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November 11, 2012


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What a wonderful "hodgepodge" post! I always learn and get so many ideas from you ,so thank you once again! I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week either...I think I lost a week or a month somewhere!

Auntie Pami

Isn't that the best Bond movie ever!? My Mom and I went Friday too. And, when I was at Costco, I parked near a car that had to have had Rosie's cousins in the back. Two lovlies with white faces! One was looking out and the other was sacked out. I've been to Paper Source once. It was cool then (a long time ago) classes sound like fun!

Mary ann

Well this is a fun post Carrie, fun but expensive, I have been to Paper Source, such cute garlands for the holidays! And to Anthropology,, always looking for cool stuff to tuck into stockings and the twine is just the ticket too! Oh and the cookbook...for now it's on the Wishlist but its hard to pass up with Prime...lol


oh I am so jealous I want a Paper Source store by me
love that garland, what a fun class that must have been.
Ok I need to go to anthropology I love their pottery and glassware
and admit dangerous going in their with my DD's they always want the clothes too, i tend to gravitate to the other side of the mall walkway when going past that store, lucky for me its William Sonoma on the other side!

Cheryl Miller

Thanks for the tip on the new paper crafting store. I'll be heading there soon!

JoAnne McPHerson

I for one can not believe that you came across such a word in the newspaper?! It had to be from the "puzzle" section, or else I'm really impressed that journalists these days know (and use!) such complex words. Thanks for sharing it, by the way. I love finding new words!


Wow, I love the new word...Gallimaufry...I will try to use it several times today so I can remember it. Like Vicissitudes, plural of vi·cis·si·tude (Noun)
A change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.
Heard Red Skelton say it once when I was a kid and never forgot it. As for Rosie on the couch and sleeping on the bed...umm, I don't own the furniture in my house. My furry kids 'allow' us to use the chairs and share the beds, but only with their permission, so I guess if anyone is spoiled it me and hubby, because Sadie and Frisky pretty much let us sit and sleep where we want. *wink* Big Hugs...
***I do own my sewing machine, but if Frisky had opposable thumbs and could reach the foot pedal, that wouldn't be mine either, LOL.

Laurie in Iowa

You mean our dogs aren't supposed to be on the sofa and sleep on the beds???


Years ago, growing up in a small, artsy town on the Hudson River, there was a store called Gallimaufry. It had the neatest collection of artsy and imported stud. Whenever you needed a gift for somebody or some piece of art or your house or jewelry or whatever, this was the place to go. Haven't thought of that in years.

But of course dogs sleep on the couch and bed....somebody has to make sure those quilts don't just up and walk away! It's a tough job you know. And, if you're a dog in this house you even have your own quilt.


Glad to hear you are all doing well. I haven't seen Skyfall yet but I have heard nothing but great reviews. I'm like your mom, I think Sean Connery is an awesome James Bond but, Daniel Craig is pretty hot too!


I love your garland project... what good friend-fun kind of stuff! I was just thinking about the project you shared a few years ago with the Candy Cane's made out of fabric in a basket of somesort... you should give us a refresher on that:)
Our local cinema closed down the beginning of this month. So sad. The next closest one is 35 miles away. I just might have to call in sick and make a special Bond Day out of it!

Bari Jo

Thanks for the fun sources! :O) Can't wait to check them out! My hubby says Sean Connery is THE James Bond... I grew up with Roger Moore... I guess we will need to check this guy out! (I know I know... I am way behind the times!)


Hi Carrie

I am so jealous, you have seen Bond already and may go back for seconds... I am in Australia and Bond doesn't even start screening until the 22nd of this month, life is just not fair. Daniel is my favourite also:o

Laila Kristin Skauge

I grew up with dogs and cats in my bed, so it's natural for me :-) Of course they should be treated like any other family member! Hi-hi :-)
We have only a furball now, and he likes to hide in the kids bedrooms, so I'll have to play hide and seek now and then to make him go outside sometimes :-)
Hope you're feeling better, and hope you'll have a great and creative day :-)


What a fun post! I must have some of that "yarn". You're so lucky to have all those fab stores close at hand. I've never been to a Costco. They're building one right. across. the. street. from where I work. Are you telling me I'm in trouble???

And Skyfall. {Sigh} I've had so little sleep the last few weeks that I was sure I'd fall asleep at the movies. But with Daniel? No. Way. Although, I must say, I'm with your Mom on this one. No one can top Sean in my book!

Pris Phillips

Hi Carrie...
Of course dogs sleep on the couch, chairs, wherever they like! and the bed/... why else would you need a King size??! :) Kiah (our black lab) is the boss around here!
And a really great "secret" from Costco... you know those rotissarie chickens they sell ~ well I heard that at the end of the day they take the cooked meat off the bone to use in making their chicken salad, etc. BUT - if you go back and ask one of the guys with the funny white hair-net hats on, in the meat department, they will go get you a 2 pound bag... and you can purchase the cooked meat for around $10.00. What a find!! Chicken Tortilla Soup... Chicken Divan... Chicken Salad... Chicken sandwiches - and you don't have to do a darn thing to cook and bone the chicken! Yippee! Get some for the freezer! (I separate mine into 2 zipper baggies about 1 pound each.) Enjoy!

Warmly, pris & kiah from sammamish


What a fun word...it's even fun just to say it..LOL!


Our lives are the same! well almost, yesterday Frankie and I went to Paper Source and Anthro, and we both discussed taking a class. Wish we lived closer so we could go with you and Ginger some time! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

a maiden hair fern

Wasn't he absolutely divine? I caught myself drooling a few times, good thing it was dark, my hubby was sitting next to me :) I thought of you each of the 3 times I saw it, wondering if he's folded any of your fabric lately.

Since I live in 2 places, I have 2 quilts going (well, there are more). In one city I'm working on Ginger Belle, and the other city, Crackling Palms. It does create an issue when I get back to one and I can't find the book. Thus I'm scouring your blog looking for clues.

Hugs to Rosie. Are you giving her those treats for her joints?

Puddles & Price

We love your Christmas count down string...so much fun and a GREAT idea.
Sampson and Lorrie

Linda P

Now where the heck are you hiding out?
Didn't you do a blog post on pens once? I was looking for it - would you refresh my memory.............
Hugs all around to you and yours in your home!!!

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