go to retreat I just close it up and carry it to the retreat. I hope it gives everyone an idea. Could not live without it !


I would need my black and white polka dot pajama pants. I can't live without them and I wish I could wear them to work!

Dianne Mitzel

I think I would need my "loose dress", no binding waist bands. Plenty of little bottles of coke, the real thing, no diet stuff. A good chair with back support, and my Bio-Freeze for sore neck..a must have. Then, I'd be set ..that little lamp is adorable. Hope it comes to live with me!


My Cat...the Chief! She is my sewing companion and it wouldn't be the same without her

Anna McD

My camera....thanks for a chance to win!

Tracey Holzer

I can't believe that no one has said coffee yet! I love a cup of coffee when I sew. Secondly, I have a plastic toolbox with a flip top lid and removable upper tray that sits next to me on my left that houses my scissors, thread, pins, pens, rulers, everything that I need in one place. I throw my fabric in the bottom along with my 6 x 24 ruler. Perfect!


I too would need to bring my "cute" reading glasses - and Dr. Pepper! Oh, and throw in a few Caramello candy bars - heaven!


Please put me down for a bag of kettle corn, please. I can live without it at home but when I'm at a retreat it's different story. I don't know why that is.

Joyce Triezenbeg

I know this is not especially cool, but I want all the stuff in the give-away, especially the book, the lamp and the fabric. Sound like the title of a movie. Here's hoping.


I would really miss my revolving cutting mat. It is the handiest tool I own.

LeAnne O.

Ok, I am thinking BIG for this one... r you ready?..... A very handsome Cabana Boy: (tan, shirtless,dark handsome with an Italian acsent, who wear Drakarr cologne and who will iron, press , cut my fabric and offer shoulder massages and bring me a Pina Colada... Told you I was thinking Big... :)xoxo


Chai - iced or hot (depending on the weather). Just enough caffeine to keep me going and I LOVE the taste.


Oh, coffee for sure, music for background, reading glasses to sew by, and friends to sew with... ok, I'm set!

Carol Campbell

a wonderful cushy chair for sewing that is adjustable to the height I need and tilt as well and the back is just right....too many retreats I have come home with piercing back pain from horrible chairs. have never made a schnibbles and they look so fun!


I absolutely need my cute reading glasses. I got some new polka dot ones the other day. I also would like to have my MP3 player with a good book on it.


Diet Coke!!!!!


As I get older I seem to get more aches and pains. I would want my machine set so it's level with the table top, and if it's not, a chair with a big cushion that raises me up. Otherwise, I'm good to go with most anything if I'm sewing, especially with other quilters.
What an awesome giveaway!

Kathy Garms

Two things to be comfortable: a moo-moo and a foam chair cushion. A foot stool would be the third thing. Thank you for the contest. I'd love ANY of it.
By the way---what price would you have to pay for a cutey pie to tend your 'hole in one' (finger)? I just got the bill from my visit to the ER for a broken and dislocated toe----over $2.000!! I was there four hours. The doctor was'nt all that cute but he sure was

Sue White

My quilting friends would be on the top of my list....they've been at every retreat that I have attended and it wouldn't seem the same without them. I would miss the silly giggling at 2:00 am if they weren't there with me. Since one always comes with great music and another with all of the gadgets that I seem to leave at home, I'd be all set. I just picked up your new book as my vacation present to myself. It's lovely.

sandy f.

I would have to go with glasses. All of the other stuff would be useless if I couldn't see good. Better add some chocolate also. Thanks


A good chair with a back that doesn't make my back hurt, some good music (Carole King, Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, Carly Simon, Little River Band, Simon and Garfunkel...yeah, I grew up in 70's),a good light, and a really comfy bed for when I finally take time to sleep. Not too hot, not too cold...just right!

Pat Duffany

I would be sure to have a pen. I was at Boxwood and Berries a couple of years ago and I borrowed a pen from a lovely lady to have a pattern signed by it's designer. Thank you again Carrie for the use of your pen that day. I only wish that I would have one of your patterns with me at the time to have it signed by you too. I hope that we get to meet again someday. Big hugs to you!

Pat V.

Coffee! There had better be lots and lots of coffee!


I HAVE to have a good pair of scissors. Nothing cheap...I love my white gold Dovos...amazingly wonderful.

piecefully pam

3 things. My purple thang, P.D. F. thimble and self threading needles! Have you tried the peanutbutter m&m's? I like them better than the peanut! ; )


Ooh! I so wanted to buy your book as soon as it came out, but I've been a little tight on money lately. I'd love to win it, but if I don't, I'm sure I'll find the funds before too long.

My absolute must-have for quilting retreats are drugs. The legal kind of course. I have fibromyalgia and if I'm going to sew, sew, sew, I rely on them to keep me going far past my usual stopping point! And what fun is a quilting retreat if you can only sew for a few hours?

Ann in NC

If the necessities are covered, and friends are there along with food and spirits, for a completely relaxing time, how about the flamingo lounge pants!! Humm, could Miss Rosie come too? Missed your posts, glad you are back!

Darlene B

I would need my computer - to have music playing in the background. I love to hum while I sew (probably annoying to my quilting friends, but hey, it could be worse, right? I could be a gum snapper!) I would also then be able to check my quilt blogs if I needed a sewing break!

Cindy F

If it's cold out, I would need my fuzzy socks. Can't live without them in the winter. But more importantly I'd want my quilting friends. There is nothing like a friend who shares your passion for quilting!

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