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June 06, 2009


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Beautiful patterns and what a wonderful statement about investing ourselves in our quilts. I agree completely. Now about that recipe...I love all things lemon so I will surely be drooling all over when you make that one. As for the picture of Rosie with her rock, absolutely love it. Soooo cute. Have a wonderful trip, have fun teaching your class and most importantly have a safe trip.


I could not agree with you more on your sentiments about Birdseye - but we have talked about that haven't we? But Summer Rental?????? Wow! I need to make this quilt and then build or buy a beach house to put it in. Take a bow, Carrie - that is a winner. Have fun on your trip.



Wonderful patterns, Carrie!

Be safe and have tons of fun.


oh yeah - those are pretty! summer rental is VERY pretty! i dunno - pieced setting triangles look kinda scary to make - but if i turn my head sideways and look at it like the triangles are just whacked off squares ... i think i can do it

have fun and have a safe journey ... that rock isn't gonna go the way of the watch, is it? ha ha ha!


Your lemons are just starting? Ours (hundreds of them!) are just finishing. . . (I've got lemon ice cubes to last forever!)
I love the quilts. . . (& I really want to make both!). . . & I love, love. love that photo of Rosie (& her rock!). I would come up with reasons for using it often!
Have fun on your trip. . . call when you get back. We've got lunch to do! :o)
xo, Bren


I love the picture of Miss Rosie...and your new quilts! I especially love the quote on quilting...I need to write that one down and read it every so often!


Woow, what a great new patterns! Can't wait until they become available.


OMG where to begin...Rosie is just so darn cute...both of those quilts are on my to do list...the quote is awesome...I love the Triangle Square Up ruler...have a great trip to Alabama and Georgia...travel safe!


Rosie is so cute, I love the expressions she has. I am blown away with how beautiful your pattern Summer Rental is. I wish I knew the fabric requirements though so I could get the material for it and be able to make the pattern as soon as it comes out. I don't know how you do it, you just keep coming out with such beautiful patterns. Thank you for your creativity!

Juul :o)

I ♥ everything :o)
Have a safe trip.

dotti white

I love the beautiful quilts and your precious Miss Rosie. she must miss you when you are gone! Hope you feel blessed for all of your creativity! Have a great trip!

Cathy McMann

Oh my, both Birdseye and Summer Rental will be added to my Mount To Be Made! And thanks for the quote, my sentiments exactly.


I found your blog from Laurie and Polly. I love your sentiment, or Judy's, invest yourself in your quilt, too many don't, I admire the designers that put alot of work and thought into creating a treasure and the quilter who makes it.
Nancy in MT
Tom Miner Folk Art


I love both of your quilts. I want to make them. That's the trouble with your quilts I seem to love them all.

I hear you will be in Kansas City and I think I'm going to miss you. I'll have to see what I can do. Hears hoping. I'd take you out to dinner if you had the time.

Lisa D.

Have a wonderful trip. Will look forward to more inspiring pictures when you return! The new designs are just gorgeous!


Wow - I'm loving both of the quilts, Carrie! Sounds like your summer is really full - but I know you'll enjoy it all!


Birdseye is just beautiful!! I can't wait to get that sucker in my hot little hands.

Susan Webb

Wonderful new patterns Carrie! I loved meeting you on Sunday at Market. It was a much nicer pace and I had time to explore & have a closer look at booths. I have to get a few more of your new patterns - Yum! Have fun in the Southern humidity!


Beautiful quilts, and couldnt agree more with the sentiment - if it's worth doing, it's worth the time invested - but.... there are on occasions those quick satifaction, seasonal splashes to consider. I would love to do either one.
I absolutely love that pic of Miss Rosie. I have some favorite pics of our pets too, that I just can't get enough "looking of". I have a scrapbook just of our pets and what I call their friends (which are actually other friend's pets), she would make a wonderful addition, if you wouldn't mind me trying to take the pic. I would love to share the scrapbook with you some time. My grandgirls adore looking thru it. Miss Rosie looks pretty young in that pic.


I know this is an old post, but I just read it and couldn't help but laugh about your lemons. When my aunt and uncle first moved to Scottsdale, my father visited and they thought it most excellent that he had a lime tree to make the freshest margaritas ever with. Imagine their surprise when they tasted the margaritas and it was really underripe lemons! My cousin said the look on their faces was hysterical.

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