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July 23, 2009


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Awesome tutorial! That cake looks like a winner. I will have to try it. Oh, and your oven is WAY. TOO. CLEAN.

Sinta Renee

I was hoping that you would come back with the recipe... it sounds wonderful! I love making fruit recipies... it makes for great summer meals no matter how hot it gets!


I think your pics came out great... we can't all be Ree... As for your mom, my mom's shopping day is Friday, and we go the exact same way through the market every time. Don't get her to try and change markets or tellers. It's a senior thing.


We should have had this for lunch yesterday. What fun we had. Thank you!


Oh, I'm going to have to make this...it looks so good!

a good yarn

Okay, I'm a Gemini in my mid-40s and I like my routines. The strawberry pie looks delicious. What a terrific combination of flavours.

Monica Massanyi

Your recipe looks yummy - can't wait to try it!


Your pics are just fine! And yes, what a clean oven. Will be making this one for sure. Thanks for sharing.


That Gateau would be the perfect dessert for a dinner party. I love it when you can have things all ready to go, and don't need any last minute fussing.
My husband's parents are so into their little routines it is scary. They shop on a certain day, wash their hair and "take their showers" on certain days, go out to IHOP on certain days...

Loris Mills

oh my goodness! I do not cook or bake usually..but I think I'm going to have to make this. It looks too good. The pictures are just fine...or too fine...they make this dish too tempting!
Thanks for sharing :-)

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