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April 23, 2009


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Oh my goodness, I LOVED this post. Loved it! Love seeing your first quilts, love the stories behind them, and especially loved knowing that I'm not the only one who makes completely imperfect quilts. Only thing I didn't love- 16 days! Are you sure??


Mary on Lake Pulaski

Relax and have a great trip. Great story of your quilting journey!


what a great herstory lesson! your first quilt brought back some memeories (for me, at least) ... and i love that you are NOT a quilting snob.


Loved your stories of your first quilts - and your rebelliousness. LOL I have one of quilts with the extra fabric on the border - I quilted it any way (with all of the puckers) and we use it as a picnic quilt. Lesson learned, however!

Lisa D.

Oh, it's so much fun to hear about your early quilts, Carrie. Loved the "windsock" analogy! I also love that you persevered with your star quilt. That's the kind that would have been balled up in the closet for me. It looks beautiful and FLAT!


I'm just trying to get caught up - yesterday was my birthday, so have a good excuse for being a day late to respond!! I loved the early quilt stories also and my first big bed quilt was an Irish Chain, the first was 1" cut log cabin. I have to admit for someone who used to only be a garmet sewer, the 5/8" to 1/4" seam allowance was a bit of a challenge, but......."Katie bar the door" - I have not stopped!! My friend and quilt teacher, created a monster! Now, most garment making has gone by the wayside

On another note to you - I recently picked up those really cute silicone cupcake bakers from W/S. I have heard horror stories of the silicone bakers, but I have to tell you I was thrilled with them!!! Please pass that one on - I may have to get a second set!!

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Call me crazy, but I think even your first quilts are lovely. And perfection is so over-rated, don't you think? The "windsock" quilt is definitely a tad bright, but still pretty and bold.

Good luck at Quilt Market!


I love the stories about your early quilts...thanks so much for sharing!


Carrie you make me smile!!! I appreciate your sharing your quilting beginnings. My "first" quilt sits in some box somewhere, unfinished.
It is good for us to look back and see how we have grown in our skills and color choices; but I like your early quilts too!
Candace in CA


Hmmm...Carrie, I don't know what month and year you were born but I will suffice to say I turned 59 a little over a week ago. The reason I mention this is because of your color choices for the first quilt in your post. I drive my sister in law crazy when we go to the quilt shops because I gravitate to bright...I mean bright colors while she leans to the the more country and elegant type fabrics. Ah...variety, that's what makes the world go round. I haven't made my 'bright' quilt yet, it is one of my projects in waiting but the colors are pretty remenicent of your lovely bright quilt. You had me almost falling off the chair with your comments about the resident experts in the quilt shops and the poor work they did on some things. I'm tellin ya' the first quilt I made, I think I told you before that I flew by the seat of my pants on that one because even though I was brand new to quilting, I had made clothing for years and the way they told us to miter corners...well, I can't begin to describe the instructions she was giving us so bizarre they were so I'm speechless on that subject. I just leaned over and told my sis in law to wait to do hers and the next day we got together and I showed her how to do a mitered corner and they turned out perfectly. I did however have other issues with my quilt. No one told me to 'press', not iron. That little abscent tip cost me about $50 in new fabric because I had distorted one side of the quilt center design. Thing is, the instructor stood and talked to me while I was steam ironing my blocks!!! Hmmmm....She must work on commision. Ah well, I loved your stories and they just ring so true. Especially the aspirations of doing my own quilting ***insert crazed laughter here***. I won't even go there. My piecing always receives high marks and my quilts are very flat and square (NOW) so I will settle for what I can. Okay, on to why I actually logged on today. I just picked up an issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, low and behold, there is your quilt on the cover. It is to die for...I adore it and have already pulled out my civil war print fat quarters (might need a few more) and background fabric and decided it is exactly the pattern I want to use them in. I've been looking for the right pattern for months so I owe you a huge thank you and also congrats on the magazine cover. It truly is beautiful. I know I'm a little late getting the magazine but I saw the cover picture online and immediately went to the store to get it. I didn't know it was your quilt till I picked up the magazine...woo hoo!!! Well, have a wonderful time 'visiting' prior to Market and if you do any shopping, would you fondle a few of the scrumptious things you see for me? Possibly drool a bit on some and tell them it's from me with love!!! OH how I would love to be there. Hope you have a great trip and a delightful time. Give Miss Rosie a scratch for me and thanks again for another beautiful pattern.


Well, Carrie, I popped in to ask a question, I just know you have sooooo much time to answer them, and I thought you might be bored and need something to do...ya, right!!!Okay...I didn't know I was going to stumble into a giveaway! The sneak peak at the Schnibbles and that beautiful hat box with 'mystery' pin cushions was a delight to see. Thank you. As for snacks, that's a tough one for me because I tend to not snack when I sew but if I do I try to choose something salty as that is also my preference. There are always yogurt or chocolate covered pretzels...there I get salty and sweet and they are small enough I don't get messy fingers. Lately though, I take a bowl of ice cold grapes down and keep in reach. Very refreshing. And of course the ever present Cola of choice. As for music...like Julia, I listen to audio books, Music doesn't make me nervous, but it breaks my concentration cause I start singing and clapping, and snapping and finally dancing...not a pretty site, especially if it is a cane day. If I do put music on it has to be very mellow. I love many of Sarah McLachlan's songs, "The Answer" being my favorite just now. But I would probably listen to one of my woodland nature sounds CD's that have very soft mellow piano music in the background. Hmmm...I sound like a very boring person. Ah, that question I had for you...when you do have a spare minute, maybe in a year or two, I have a dear friend that had 2 brain aneurisms burst (amazingly she survived) but has a third that needs operated on and is waiting to be well enough to survive the third surgery. She is paralyzed on the right side and has lost some of her speech but has complete cognitive memory and recognized me today. She doesn't know yet as they can't risk telling her that her hubby (my hubbys best friend of 40 years) was diagnosed Friday with testicular cancer. We spent the day with them today and I really want to make her a quilt to have over her legs as they are cold all the time in the hospital. I'm not a very fast sewer because of the health issues but I get the job done. Can you suggest a pattern that works up fast but still has some 'flash' in it (I don't want to just do squares and have no problem matching points). I'm able to sew for 3 or 4 hours a day max, and I'm just a little lost right now on this endeavor, I've looked at patterns till I'm cross eyed. Anyway...now I've put in my two cents and much more so I'll just shut up except for one thing. Good luck to everyone in this giveaway!!! OH by the way...I love all the Scnibbles but Good Fortune has to be my all time fav. But Hot Cross is wayyyyy fun.


Didn't comment on this (bad karen) but it was a good post and it stuck with me so at leehaven.com yesterday I was inspired to post from it. I referred back to this one. Just wanted to let you know. *karendianne.


How did I miss this post? You are so darn brave to show your early quilting efforts! I must do that too, if I can get up the nerve. You should see my first sampler quilt. Gold, rust and brown. Lisa just died when I showed it to her. She did say my color sense has improved though!

Erica K

Wow! Those are impressive and well done quilts...especially for your first! And besides, 80's florals would probably look cheesy today! ;)

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