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July 15, 2009


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I'm your friend Carrie!. . . it's just that I live 2 hours away. (Which is probably a good thing!)

I love paper sculptures! I certainly hope that art student got an A+!!! Wowie.

xo, Bren

(Oh. . . & next Wednesday? . . . just wanted to make sure you knew. . . we're supposed to meet at 6 am . . .) ;o)


Wow, that sculpture must have taken hours, no wait, days, no maybe weeks, even months! It's beautiful anyway.


I hadn't seen the paper castle yet, so thanks for sharing that! And I can't wait to see your new quilt designs! I might have to use this post title someday...seems like I'm almost finished with everything I'm doing...but just not quite!


Sweet Tea...Sweet Tea...Sweet Tea....all this Sweet Tea teasing is driving me crazy, I LOVE sweets, I LOVE tea, I LOVE your patterns....put me out of my misery......soon...please.....


I am almost caught up myself. Thanks for all those links to "First Quilts - Last Quilts". I just have a few more to read.

Look what you started.....

Sinta Renee

I have been working my way through the Parade list... boy, there are so many beautiful quilts out there! You and Camille had a great idea hosting that... thanks. The paper castle is quite a work of art. Amazing! I can't imagine the amount of patience it takes to do that... way beyond my thimble full:)


Wow - so many parades - thanks, Carrie! The paper castle is incredible! Oh - also like your new type - much easier to read with these "old" eyes!


We'll wait for you. Besides, one cannot rush creative genius.


Isn't that paper sculpture incredible? I am always amazed when people create masterpieces that can't survive the test of time. Ice sculptures and sand castles for instance. To spend hours or months creating something beautiful and not be able to keep it is something I can't wrap my mind around.

Karen Grabowski

A girl after my own heart...late should have been my middle name. It isn't that I don't have good intentions, but we all know where the road leads that's paved with those...it's just that I get caught up in so many things. I may start at 7am for a 10am appointment. But then the morning gets filled with so many things I'm trying to finish up or "do right quick" that next thing I know, I'm late walking out the door. Now my mom has to be everywhere EARLY...I think it's a senior citizen thing. Anyway, she took my daughters to preschool each day and arrived early so she'd be #1, #2, or God forbid...#3 in the car drop-off line. So, when I leave and know that freakin' line is long and I have some mail to read or some applique to do, I sit in the line, somewhere between #14 and #27 and happily wait. Don't you know when that happens, my daughter promptly states "WE'RE LATE" even though not a single kid has gotten out of the car yet. Hmph!

dotti white

You're not getting slower--you are just trying to keep up with an incredibly creative brain!

a good yarn

I meant to write a comment the day you posted this but I was late for an appointment and then by the time I got home.... you know how it goes!
BTW - your quilt featured in Australian Homespun is a humdinger. 150 pinwheels! Really, what were you thinking? I love it anyway.

Ann :)


I just found a jelly roll of Wiscasset and love it! No one around here bought any of the yardage though. I am looking forward to seeing Sweet tea! Hey! It is Friday, not that you are late or anything!

Lisa Peterson

I received my package of goodies last night and it was wonderful! thank you soooo much!


So glad you shared those photos, they are amazing.

nadine woodraska

This is so me! I am always behind, and like you I never used to be. Except you get stuff done! I just dream about it! Your amazing!

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