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October 23, 2012


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Cheryl Miller

Welcome to the MIA club! Loved all three little tidbits and came home today with the pattern...cutting will commence shortly!


So sorry! I've been really lucky on the MIA situation. So far. I do know that the next quilt will have a wool batt.


Waking with your sheets, blankets, and comforter drenched in your sweat, as well as a sopping pillow is no fun. None of that is fun in the daytime either. I know from experience.

Hormones saved my life. They're not for everyone, but boy, they sure have helped me. It might pay to talk to your doctor. Or naturopath.

Mary on Lake Pulaski


Linda P

Amen, Sista!
I hate when I have something planned I can't sleep, but then I don't sleep much anyway, annnoying!!
Funny, when I saw that photo I thought maybe Rosie was sprayed up - remember when you painted something outside, and she decided it was fun and got the overspray - silly girl!!!
You have new all year!! Love it!!!


Oh yes. Hormones are your friend. My internal thermostat was out of whack for a good four years I think. Breaking out in a drippy sweat for no apparent reason was really a drag. But, it passed, thank goodness.
My gosh, I love that little quilt block! And the Golden Retriever Tiger too.


I can sympathize. I haven't had the shivers but I've experienced all the other symptoms for a few years now. It does get better, or maybe you just get used to it.


Flaxseed!!!! Started having hot flashes and read somewhere that if you have 1-2 tsp of ground flaxseed in your yogurt/oatmeal or whatever 2xs a day they go away.. It's true... Have not had one since and it's been 2 months! I love it!


I've already welcomed you to my world. LOL


Nothing like a hot flash commencing while in the middle of teaching subtraction with borrowing in front of 30 Second Graders! argh!!!
Very cute Tigger Retriever!


I didn't expect the chills either, but I've been having them too. Thank goodness for a large, warm cat. And afghans and quilts, which are much more amenable to being tossed off than the cat is when the chills stop and the next hot flash starts! :-)


Carrie, if you want to get back to a regular sleep pattern then go see your GYN and get started on either hormones (my personal choice) or a homeopathic remedy. I'm telling ya sista, HORMONES were my life saver to get some sleep and stop the menopausal monster from appearing; plus they stopped the gawd awful hot flashes!! Welcome to the club!

Archie the wonder dog

Oh dear...glad you're finding the funny side of the power surges. I'm not sure what sounds worse, the heat or the shivers - hopefully I'll never find out!


what till the emotions over stupid stuff happens
crying over commercials ....should I go on?
I get a lot of sewing done in the middle of the night :)

Vickie E

awe that's a bummer. maybe get sewing done in the middle of the night?

Lisa D.

That Tiger Retriever is too cute. Sorry about your personal power surges. I'm starting to get them now and then, too. Very bothersome. And yes, I still have a package to mail you. I'm the worst friend ever!


We used to call hot flashes our own private summers. Fans, like they carried around in the 1800's (and Christina A. uses on The Voice on TV) were with us at all times. But hormones worked better than anything. Because of that, I 'breezed' (pun intended) though the whole thing. Talk to your gyn. Suffering through this doesn't make you a better person, just miserable.

I, too, thought that was going to be Rosie's Halloween costume. Cute!!!


Right there with you and the Dr. says that it can last up to 10 years - really? I don't have the hot flashes/night sweats like I used to, but find I still have trouble sleeping at night sometimes. Hang in there it will get better!


Seriously? You were cold? Man, I got gypped in the MIA allocation! My thermastat only runs HOT,HOT, HOT! ;p

I need to find out where you 'purchased' yours because I want to return MINE and get one of yours! ;p

And yes, Rosie would look AWESOME painted like a tiger. Can you imagine opening your door to trick-or-treaters with Rosie painted like a tiger? The squealing would be funny until the kids starting crying and running away. I guess you should just put a silly hat on her. That's what I do with my big dog. ;p

Sew Create It - Jane

Your post made me laugh! I can just imagine at the layers going on and then all the layers coming off again. Hope things settle out soon. ((Hugs))


I call that a personal weather system...and mine started in January, went for about a month and a half with hot flashes waking me up 12 times a night and then stopped again. Waiting for the second round now. Love the Tiger painted dog--I'm sure Rosie would be the BOMB in that "costume".


i hear you!!! for the past few years i have been best friends with bare concrete and a grey hoodie (although any color of hoodie would probably work) ... nothing cools me off faster than cooling my hot feet on bare concrete ... and nothing warms me up faster than covering my head with a hoodie ...... and i am VERY grateful that i don't usually need both at the same time...

Grandma Rita

I'm 12 years into this madness they call menopause. Had it not been for hormones (and they only took the edge off the problem) I am certain I would not have survived. It's only been the last few months that I feel like I may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. After all the hot flashes and emotional hell I'm cold now, really cold, and that is a sensation that is a first in my life (I've always been hot blooded) but I can dress to stay warm! I could never remove my clothes to cool off, so I'll take this. I'm really looking forward to getting my sanity back!
My fantasy is to someday make a FLANNEL quilt and not burn up just thinking about it!


Serenity, AKA, bio-identical Transdermal progesterone is keeping me sane. Well, I've always been mad, ;- ) but, you know... Also, Donna Eden's energy tips from http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/book/9781585426478?redirected=true&gclid=CJuCm8_Rm7MCFcbLtAod5UQAug
this book.
Also, I like that you have positive attitude, and can laugh about it afterwards. Is one thing guaranteed to bring us gals together, no?
I totally think Rosie would look cool as a tiger!

Beverly Atkins

I feel your pain (or heat!). After years of sweating and freezing, I'm finally getting past it. I guess I'm TOS!!!! Too old to sweat!

Sue S

OK Catching up on blogs while I was out for surgery, and I love the picture of the golden! What a cute idea, but would you want to wash that all away or have it rubbed off on your furniture? Maybe not. Hey, I hear you on the MIA. I tried herbal remedies. Black cohosh and cut back on caffiene helped me. I'm ten years into the 'two year change'...ha ha! but it beats not getting any older!

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