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February 24, 2013


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Glad all is well. Was there a color picture of this months project? If so could you email me one, I would love it. Give Rosie a hug and mom too!

Nancy  in Utah

Hi Carrie, so good to hear that all is well in your corner. Sounds like your mom is finally going to make it home. I honestly would go nuts if I had to get ready to go somewhere every single day. Truly I would. Flannel PJ's are my uniform of the day, every day and if I do leave the house, I'm back in them immediately. Hubby says he's doesn't understand how I can change so fast after we get home, when it took me so long to get ready to leave the house, hehehe. I told him it's all a matter of motivation, LOL.
I can't wait to see your new quilts and I love your little bitty nine patch blocks and the way you have framed the pieces. Really pretty and fun. Well, I'm not going to ramble any longer, just gonna tell you that you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers for good things and some quiet time. Big Hugs to you and your mom and some scratches to Rosie...


So good to see Rosie again. Don't forget to take care of yourself while you are busy taking care of your mom. And don't fret the deadline - your books are always worth the wait.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Thank you for the little quilt instructions Carrie!


For Rosie's slipping, you might try Dr. Buzby's 'toe grips' (http://www.toegrips.com/). I was hoping they'd help my geriatric dog, but I managed to order a size too small, so now I need to get the next size up. But I have a friend who swears that they are really helpful!


Hi Carrie, hi Rosie!
Glad to hear that everything goes well with your mom and she'll be home soon.
Thanks for this sweet little quilt, I'll hope to give it a try soon.
Have a ggod time and don't stress yourself, Hildy


LOVE that little nine patch with the "mounted" framed border
I have the perfect place to display that.
can you believe I still have not framed a little quilt ?
glad things are starting to calm down in your little world and mom will be coming home this week. I am sure you are both looking forward to that and Rosie too!


I'm so glad to hear that things are going well with your mom. And you're so right...having to leave the house everyday does use up a huge chunk of time...yes showering, doing hair, a little makeup, real clothes...oh my...I never wanted to scare anyone when I went to see mom everyday. Glad Rosie's doing well, she'll be thrilled when your mom gets home. Love you teeny 9 patches...doing them into pictures is wonderful...You are such a clever girl. Don't stress...take care of yourself...rest...store up for when your mom gets home.


So glad you're all doing okay - good luck with the deadline! Your mini quilts are utterly gorgeous, as is Rosie! Please give her a fuss behind the ears for me!

Ranch Wife

No worries on feeling behind. I think it's a conspiracy, and none of us are immune. :) I'm excited for your scrap quilt book, but you know...some things are just worth waiting for!
Happy to know that your Mom will be home soon and that Rosie is keeping you out of trouble...or helping you find it.
I've not seen the 2 for 1 nine patch technique - very clever! I see a nine patch quilt in my future...scrappy of course! Love the addition of the frame.


Glad to hear that your mom should be home soon. I understand what it's like to have roadblocks to sewing. Hubby had extensive shoulder surgery in mid-January, then developed blood clots shortly after, which has really put the damper on my sewing time! Like your mom, he's on the mend now but has a long road to recovery! Rosie is such a sweetie!

pam hansen

Carrie I always enjoy reading posts regarding your beloved Rosie. We are in a similar situation with our chow/sheperd mix Honey. The back legs aren't what they used to be and her hearing is going quickly, but she can still occasionly chase her tail.

So happy your mom will be able to return home. Good for her! Hopefully she won't overdo herself.

And ya gotta give us a little more of a peek at those new quilts. Please...

Sue S

Glad to hear that you're making progress. Yes, I know that 'time-waster' very well. I'd have so much more sewing time if I didn't have to get ready every morning. Oh, and go to work... and all that fun stuff. Poor Rosie, she needs some booties! Wish I lived closer and could help you with bindings. Keep on keepin' on!

Candace Mugele

Love your sense of humor! Good to hear you all are doing well in spite of the inevitable aging.
Looking forward to your next post, whenever that may appear.
Happy sewing, tasty bones to Rosie, and quick recovery for mom!


Ooohhhh...I love your mini-quilt! I need to make something like that for my dollhouse. Hope your Mom and Rosie continue to do well and that you can start wearing your sweats a lot more now!


It's nice to see you and Rosie pop back in for a visit. I feel for you -- those months that my dad was in rehab were so hectic and loooong. Hope everything goes well for your Mom's return soon. And those little 9-patches are adorable!


One of my favorite pins is the little buy who's excited that no one saw him that day, cuz he can wear the same clothes again tomorrow. That used to be me! Only now I don't care if you see me wearing the same clothes 2 or 3 days in a row :0 Beautiful quilting. Love the framed samplers.

Wendy Ouellette

Hello! So good to hear Mom is progressing well. She sure sounds like a spunky gal. Love your little framed quilts. I am in the Phoenix area and am so sorry I missed your tumbler demo. We are staying at Cibola Vista this week and Mesa next week. Is there any chance you might have something going on in the near future...I would love to take in a class or demo.

Mary Ann

So glad your Mom is doing well even if it will delay the book a bit. we can wait. these little quilts are adorable, some times you just love to play with fabric and I often find myself reaching for one of your little patterns. I think next time I will give these a try!

Linda P

It's great to have you back and good to hear Mom and Rosie are all in sinc too. Let's keep it that way. Those little 9 patches are just the cat's pajamas! I have a couple of very little quilt squares my Granddaddy make back in 1908 - I framed them in old barn wood, and it's one of my favorite pieces. Looking forward to seeing the new quilts - take good care!


A different version of "Since You Been Gone" popped into my head (and will be there for the rest of the day...good song so I don't mind). Glad to know things are going well. Give that adorable dog a hug for me:)


Glad it's just life keeping you busy and glad everyone is doing well. Thanks for the information on the framed quilts. I'll have to try one. Looking forward to the new book whenever it comes out! Take care!

Nancy  in Utah

You, your mom and Rosie have been in my thoughts today so I thought I'd stop by and say "HEY!!!" and tell you I'm hoping all is well with you all. Big Hugs and of course, scratches for Rosie...


DANG!!! WHy does everything look prettier and more fun when it's a minature??!! ;p

Beverly Atkins

Let me try this again. I just shot down my comments! I'm glad things are going better and that your Mom will be home soon. I love the picture of Rosie! It just warms my heart. I feel like she is looking at me and sending me some furry hugs. Glad to see your post!


I really like your framed pieces. When you back the little top with the sold fabric from shadowing do you sew them or glue them together before gluing top to mount board? Do your raw edges of the quilt top show?

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