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October 28, 2012


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well how exciting is this! Love the shape of this tumbler, wow. I love tumbler quilts and will never get bored making them. so when will they be available for sale???? I am hoping you will make the tumbler rulers in different sizes, please!


Oh I really, really like it! I especially like that the background piece is slightly smaller. Oh I must have one of those when you're ready! You are such a clever girl!


What do you mean "wanted to", I'm calling that thing "The Crumbler" until I die!


Woohoo! The Crumbler! I can't wait to try it. Congratulations Carrie and Rosie....

Archie the wonder dog

What a great idea!!!

Nancy E

Love tumbler quilts so I am looking forward to getting it .... when will it be available?

Linda P

OK, I'm calling it the Crumbler, cuz I have one (from another company) and can't call them the same and it doesn't have all those multi-measurements that I NEED (it's going in the drawer!) Bring on the Crumbler and I will cut up my crumbs of fabric!! You are the bomb dot com!!!


Oh wow, my feet are doing a happy dance! Love my notions and this is going into my must have list. Congrats on developing such a cool tool.


Oh my gosh...I'm on board with the "Crumbler" fans and I can see that this is a notion that is now at the top of my "I WANT" list. I hope it is available soon!!! I have a grandson in the AF in Maryland, so we are staying in touch with him and praying for his safety, along with everyone in the storms path. Hugs...


How fun!! I can't wait until we're able to purchase!!

Jan Goerke

Will they be ready by November's Carrie's Club? In your shop before that? I've been waiting all my life to do a tumbler and now I can!


Holy cow! This is going to be so much fun! I love tumbler quilts. I have an acrylic template I bought for 5" ones, and have used it a few times, but had been yearning for something smaller. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these rulers!


Will these be in our local shops or direct order only? It was a great idea!


Once again your creative genius has come through. I don't know what I would do without my rulers. Mine are basic, but when you want to make something a little different, these would be perfect. I hear that Lori Holt is coming out with round rulers. It sure beats the plate I've been using ;-)

Mary ann

Love specialty rulers! Look forward to adding this one and seeing all the new quilts too Carrie.

Loris Mills

Yep, need a template for thimbles...too much work without one. Yea for you giving us one with different sizes! They look like thimbles to me. I like the name :-)


Yes, my vote is in for your new template!
Let us know when and where to purchase!


I love the looks of a tumbler quilt but have yet to make one. Your Crumbler ruler may be just what I've been waiting for as templates just don't do it for me. I look forward to seeing what you created with it.


Very Cool! ;p

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

What a great idea! I can't wait til you release them. :-)

Karen Shackleford

Love how you've done the tumbler--no seams to match up! Very exciting to see your template/ruler. Also, thanks for all the variations on Tidbit! You are such a talent!!

Bari Jo

I love the look of the stacked thimbles! Can't wait to try it! Yay for your new ruler!!!


10,000 quilts later and I'd still have a stash left...sounds like fun!


I enjoy your blog........and I would love to purchase your template: El Crumbler
I have always liked this shape..I've known it since childhood as 'thimbles'. I hope you will address the many requests. smile


So exciting Carrie! Congratulations once again!


You have been keeping a wonderful secret Carrie! Your ruler looks like fun. I haven't seen a Thimble quilt that I didn't like. You always have a trick up your sleeve. I wish I could have been in your class at Old World. P.S.
Maybe Rosie could wear that tiger costume today:)

Karen Shackleford

P.S. Just so's ya know . . . I've been singing "Driiiiif ting along with the tum ble ing tum bleweeds!" all week long. Ha! It's good self amusement, I must say . . .


How fun! I've always wanted to make a tumbler quilt -- or three or four. Must get on that. Love the name Crumbler -- I think you should go with it!

Debbie Gallett

I can't wait. I love this pattern.


Bless your creative soul and heart! I love this shape and now there will be one the size I want whenever I want it. Woo Hoo!! Templates are great for a shape like this--just don't give me a template for a Square--Puh-leez!

Linda in NC

Brilliant! I love the two-size-one-quilt idea. I'll be keeping my eyes open for your templates to hit my LQS.

Pat Sloan

This is MASSIVELY COOL!!! Congrats!

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