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July 25, 2009


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Thanks for the delicious recipe... and the messy desk, which is not that messy at all! Mine is worse!


Thanks for the yummy looking recipe, I will try it!! And I wish my desk was that messy, meaning, I wish I had that bundle of fabric and unfinished pin cushion on my messy desk. I love your new pincushions and look forward to seeing that new line too.


Oh yes...yummy cake for dinner...always can do that! LOL! Your salad sounds wonderful! You're creative, not messy.

Cathy McMann

Mmm, sounds good. I'm adding that to next week's menus.


Your mat looks like mine -- I love all the stuff setting around it -- especially the wire basket with the fabric in it..very unique.

The dishes look so yummy. I admire anyone who cooks -- I'm so lousy at it.


I am on my way to the grocery store right now to get orzo and black olives. Yum


Now see, from another person's perspective I thought "Gosh I wish my cutting table looked like that, so organized! If a messy cutting table is a sign of being smart, look out Einstein!" If I sent you a picture of mine you would die laughing at the sight and say gosh that woman needs help! The Strawberry pie looked wonderful, I will certainly have to make it! Thanks! Sweet Tea is also a must, I just need more time! Carrie, you are wonderful!

a good yarn

That's your idea of messy? Puuhhleeese! Love that wire basket and looking forward to seeing what you make with Old Primose Inn. Ann :)


My dear, your space is Organized, not Messy. I have not been in my sewing room for days and days, and I am getting very homesick looking at your cutting table.

Lisa D.

I have to agree - your table looks neatly ordered to me. Can't wait to see what you're working on next!


I love Saturdays too, it's my favorite day! The recipe looks delicious, I'll have to try it out! And thanks for clueing me in on the Williams Sonoma sale, I stocked up this weekend. I couldn't work there, I'd never come home with money, just kitchen gadgets! :)


Messy table, my eye! As far as I'm concerned, it's downright neat. It has much more empty space than filled space, and the only thing in your actual working area is the fabric you're cutting!

Unfortunately, I'm a piler. I think that's because I'm also a collector of stuff!! And I tend to have more stuff than places to keep it . A habit I'm working very hard to change.

Maggie B

Yum, Yum Yummy! Hey according to the messy table smartness level I should be beyond genious! yeah, right, ok I can be smart and not spell right! Hey Carrie just stopped by to say HI


What mess? We tried this orzo dish for dinner last night and it was a true blue winner! Now we have to make Rosie's stew for Chloe (our beutiful Golden!) and see if she likes it as much...


ok Carrie, ONE can never have enough rulers...
trust me on that one
oh I am so looking forward to the new fabric line by alma and barb!
wish that fat quarter bundle was at my house ;)

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