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January 17, 2012


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Well, you can send the wool bill - but I might not pay it! LOL - just kidding' what are friends for!

Auntie Pami

It is addicting. I still have a couple of real boards that I use. I've always had them. They are messy, but fun.

Archie the wonder dog

What a great post! I'm a new pinner and so haven't noticed the commercial side of it but I'll be keeping an eye out...and so far, touch wood, I haven't ended up on Etsy once! Or at the travel agent!


I have been known to spend hours surfing and pinning myself...one giant eye-gasm after another. Damn you Pinterest!

*shaking fists up at the sky*

Shelley dionne

Okay Carrie, now you've become an enabler! LOL! I've been doing my very best NOT to go anywhere near Pinterest, then you post that huge green cupboard, that gorgeous wool, the killer cupcakes and now I'm addicted :) When the bills come in, I send hubby to your blog lol! Have a great day and loved this post!


My first few days on pinterest cost me about $100.. now I try and pace myself. It leaves me all wanty and envious. But inspired. And demoralized and entertained. And whatever else. Love seeing stuff people pin, don't care as much about pinning. But I love the sneak peak into peoples brains. What they select etc. If you admire people you can see what inspires them and how it plays into their creative endevors. So it's a little like spying. And I really like spying. And the red polka dot watch I got.


Hi Carrie, I tried to post a comment earlier and it said it posted but it doesn't show. I'm afraid to try to post it again because my internet server (or so they call themselves) has gone haywire and it was very long and I left a comment on one other blog and it posted 3 or 4 times *UGH*. I just suffice to say, I don't do Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or any of those other fun sites the eat up my quilting time. I know myself and I will sit at this silly thing all day when I could be creating instead. Hugs...


I'm wasting time, scrolling through Google reader... when what to my wandering eyse should appear? A picture of my fabric storage in my studio. :) Thanks for brightening my day. I adore Pinterest... almost as much as google reader. ;)


Love pinterest, can't get enough


I can't remember who led me to Pinterest in the first place but it didn't take long to become a junkie. Who woulda thunk a giant bulletin board would have this kind of effect? Is there a 12 step program for this problem? ha ha.....


Gah, some of the nastiest recipes I've made the past few months have come from my Pinterest boards and have promptly been deleted from said boards, BUT I've learned my lesson - if I see it on Pinterest, I can probably find a legit recipe that's pretty similar in one of my own cookbooks. THOSE recipes have been wins. So I guess Pinterest is indirectly responsible for the wins, too ;)

Elizabeth E.

My daughter is a huge Pinterest fan and even sent me an invite, but my blogs eat up enough of my time, so I have decided to curb that potentially addictive habit before it starts. But--I do sometimes feel like I'm missing out on another way to be involved in What's Out There. I do like what one of your commenters said: that it caused her to be "wanty and envious." There's enough of that going around without my adding more of that particular thing to my life.

But I'm glad you showed us that fun sewing machine, and watch, and cupboard, and . . . (you see how it goes?)


lol, Miss Rosie, you weren't snarky at all. Really. You weren't. However, that Karma/slap quote was snarky and I'm going to remember that one for sure! ;p

I refuse to participate in pinterest for the exact reasons you listed. I already spend way too much time reading a dozen or so blogs. ;p

Etsy? Sorry, that quick-sand swamp swallowed me up 3 years ago. I find the most AWESOME things to buy there! Sign up for the daily newsletter and you'll need a bat to break yourself away from the cool places the newsletter suggests you visit. (read: buy) ;p

thanks for the good laugh Miss Rosie and you are NOT snarky! You're funny.


I joined Pinterest, believing if I joined, there would be more to see than I could see on my first visit to the site. The only thing joining got me was a bunch of followers, who, I'm afraid, would be sorely disappointed as uploading pictures is one of the things I hate the most. I deleted my account. I can still see everything without joining. Yes, there is some wonderful inspiration, but I didn't really find the need to hang around too long! ;D

Mdm Samm

OMG 1st where is your board>????? Seriously Carrie, I avoided it like a very bad cold...I had every excuse to not go there...and then we did the Ghastlies..and I needed a place to put all the great creations....and then nothing...AT Christmas I took a peak...welllllllll I have nearly well let's just say a lot of people came over and took my pins, sew I had to find new ones, and I do look at the recipes, tried some, some I just changed, don't be fooled by those insane pics...lol Now I am pretty disciplined. I work out with it...I get on my equipment and I pin and glance and before I know it 1 hour is gone...sew it keeps me healthy, I don't mind working out..even find some days I want to work out for 2 hours...xxx we can talk again..thanks sew much for always bringing me a smile..I have to go pin something xx


This was a super post! I can only look at Pinterest every few days or it sucks up too much of my time. Just a few more minutes....... I don't have my own board? Is that what you call it? I just wouldn't get anything else done!!


Heaven and Miss Rosie, please help me!!! I have three of your books Carrie and I can only imagine the heaven that is your scrap heap :), I have found trying to find springy, toile rose filled pastel fabric a lesson in frustration! The closet I have come up with is Mary Wood Wild Rose collection. So for my piece of mind, would you please tell us from whence does your fabric grow or it's time to branch out Carrie and design your fabbie line! Yes and please do include your pinterest account as my boards seem oddly filled with your books and potential (not quite right) fabrics.

Said with manic humor - 12 hours and counting trying to find fabric! You've been PINNED!: http://pinterest.com/jollyjokerpansy/a-touch-of-rosie-quilt-carrie-l-nelson/

A new and |gosh darn it where does she gets those lovelies| fan!

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