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September 04, 2012


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I'm thanking you for sharing info on those twill tapes. I should have asked you back when I first saw your post of the one with the measuring tape. I've been searching because I fell in love with yours! I ordered All the Little Bites for my instant gratification and I think better than chocolate. Enjoy your week Carrie!

Jill Neely

I just love the Moda minis, I am thinking of all of the cute little quilts that I can make!


Oh Carrie...once again, you have started my day off with a grin and a giggle!!! Love the Emergency Chocolate dosage directions,just too funny, or maybe it's too early in the morning for me...either way, it cracked me up! LOL. I'm not a chocolate candy fan, but brownies and cakes, well, stand back or I may trample you for those *wink*. Big Hugs..


Carrie, I love reading your posts!! I cannot wait to get my Moda mini's and make this month's Schnibble!! I just bought four of your new patterns!! Love them already!! Thanks so much for the tips for the trims and pins!! Frozen candy bars!! Yummy and they last soooo long!!!!

Archie the wonder dog

Frozen candy? I think I need to go back and read the comments!! (Although I do like to put my chocolate, particularly double deckers, in the freezer for half an hour or so before eating...) I've found those bulb pins at one of my favourite UK shops so I'll be putting them on my wish list! I'm looking forward to having my pants bored off with talk of pin cushions!


I love the pincushions, so will look forward to all of your tips. What could be boring about making pincushions?



Judy BL

Looking forward to all the tips on pincushions!!


You can live months without chocolate!?! My maximum is two days;-) Looking forward to your tips. Hildy


Sure hope I can find that twill tape...what a cute idea for little Christmas gifts.

L. Rudd

I collect pincushions, so I will so enjoy learning more about them! TIA (thanks in advance) :)


My secret vice is keeping Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Chips in the refrigerator. They are extra good eaten straight from the bag that way!

A word of caution about the frozen candy bars: My dentist told me once that frozen Snickers were the best invention ever for keeping him in business fixing broken teeth. You probably don't want to know why we were on that subject...


I love the fact that we all enjoy chocolate- my children used to get teased by their friends, because I was the only one they knew who had a separate candy drawer in the kitchen. I still do it. Love your patterns and the new fabrics!


Reading all about candy and chocolate makes me want to run out to the store right now. I love pincushions and can never have too many.

Ruth B

Bring on the pincushion tutes! Love the ones you've made.

Linda P

I forgot to tell you about my Good & Plenty's. Yes, you probably know it - it's licorice. but the what makes it really good licorice is the memories I have of my granddaddy eating them. It was his favorite, and I don't count it as candy - it's a staple - LOL!!!
I have a whole spool of great measure tape ribbon from Laurie Simpson - I am planning a pinnie now as I type, yes, I am!
PS: Let's run away to Sue's house and peek in her candy drawer!!!!!


I used to love frozen Snickers UNTIL I broke a tooth while eating one.
When at the dentist office, he asked: "How did this happen?". I couldn't lie so I told him. His reply: "A woman after my own heart!!!!"

So careful with the frozen candy.

Charlotte S.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Love pincushions~ yours are all so adorable! We have a kitchen candy drawer too~ never know when you might have a chocolate emergency! :-)

Bari Jo

Oh my- frozen candy bars... who can wait long enough for them to freeze? LOL.... but I do admit to enjoying frozen thin mint girl scout cookies ... looking forward to your info on pin cushions! Thank you!


Calorie free candy! Count me in! Yummm.


I work in my local yarn shop, and those pins are also available from a company named HiyaHiya. They sell knitting needles, notions, and other knitting accessories. So---if you are looking for the bulb-shaped safety pins, your local knitting shop may have them.

todo list

Hello Brenda & Wendy!!!

I learn more details from your post.Thank you.

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