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February 05, 2013


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Wow... you go girl! I never thought about taking the door off the hinges before! You'd be a good one to have along if ever stranded on a deserted island, as you would know just what to do! And as far as that bottle opener... me thinks we must have had similar hobbies at age sixteen. :)


You definitely need a back up plan.

Sandy M

So... I saw the screw driver and the car keys and I knew what I would have been doing with that combination but the mallet threw me off. See, I just traded in my Hyundai Santa Fe for a new vehicle but for the last six months I needed a screw driver to pop open the door to the gas tank. I actually bought a set of screwdrivers to have in the car since it was the only thing between me and a stranded car.
When my daughter lived at home she routinely left her keys inside the house so I started leaving a set of keys in the garage ages ago. Seems she still does the same thing since her husband installed one of those coded door knobs where you don't need a key to get into the house, all you need is to punch in a code. He is so resourceful! (BTW.. he also attached an alarm to her phone so she could find it even when it was out of power or set to silent).


Oh no!!!! I'm glad all is well. You should know I would have laughed at you, too. LOL

Cathy B.

The book you are working on? Yippee skippee!!! Love the sound of that!

Cathy from Kansas (the one with the dog named Schnibbles - he says hi to Rosie)


Well that was quite a post...you have let us know you have the wits about you to break into a home (glad it was yours), had a few questionable hobbies at a young age, and you are working on a new book!
Just teasing about the first two, but thrilled to hear Mom is improving and great news about the new book...do you have a deadline?

Nancy  in Utah

Ahhhhh...the old take the door off trick, good one Carrie, then of course, you did what I told everyone where I was going to hide my spare keys, LOL. Yes, me too, hehehe. Was the bank sorry to see you leave? LOL ... Okay, nuff said. Great post, I needed a smile to go to bed on. Of course, the new "Candy" has my mouth watering so I may have to sit here a while and see what kind of 'Candy' I can find online, thank you very much *grumble*. Nah...in all honesty, I loved every word of your post, but then I always do. So happy your mom is doing so well. Hope you have the door back on when she gets home. * wink*
By the way, my hubby said to me the other morning when I forgot my keys, 'ya know hon, they make pills for that', of course he only said that after I found them dangling from the belt loop of the jeans I was wearing. I clipped them there so I wouldn't loose them don'tcha know??? Big, Big Hugs...
**by the way, True story, I lost my glasses yesterday, but I was having a good vision day so it really didn't matter, but I had a little trouble seeing when I was sewing. Problem was, my glasses are for seeing distance and I don't wear them to sew, just happened that they were on my face. But luckily, hubby was here to 'find' them for me and once again point out that, 'they make pills for that, hon'. *sigh* Don't feel bad Carrie, I'll share my pills with you, if I ever get around to getting some, LOL.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Oooh, I've had to remove a few doors in my day too. :-/ The easiest was my neighbors sliding door. :-o ...she asked for help! LOL The candy looks yummy~ can't wait to see what you are cooking up. And I'm so happy to read that your Mom is doing well. Yay!


I can't believe you took the door off - wow! I got locked out of the car once, with my toddler on the inside! Thankfully he was asleep and slept his way through the entire drama. I can't even remember how I got it open

Take car and glad your Mother is doing so much better


When I just had my driver's license I 'left' my keys INSIDE the car ... smart, right;-) Luckly it wasn't far home so I went there and fetch the extra key. My brother still tease me about that!
Good to hear that your mum is better and will be home soon.
Lovely candies I wanna come and play!
And new Schnbbles and new book? Can I buy more time, please?


boy that quilt is a surprise sure doesn't look like a Miss Rosie quilt to me! looks like a quilt that would be on my blog!!!!
love the new eye candy...
sorry about the key adventure ...yes i would have had to laugh too!
me I would have called a locksmith!


Sorry, yes I would have laughed too...and why didn't Rosie open the door for you? Probably the same reason Howie wouldn't open it for me...busy sleeping! Glad to hear your mom is doing so well.


Oops! Maybe you could train Rosie to stand by the front door with your keys?!


Enjoyed reading about how innovative you are. I would never have thought of removing the door! But, IMHO, the best part of the blog was that you would still be able to spend time with Jethro. I refuse to answer the phone or the door on Tuesday nights! Heaven forbid we should ever have a power outage.


Ooooh Niel and Peter. Mostly Niel. Too bad he'll never be interested in the likes of us. {Sigh.} Thursdays are a pretty darn good day too, with Mike and Harvey. Yum. I still miss Sawyer though. Bring back Sawyer.

What's up with the door trick? I've never heard of this and I'm so impressed that you even tried. You're my MacGyver idol!!!


In addition to being so creative, you are tres' resourceful:) The kids and I stop everything on Tuesday at 7! We have to get our dose of Gibbs...hubby can't watch him after he portrayed Ted Bundy. I told him it takes a while to get over that but he's such a good(looking)actor...

Take care.

P.S. We have keys stashed also.


You crack me up! At least you didn't almost mail your car keys across country to your Secret Santa person! Good thing that postal lady was able to retrieve my box. She still chuckles about that! Glad to hear Mom is doing so well. Just warn her away from table dancing from now on! ;)


Glad to hear that your mom is doing better. Tuesday's are my favorite night of the week for TV and it's strictly because of the great men on that night!


lol, you should have called daniel craig to take that door off its hinges...think how fun that would be tell your bank staff?!

hmm, new movie idea: 007 lost in usa finds damsel in distress and falls in love and retires. works for me! ;p

Deb W.

I would hide a key in the garage and a neighbor should also have one, just in case of an emergency. My husband unlocks cars frequently. He's had to unlock a few people's cars two or three times in one day, so it could be worse...

Linda P

Oh I do feel for you - been there on the door issue and the locking the keys in the car - bleh!! We now have keys everywhere, so come on over, I'm sure everyone could figure out all the usual places (except under the matt)
Always fun to see what project you're working on or changing up. Candy is looking yummy!!!


I have a funny story abut keys and cars... that will make you feel a whole lot better... if you share that with your tellers I am sure you will change your mind about changing banks.


You are too funny! I will have to tell you about the time I locked myself out of the house someday. Lets just say climbing in a window was easier when I was younger! Glad your mom is doing better , I will continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers.


Oh, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.... sigh....
I was watching re-runs of NCIS last night whilst sewing up a gift for a far away friend. Simply lovely company!

Carol Nichols

I can relate to being locked out. Not fun!
I love the quilt that you are working on. The color looked more pink than red. It reminds me of a dress that I bought years ago and have saved for the fabric! It is a bright pink! Guess it is time to get it out and cut it up! It has a gathered skirt and a lot of fabric.
I also love NCIS!

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