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April 25, 2013


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So happy to hear your Mom is out and about...yay! And even happier that you are still able to sew some! I would love to make a pineapple quilt...I may have to look for that ruler!

PS I mailed you something today...hopefully it will arrive on Saturday!


So glad you're back and your mom is better! Have missed reading your blog

Kim P.

I'm so glad life is becoming a little more normal for you. The roses are beauties! As is your pineapple quilt--good use for some small scraps!


Glad your mom is back at home and she's doing well. And thanks for the roses:-)
Have a wonderful weekend, Hildy


the roses are just beautiful . I love the pineapple block I have always wanted to make one of these quilts, think I had better get back to cutting strips! LOL
Glad your Mom is home and everyone is adjusting....
even Rosie!


Hurrah! I am so please your Mum is home. The flowers are unnecessary - family has to come first :)
Never made a pineapple - shall have to add it to my wish list of quilts to make
Take Care xxx


Carrie I am just thrilled that your Mom is home and doing well...out for a manicure sounds like a wonderful day. I am over the top in love with that pineapple block...I have never made one and have always loved them...sold a million of those rulers in the shop and never made the quilt...go figure. Glad Rosie is doing well!

Jenn Baker

I really love that pineapple block - especially scrappy. I'd really love to learn how to do one....are they difficult?


So happy to hear she's home! Great news. My mom is in rehab and for now I'm glad she's in there and not living at her house by herself. I have a feeling when my mom is home it will be harder. I think a manicure is a perfect way of spoiling her!


Welcome back. You truly made my Friday. I have always loved scrappy quilts. Congrats to your Mother on her recovery. P.S. the roses are a perfect way to end my hectic week.

JoAnne McPherson

Great news about your mom! My grandma also always needed to gain weight. Her goal was to make it to 100 pounds, which she did a few times but would eventually lose some again. I'm loving the pineapple blocks! I can't wait to see more.


Welcome Back Carrie! I'm so happy to hear that your mom is doing better. Finally. That's a long haul, isn't it? I felt like my world was on hold during rehab. Can't wait to see those pineapples. That was never a favorite block for me, but as I've grown older I'm really starting to love it. Thanks for the beautiful flowers!


So happy Mom is home with you and Rosie, even if it meant tearing herself way from those handsome docs! Great pineapple block. It'll be a gorgeous quilt!


Your pineapple block is awesome! I have never made one......but you make it look like I need to:) I'm glad about your Mom and Rosie. We lost our "Annika" a couple of months ago, our wonderful golden retriever of almost 16 years. We were lucky to have her for so many years. Someday, when I figure out how.....I will send a picture of a quilt I made from your nine dots fabric. It turned out really cute! Happy Spring!


So very happy to hear that your Mom is home. And I do understand the time it takes to care for someone even in rehab and PT. So lighten up on yourself. You are doing a great job. We appreciate your updates. Now, go and find that stash of chocolate. You deserve it ;-)


Gorgeous flowers and love your scrappy pineapple block. Glad to hear your mom is home and by all means go and get some more of those roses! $9.99 for a dozen - that is a steal!


That's wonderful news to hear your mom is finally home with you & Rosie! Errands & a manicure sound so perfectly 'normal' I'm sure she got a lift from all of it! I've seen pineapple blocks around recently & wondered if there was a special ruler needed. I'll have to look for that one!


Glad to hear all is well at Rosie's house~! I'm looking forward to pineapple quilt updates. I've always wanted to make one.


Gorgeous roses, Carrie, all those different shades of pink. Glad your mom is finally able to get "out and about." It will hopefully make life easier for you. The pineapple block is spectacular, and what a great way to use up scraps.

Sue S

Ditto all the good wishes and it's so nice to hear good news about your mom. I'm happy to hear that someone else gets lost in those rabbit holes of long lost jars and boxes! Always give yourself permission to enjoy flowers at any time,regardless of price! They're lovely.


I'm so glad she's home! I was just thinking about you and your mam the other day and hoping everything was all right. I hope you're helping her out with her daily (twice daily?!) chocolate fix...

Love the pineapple blocks but where's Rosie - I can't see hide nor hair of her in this post ;o)

Bari Jo

How fun that your mom is home and you guys are all back together again! I bet it feels so good to get things back to normal! I'm sure Rosie is so happy! :O) I've always wanted to make a pineapple quilt and the scrappy block of yours is wonderful! Can't wait to see it all together!!! I think the chocolate diet sounds like one I could stick with!


I also have an old pineapple ruler from 1989. I know I must have a book around here somewhere that shows how to use it. Now I have to search for it as I love your block.

Debra Masek

Glad all is well!! Also, inspired to see your pineapple block with scraps...thanks for sharing.


It's wonderful news that your Mom and Rosie are doing well. It's good to see that you are spoiling yourself with manicures and flowers. I think chocolate is a daily must!

Linda P

Always good to see you posting!! Glad things are better on the home front. I've wanted to do a pineapple block - really!! I have 2 different rulers (*hanging my head).
BTW, I love those The House pins!! They are so sharp and thin. I recently purchased some long flower head pins, don't know what happened to them since last time I got them but it was like trying to pin something with a nail!! ugh!!
Have a great week end!

Karen Shackleford

Wonderful to hear your mom is finally home and doing well! It's been a long road, and I'm sure you are all happier, especially Rosie.

Nancy  in Utah

Hi Carrie! I'm so, so happy to hear that your mom is home and doing well. She'll probably gain weight quickly now that she's is in her own space...I always find that food is better when your comfy at home. Hope your catching up on a bit of rest yourself cause I'm sure you were on the go constantly while she was in the rehab facility. Was Rosie delighted to see her? I'm betting she was :o) ... I had to laugh at the title of your post because I gave myself a quick manicure today, on one finger...Sewed through the end of it almost at the nail bed! Always wondered how people manage to do that and I still don't know cause it happened so fast. But all is well, got the needle and thread out, bandaged it and went back to sewing, LOL. Nuff said. Have a wonderful week, I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Big hugs to you and your mom and scratches in all her favorite places for Rosie...


Welcome home, Mom! Eat some chocolate for me. ;p

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