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May 23, 2013


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YEAH! Great job, great quilt! I love pictures of quilts in grass, yours looks like you live on a golf course.

Thanks for the great review of the pineapple ruler. I am so glad I'm paper piecing my pineapple quilt. It would drive me crazy to have blocks where the seams don't line up, especially after that amount of work. I'm always amazed when folks say they don't like paper piecing, I find it relaxing and easy sewing.

I can hardly wait to see what's up next.


AMAZING! just love it , love the colors /fabrics and the unique setting. thanks for all the hints i know now a pineapple quilt is on my to do list for this summer....
I have been cutting strips :) need to start making blocks i was waiting for your final review and all the tips!
ps if mom changes her mind I am happy to send you my address I promise to take good care of it !

JoAnne McPherson

It is just magnificent. I have a pineapple quilt on my bucket list. Thanks for the info about the ruler!

Dawn Heese

Beautiful as always Carrie! I love the pineapple quilts but I am too much of an "applique-r" to make it through one.


uh, Wow!




Beautiful quilt! I would love to try making a pineapple quilt but don't know if I have the patience to do it (and I thought I had a lot of patience!)...I would probably paper piece mine because I like to paper piece and the perfectionist in me might be bothered by the blocks being off...yours is beautiful!

Cheryl Miller

Love it, Carrie! And thank you for the details about using the ruler. You have tempted me to make one.

Linda H

Appreciate the insight and the end result is GORGEOUS. Even tempting ... but other UFOs to finish first ... {{sigh}}


Your quilt is beautiful. I fell in love with Kathy's French General and finally found some French General for a look alike. Being a novice I thought this ruler would allow me to achieve something that looks so complex fairly easily. Did I say naïve as well as novice! So thank you for all the tips and pit falls. And what a great idea for pet pillow stuffing!!!


Stunning, gorgeous, pretty, etc. Done...beautifully.


I'm blown over by this quilt and how quickly you got it finished. Your frank evaluation of the process will surely help a lot of quilters who want to make a pineapple. Fabulous job, fabulous quilt, fabulous you!


It's just beautiful! I really want to make one. I love that you said I could use my scraps and 1 1 /2" strips with this ruler (I bought the ruler after you posted earlier). But now I'm thinking I should wait to hear what Monique says...because her rulers always make everything turn out perfectly!

Gorgeous quilt! And wouldn't it be fun in Pam Kitty Fabrics as you mentioned on IG.


Wow, this quilt is stunning beautiful! And I love the name (and pina coloda, of course). I think I need to make a quilt with this name:-)
But I don't know if I'll ever make a pineapple quilt it sounds rather difficult. But perhaps you'll come up with an easy solution?
BTW thanks for your email, I'm looking forward to my package!


I love your quilt and thank you for your thoughts on the Possibilities Pineapple Ruler. I'm just about ready to start a Pineapple and I'm not sure which way to go - use the ruler or foundation piece. I guess I'll have to try a test block or two with the ruler and see if I like it.


Intense! Gorgeous... but intense! That is quite an accomplishment. Now I'm glad that I have never used my Possibilities ruler. That's because I purchased it when I was a brand new quilter. It probably would have done me in. I still want to make one... not sure I'm good enough yet though. Yours is truly an inspiration though. I am in awe!


Beautiful quilt! Thanks for sharing your process and my eyes did cross over too much reading the details on your measurements! You are an inspiration.


I am also working on a pineapple quilt. I started with the Possibilities ruler, but did not like that the actual lines on the ruler didn't line up well with the seam allowances in the block and only one side of the block was cut at a time resulting in 4 ruler placements. I am now using Monique's Fit to Be Square ruler and it seems to work better. The lines on the ruler line up with my seam allowances so I get more accruate placement of the ruler. Two sides of the block can be cut at a time so there are only 2 ruler placements and I am sure that I have 90 degree angle cuts.


I love the way the quilt turned out. It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing your process!

After reading your posts about making this quilt I am both intrigued and dissuaded.

Maybe I will make one in my lifetime. A red and white one. Or just use my scraps--I have just a few...


Carrie, that is one BEAUTIFUL quilt. Those pineapple blocks have always intimidated me. Maybe I should add it to my bucket list!

Ramona Chester

My first thought when I saw it was that it looked like that popular Mod Pops quilt, with the lava lamp type of circles going down the quilt - only yours appears "fractured" - (I think Mod Pops was originally done in aqua and orange). And I can't believe you are not putting a traditional red binding on this to go with your red central blocks. Carrie - neutral??? You are ever full of surprises!


Beautiful! A pineapple quilt has not been put on my bucket list but with your blog post and pictures.....maybe some day?!

Kristine (you don't have to write back to me, silly girl)

Congratulations, Carrie...a job well done. And what a lucky mom!!

Tara Darr

Gorgeous! I love it! While at market I watched a demo for a new Creative Grids ruler for the pineapple block! I'm sold - bought the ruler and its already been delivered! Now I just need to find the time to use it! LOL


Absolutely beautiful and I'm glad your Mom is the lucky recipient! Just reading your explanation wore me out; I'm not sure this would be a quilt I'd tackle. Possibly tackling a block for a table runner or pillow would probably influence my decision a lot!

Linda P

Well, that's quite a looker!!! I would love to be curled up in it, looking at the gazillion pieces of fabric in it!! I almost attempted the pineapple after I did my log cabin (very scrappy) that finished at 1", but it's still on the "to-do" list. I also gave the log cabin one away, but I have fabrics laid out for another - black & tan. Thanks for the review of the ruler, I do have another, along with the Possibilites (can't think of it's name) and will try to remember to print off the "be on the look outs for" and tape to it.
If Mom gets it, that means it still gets to live with you, smart gal that you are!! *wink!!


Beautiful quilt! So many pieces so impressed with this finish!

Susan J.

Amazing. I don't think I have the patience to make something as 'scraptacular' as your quilt. It is stunning.


It's stunning!


lol, don't you just LOVE that your mom loves your quilts? it must be in the gene pool. ;p

I love that quilt but i'll wait to see if Open Gate Quilts comes up with a way to use one of her rulers to make it faster/easier cause i'm feeling very lazy while looking at your beautiful quilt. very lazy, indeed! ;p

Tami Chaulk

That's beautiful! Just a stunning pineapple! Your Mom is a lucky lady!

Sue S

Awesome... and you know what they say, nobody's perfect, but you're darned close! Or something like that -- I think any quilt that's finished is the next best thing to perfect. :-)


Have you tried the bloc loc rulers? They fit right up against the seams and don't shift

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