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July 29, 2009


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Love those cards, especially the Golden Retriever one!

A special stew for Rosie?! Love that too! Why not have dinner with your pet?

a good yarn

Are you kidding, it's the dirt that's holding my old wreck together!


I so get those cards!. . . (the top one especially!).


That dog with all the balls in its mouth is hilarious. Sophie does that--she tries to get ALL the toys so Ozzie won't have any of them.
We are living parallel lives this week. No sewing, pizza all the time...


Those are great. I love a clean car. I really love it when someone else cleans it. Just like I love when someone else cooks.

BTW. Why isn't there a link here to your online shopping?

Sew long,


Can you share the recipe for the dog stew? :)


I love that tennis ball photo! So Golden. We've seen evidence of Miss Rosie's diet. Mmmm.


Carrie That picture is my Golden but Autumn can fit more in her mouth can bark at the same time and never drop one of them. Just got to love our Goldens they are the BEST Sharon

Karen Grabowski

Okay...I don't cook for the family. They'd kill me if I cooked for the dogs! When Gary goes out of town, I remind them all I'm the "non-cooking" parent... and I buy a few extra boxes of cereal! Sewing...what's that? I certainly don't get enough one-on-one time with my machine! And my car gets washed regularly...provided it rains!

Louise Murphy

To borrow a line from Bernina here...There is nothing like a Golden..they are the very best!!
Love ours to death..and she is part human don't you know..


I wonder if my horse can fit that many balls in his mouth? I love the cards. Don't wash the car before you come to see me. I live on a dirt road.

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