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July 03, 2009


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Wishing you and yours a Happy Independence Day!
Sew long,


Happy 4th! Hey, I am going to have to try that drink! I love both Lemonade AND iced tea so it might be perfect for me!!! Sounds like you are getting some results from ebay...GOOD!


Happy 4th to you! I'll be quilting all day - too hot to go outside (I live in the valley too)
I may finally put that sleeve on Ruby Slippers to hang in my family room!

dotti white

Have a wonderful 4th!

a good yarn

Happy 4th July! Simply adore the vintage postcards. As for the breach of copyright - you go girl! You work hard to design your quilts and it's your livelihood. You are entitled to protect your work. I'm more than happy to report such violations. Ann :)


I have often drank 'Arnold Palmers' but I never knew what they were called!! They are very refreshing! Love your blog and all your patterns.


Hope you had a great 4th. Looking forward to your new patterns. Hope the copyright issue is resolved.


Arnold Palmer's are my husband's favorite summertime drink. That is what he has when he is the designated driver. lol! We had a marvelous 4th, but I must be tired because I am sleeping the weekend away. Got to get on the Bernina!


Oh! Glad to hear eBay got right on the counterfeit/copyright violation for you.


Man, here I am running late, and bringing up the rear(again). Just finished getting caught up on about 3 or 4 postings, and I'm mad for you too- I mean if she wants to include a free pattern, let her include her own 4 patch.... I have often, on a lengthy pattern, copied so that I could cross off as I cut and then check after finishing each step, so not to write in my book, - however I do write in my book my own notes, just not the ones I mentioned above - or if the pattern is in a bigger book and not single pattern, so it is not so bulky, but yes for my own use only. If I pay, I feel others should too. So yes, I'll help be on the look out too.

My daughter turned me on to the Arnold Palmer tea, soooooo good, but since they don't carry it in our town, the diet Sierra Mist and diet Dr Pepper will have to satisfy.

And since, I am getting here so late, I will just trust you had an enjoyable celebration doing what we like to do. This is a wonderful country - Happy Birthday, American!!


a few years ago, i was working as a librarian at a library that was in a Chinatown and mostly bought books in Asian languages. one day, i was looking at a shipment of new Korean books (i don't read Korean) and noticed that one had the a very similar cover as the Susan Branch Summer book--the details and colors were different, but it was the exact same style--and i know 'cos i'm a huge SB fan. i thought perhaps it was a translation of her book, but nope, inside was completely different. i wrote Susan about this--make a couple of copies to show her--and she said she would contact her publishers. i wonder whatever happened. (probably nothing) good luck to you--it must be horribly frustrating to get ripped off like that.

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