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September 29, 2012


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so happy Miss Rosie is ok , yes wanting to eat is always a good sign!
I for one am happy you took the time to write the instructions using the open gate rulers, LOVE those rulers, I know thats what I will use.
LOVE that yellow fabric for the background, beautiful quilt.
fall is such a beautiful time of the year, the colors are starting to change took a drive Thursday and was amazed at the changes already...love it nothing better .


I don't have a design wall ... my floor and my bed (for smaller quilts) are just fine for me, too!
About your mystery sheet: I'm always rename my quilts (because most of the time I'm changing the pattern;-) and add a little drawing with the quilt design (and sometimes the fabric line) to the quilting math. Perhaps this would help you too?
Please give Miss Rosie an extra pet from my and tell her how a good and brave girl she is!

Debbie Gallett

My dog just had to have 6 teeth pulled. It is amazing how they recover. If we had 6 teeth pulled we be sipping milk shakes for 3 days and laying on the couch complaining. I too have a mystery note like that. It is 4 numbers written on a piece of paper and pinned to my design wall. ??????????????? Can't wait for my next trip to Phoenix to go to Olde World. I love their fabric selection.

Linda P

I have so many notes on the backs of envelopes...... and yes, so many cute notepads. My notes run together with no note to tell me what measurement goes to what..... glad you do it also, except your little note looks neater!!
Design wall? Mine is a small (large enough for Schnibble) foam core covered and when not in use slipped behind the quilt shower curtain in the adjoining bath (for storage use only)any bigger quilts go on the floor.
Marguerite is a purty gal!!
Smoochies to Rosie - she needs pampering without treats! Missed you!


Oh, poor Rosie! I'm so glad to hear she did well and gave the vet a piece of her mind at being kept locked up after first being sedated and then waking up to find someone had sneaked in and stolen a bunch of her teeth! The indignity!!! I mean, did the tooth fairy even visit? Okay, now to the most important question about her recovery...will she still be able to play 'Rocks'? I mean, this is very crucial stuff, ya know?
I don't blame her either for not wanting to do a photo shoot until she's had her spa day. I know my oldest furry baby went in for an emergency dental check up, one morning after we found two teeth laying on the floor!!! I felt like such a bad mom when I found out she had raging gingivitis and came home with 11 less teeth than she went in with. Now she has this cute little crooked 'grin' on her face when she is looking at you straight on. They saved all of her back teeth but still, she looks a bit like Walter Brennan, talks like him too, *wink*. Okay, I've rambled enough, but I do have to tell you that your quilt made with the Chateau Rouge collection is gorgeous, I love it. Big hugs all around


Glad to hear that Rosie is doing fine. A big thank you for posting a picture of Daniel Craig!!! Can't wait to see him in the new James Bond movie. Good luck with meeting all your deadlines!

Ramona Chester

#1 - so happy that Rosie is okay! #2 - Marguerite is magnificent! #3 - the second I saw the Block Party ad in Quiltmaker and saw you were coming to the northwest - I couldn't wait. Glad to know the sign ups are open. I'm going to book my spot now!
Oh yeah, and thanks for the Daniel eye candy! And as for your #5 - the first part is obviously the number of blocks x block size (4x4in = 16) + I can only assume would be the the sashing and borders? I have lots of those important scraps of paper around too and notes in borders of quilt patterns and then can't figure out what I was trying to figure out!


Tell us more about the Quiltmaker Block Party. I live in the next town over from Portland.

The new quilt is fabulous! Who makes Chateau Rouge? I love that background color.

Archie the wonder dog

Dental surgery? Oh no, poor Rosie! I hope she's had lots of treats to make up for the indignity of being in a cage and then penned in! Your new quilt is splendid!
P.S. About the quilt maths...that's what titles/headings are for *wink*


Okay, so are you saying that you have put the batting on three doors?? It's a little hard to see but it looks like three panels of batting. You just tucked them and taped them with blue painters tape. Although I don't know why you didn't use pink painters tape. That's the only color I have around here :-)

Karen Miller

Sending hugs to Rosie -- that pooch should be eating chocolate covered strawberries after those tooth extractions ! My Cayman (yellow nape amazon) would be saying "Poor Dog". He's a hoot !

Love the new quilt -- sure wish I lived closer to the west coast to attend the Block Makers !


debby warthen

Glad Miss Rosie is ok! It can be so hard to have our sweeties out of commission! I can't wait to see what you are cooking up! I hope Quiltmaker has another block party in the east/ midwest, because I missed this summer's and i really want to go! Have a great time!

Glenda in Florida

I can relate to those quilt math notes--I have them everywhere! Every time I run across one, I think how nice it would be to know what it all meant. Yesterday a guild member asked me for the dimension on a little block that I had enlarged to use as the backing on a guilt--I'll bet it was one of those pages I've run across and thrown away. I'll be spending time with my calculator and graph paper to re-create that one this week. And this time I think I'll label it!


I stopped by a wonderful quilt shop yesterday (Hollyhill in West Linn OR) and picked up a charm pack of Chateau Rouge for a little project. Is the yellow background in here? I didn't see it. If not, can you tell me what line it's from? Thanks!!!

Barbara Hernandez

The news about the surgery on the teeth is new to me. I haven't heard of this before. There should be more information on this.

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