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December 22, 2011


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Carrie, by the sound of things you are actually really organised. There hasn't been any baking here but I did do the stitchery like your friend did for you and its a lovely one. The Limencello sounds yummy, sure you wouldn't like to send some "down under"?
Anyway hoping that you, your Mum and Rosie and family all have a wonderful christmas and prepare yourself for the new year ahead.


Merry Christmas!!!


I did the very same thing with the stitchery!! Mine of course is only slightly started and I will have to wait until 2017!! Merry Christmas Carrie, Mum and Rosie!!

Auntie Pami

Happy Happy! I think those cookies look easry and will be in the oven. Merry Holidays to you all!

Shelley dionne

Carrie, you always make me smile :) that is truly a gift in itself..the ability to make people smile. Honestly, if we ever met in person, we would click..we have that same sense of humour/sarcasm lol! Merry Merry Christmas to you and all yours!

Laurie in Iowa

Merry Christmas!


That was our card this year too!! I wish we had the VW to go with it!
I LOVE that embroidery pattern. I might have to seek that one out and make it for next year.


Merry Christmas, from your very pushy friend. ;-)


Merry Christmas! you bring a lot of joy into my (and i know a LOT of other people's) life with your blog and your patterns and your fabric!


Isn't is amazing just how much we have to do when we don't 'work'? Your gift to us, besides everything else, is the smile you put on our faces when we read your posts. Thank you. And Merry Christmas to you, your mom, your brother, Rosie, and anyone else I missed.

Sandie~ call me crazy

Love the redwork! Darlene did a gorgeous job! Have a wonderful Christmas~ make lots of fun memories!


I have seen (and drooled a lot) Rosalie's pattern and I adore it. It really is beautiful and the stitching is perfections...but then the "Wonder Quilter's" stitching always is, LOL. She'll know what I mean *wink*. I happy to hear you now have a second bathroom. I raised two daughters before we had our second bathroom done. Mornings were always an exercise in terror with my hubby and I getting ready for work and two teenage daughters getting ready for school...so glad those days are over. Thank goodness we got the second bathroom in before we raised out two grandsons. Funny though, now that we are 'empty nesters' only one bathroom gets used, LOL. Hope you, your mom and Rosie all have a Merry and Joy filled Christmas. Enjoy your brothers visit. Big Hugs...
PS...I used to drive a little Volkswagon Bug when I was so pregnant that the steering wheel rubbed my belly, UGH. Not one of my fondest memories, but I did LOVE that car. Here in the Utah snow it never slid off the road. Hugs...


It's so nice to hear what you have been doing Carrie! I think your mom was right... since you weren't putting in exhausting hours elsewhere... why not put on an apron and be a Martha!
So are you saying you got a bathroom redo for your mom for Christmas?LOL
Have a very blessed Christmas!

Linda P

Well.......... I could just say you are waaaay ahead of me, but I don't want you get all big chested!! We've been cleaning and fixing this house in FL and seems very slow, but then we are doing it ourselves and seems there is a holiday where some things just don't get done - there that's my story. Love your redwork, it's beautifully stitched, no matter how you got it! Cute photo, and I'll bet Rosie can even drive, I was sure she posed!
Merry Christmas, Carrie! Thanks for everything!!

Dawn Heese

Merry Christmas Carrie! Hope to see you at Spring Market.

Archie the wonder dog

Happy Christmas!


Have a wonderful Christmas! I hope you get that long winters nap too!



Merry Christmas Carrie!


Carrie, love your life stories. Sounds just like the rest of our lives, but your life seems so much funnier. Loved your redwork Christmas picture and thanks for sharing where it came from. It's after Christmas, but have a happy and prosperous New Year!

Angelica Emmanuel

Happy Holidays! It sounds like you have a good pair there. Hahaha! You've been very busy this holiday season, and you also need to rest. You deserve that long winter nap.


Okay, I really enjoyed this post! You made me laugh several times. Thanks for the humor. ;p



Do you know where I can get buy this cute Christmas card. I just purchased a vintage VW Bug and I have a 10 year old Jack Russell that everyone knows, so this would be such a great card for me to send.

Happy Holidays 2012!

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