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July 13, 2009


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I loved this post! You almost made me cry!

I just have to say that all of us quilters wouldn't have this love of fabric and design if it weren't for you and Camille, and the many other quilt designers/fabric designers, out there willing to share your ideas and inspirations. So, thank you and a big hug!

Rafael's mum

Hi Carrie, no, I'm not there and I did take part! I left a comment both on Camille's and your blog but can't see mine on yours... Must be a blogger blip. Never mind! I usually don't win anyway and the link is there in the parade on Camille's blog so people can come visit if they want so all good! Great initiative!


Carrie, I didn't post a link as I don't have a blog but I did send my picutre of my very first quilt to Camille. Just wondered if that qualifies me for any potential prizes???? No matter, either way. Now on to the important stuff, I adored looking at all the 'first quilts', it really was so much fun and just because I love looking at all the different ideas and how we have all grown in both work, color selection. It was a truly enjoyable (not to mention enlightening, lol) stroll down memory lane for all of us. Thanks to both you and Camille.

Magnolia Bay Quilts

I enjoyed reading this post because I was touched by some of the same things. I just don't think there's a better group of people than a bunch of quilters!

Thanks so much for coordinating all of this. I know it was time-consuming, but it has been really fun reading all the posts so far. (It'll take me the rest of the week to finish!)


How great is that?...to bring all these quilters together.. and from everywhere..I have lots to read yet but those I have read are true inspirations!
Merci!Carrie and Camille

Lisa Peterson

Thank you so much for such a fun parade/contest/awesomeness!! I'm so grateful to have been chosen as a winner (my husband doesn't believe me!) My e-mail is in the information down there but says it wont be displayed with the comment so hopefully that means you alone will be able to read it :)


Well I can see I won't get anything done today because now I have to go check out all those links to see everyone's first quilts! This was such a fun idea you and Camille had.


I just saw your post. Am I too late? I happened to post about my quilt. Not my first, I don't have a picture of it. But it's the second one I quilted. It was for my beloved Abuela (grandmother) who just passed this month. I made it for her in 1991. It's my favorite.

Janet Lucas

Thank you for doing this. It was a lot of work for you and I lot of fun for us. I did see my link on Camille's but not yours. Janet [email protected]


Wow -- I won. I've been sitting here all morning with my coffee going thru the parade posts -- having a blast and wondering why I haven't tried hand quilting yet -- and how in the heck did some of these gals have the stamina to do this on their first quilt. I did not get that gene. lol

Some great posts with tributes to their grandmothers, blogs with music to enjoy the parade. lol How fun. Some remarkable ladies... no wonder quilting has continued to evolve.

It will take me several days to visit the rest - the laundry and housecleaning may have to wait. Oh well. Thanks to you and Camille for all the fun.

Anyway - I took a break to have lunch and paged down and saw my name as one of the winners. I was stunned. My email is [email protected] Thanks so much.

dotti white

Carrie...thank you so much for doing this with Camille. You two are so much fun! I am so excited to spend time going through the entire list. Have a wonderful week!

Live a Colorful Life

This was truly amazing. So happy to be a part of it. Thanks!

Lisa D.

What fun to look at the parade of first through recent quilts. Thanks to you and Camille for hosting this fun event!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

When Carrie and Camille talk (post), people (quilters) listen (read)!!!! The amazing organizers are the reason this got SO big!
This is awesome - so much fun to read and look at the photos and find new quilting sole buddies.
Thank you Camille and Carrie!


I had to laugh when you talked about husbands being supportive. In the 80s, we went on a trip around the country, with three little kids and saw multiple quilt shows from Montana to the South and the World's Fair, and we even saw the place in San Francisco that collected Amish quilts. (the name escapes me-they made clothing). Anyway, there is no way my husband could pick out my first quilt out of the scores in this house. I've been quilting so long no one even notices what I'm working on! But he's supportive when it comes time to go to shows or shopping and he's proud of that! One of his pilot friends was saying how he went to a quilt show with his wife, like it was a big deal, and my DH laughed and said he'd been to so many he lost count! And he did it more cheerfully than I would have had it been a car or gun or airplane show! Gotta love him!


It's Esprit in San Francisco ( I had to google it) and sadly it seems their Amish collection is for sale.

They had amazing Amish Quilts.

dotti white

Carrie...thanks for your comments about my quilts! Yes, I did lots and lots of sewing of clothes, etc. for many years. I learned to sew at 12 and have loved fabric and sewing ever since. Have a wonderful week!


Congratulations, Lisa and Lucy!

I feel like I won, too, just having Carrie and Camille leave such flattering comments on my blog! Gah!

Thanks, Carrie! I visited several Quilt Parade blogs today and can't wait to visit all the others. My Favorites list is growing by leaps and bounds.


Hi Carrie, thanks for hosting the quilt parade together with Camille.
I hope to visit everybody in the next couple of days! So wonderful to read the stories and see all the quilts.

I’m in Camille’s list. I remember I left a comment on your blog too, but maybe I forgot the verification code, because I can’t find my blogname in your list.

Camille Roskelley

I've never been a flasher, but hey- I guess its never too late to start! So glad I didn't quilt B.M. Much happier living in these A.M. times.

Hmm... flashing and B.M. huh? Interesting post! ;-)


There's SO much to see and visit, many thanks for this gift! I'm a first time visitor and, for the life of me, cannot remember how I came to be here. I'm really enjoying myself though -smile-. A friend just gave me her Grandmother's 1887 Singer Treadle sewing machine and Mr. Huff...my go-to sewing machine repair man... has repaired it and made it right to sew. This winter it's my intent to make a quilt...for ME!...on this machine! It seems I've given all my family and friends quilts, now it's my turn!


Oh how I would love that package! I can't think of anything better than getting a package full of fabric in the mail. And my husband would love a "free" package of fabric just once! :) Thanks for your great comments and stories and thanks for all the great designing you do! Carrie, you are the best!



It is Onida from William Sonoma. I know we had once had a conversation about quilting and I meant to ask you where to start with begining books, and a resource to find a local quilter.


Onida Perkel

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