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April 29, 2013


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Cute runner/wall hanging thingy! I love that magazine. Always lots of good ideas and usually at least one I think I will make. I also have the Instagram app but haven't the slightest idea what to do with it. If I ever figure it out I could become quite a nuisance!

Linda P

You have to grab those magazines when you see them or they are gone! Very cute wall-runner if you ask me!!
I'm in the dark ages with phone and instagram, so now at least you made me feel not quite so far behind - (my phone is a dinosaur!! but I don't like to be tethered). I remember when only law enforcement or really VIPs had car phones and pagers..........ack!!


You go you child prodigy you! Love your wall runner :)

Karen CA

I really like your wall runner, such wonderful colors. Thanks for sharing where to get a kit. I look forward to your future projects with the magazine. I took the Instagram plunge a few months back, still trying to figure out a few things. Must get help from the daughter when she is home from college!

Carol C

I have only ever made one tablerunner and that was because I volunteered to test a pattern for a designer. I warned her that I was probably the only quilter on the planet who hadn't yet made a tablerunner. It is currently sitting on the dining room table looking beautiful, but I would like to make another one to use as a wallhanging for a narrow wall in the kitchen. Your pattern would be perfect. I look forward to seeing your pineapple quilt. I've made several and they are all so different - it's such a versatile pattern.


Definitely a table runner. And too darn cute too! Can't wait to see more of these designer challenges!

Mary Ann

I bought the magazine because I follow Julie and it was so fun to find you there Carrie! I have made a number of these fun projects over the past few years and look forward to what you and Patty and guests come up with!


So I guess if I'd been keeping up better with the blog reading I would have had a wealth of info at my fingertips. Love the wall runner. Doesn't that sound like a great movie name.

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