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July 12, 2009


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Thank you for the great mini parade of quilts and for being so honest. You do seem to have a bit of an issue with binding though.


Well. I have to say.. I think your green quilt was an amazing piece of work. And I'm sure whoever has it now thinks it is the most beautiful thing in their life.
I like your Red Wagon quilt too. ;-) Very comfy and cozy looking.


I don't think the green quilt is that bad...I kind of like it :o)
All of the other quilts are great too and I think Rosie is such a pretty puppy!


I like the Red Wagon Plaid quilt also. I think because it looks like it could have been made and used by the pioneers... Even though new it looks remarkably old.


I don't thing that green thing was that bad... Thanks for sharing, though!

Tricia T.

Too fun, Carrie! I love to know that other people have issues with color, too. Even designers!!! :-) BTW, thanks so much for answering my question from yesterday. I'm going to reward myself with the pattern & the charm pack when I finish a ufo this week. It's a wonderful incentive!! :-) TFS!!


Okay, I really like the pattern of the quilt, but not the green! You know, that's a lot of log cabin stitchin' for just one color there in the center. I think you get a prize for your stick-to-it-tivness. :) All your quilts are great! People always ask me what I'm going to do with all my quilts. Do you get that? As I wrote to my daughter once, at this point all I can do is share them... thanks for sharing!


Your're right -- I just jumped over to Camille's and her kids are stinkin' cute- you don't even remember to look at her first quilt!!! And your "green monster" is GREEN, but cool how it shows the log cabins,& I don't think you would have gotten that effect using a less dramatic color!! Thanks for sharing, Deb in Ohio


The composition of the green thing doesn't do much for me. I don't think it would matter what color it is. That said, I think the composition would be more pleasing with it laying on a bed so that only half of the colored blocks was on top, the other half down the side.

I love the plaids, especially the one that Rosie really likes.

Lisa D.

Aw come on - is that the best you can do? It's actually a very soothing green. And I don't think any of those quilts is a stinker, and some are quite wonderful! But thanks for showing us how much you've grown.


I really like your "green thing"! The effect of the log cabin blocks is great - and what a lot of work! Whoever owns it now is very lucky. Your mini parade of quilts is fabulous - such a range of colours and styles. Rosie is gorgeous, and has a good idea for quilts.


Wow -- lots of quilts. I have a thing for darker quilts or one with plaid so I love the Red Wagon quilts..

Thanks for sharing so many quilts -- including the green one. It looks complicated to assemble, but I suppose there was a technique that made it easier. Either way seems like a lot of piecing so kudos to you for doing that on the 1st quilt.


I still think mine is "ickier". Did you not want to run screaming in the middle of all those green log cabin blocks??? Those would have made me crazy. Now I know why you make quilts with a gazillion different fabrics in them. You're still scarred from the green log cabin blocks!


OK, you and Camille exagerate! Your first quilts were not as bad as you both advertised. You have learned a thing or too though.I have thoroughly enjoyed this.

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Thanks so much for sharing the mini quilt show! I've enjoyed looking at every one of them.

I'm kinda liking the green thing. I was imagining something much greener, but I really like this color. I can't imagine piecing all those green log cabin blocks, though!

I've always loved the Red Wagon plaids. And the Schoolhouse quilt is adorable!


Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts... I also like the green log cabin but agree with the other writers - I couldn't have sat and sewed all of those monochromatic blocks without going a little crazy.



Thanks for sharing some of your early quilts. I admit the green thing is not my cup of tea but kudos to you for such a big and not to beginner first quilt. I love the quilts from your Red Wagon phase. It has been fun checking out the other bloggers first and last quilts.
Sew long,


Thanks for the parade...it was fun to see the quilts...the green thing really isn't bad...it's pretty impressive that you started out with all of those log cabins...and they look well-made!Oh, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only quilter with quilts in a closet, quilted but not bound. And I can't find the binding fabric for some of them too!


Wow! Since I'm a newbie to quilting, I'm impressed with EVERYTHING you've done! I only hope I can reach for the "stars"!
Here's my first quilt that's not quite done!

dotti white

Carrie...thanks for sharing! The green one is definitely interesting but really not all that bad! This parade of quilts has been a lot of fun!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Not so icky, but it sure looks like it was a lot of work! All of those green pieces kinda blended together to look like the other colored pieces were appliqued on! Thank you for the rest of the quilt show! This Quilt Parade is so fun!

Live a Colorful Life

I love seeing other people's first quilt. This was a great idea.

Here is my link:


Teresa Marler

Thanks for hosting the Parade of Quilts. Find mine at: MamaTquilts.blogspot.com


i blogged my first and last! yikes. thanks for the fun!! whosies.blogspot.com i emailed a link too.


Great quilts! I really liked the last three. The schoolhouse quilt is especially fun. Love the bright colors and the white background. Thanks for sharing!

Camille Roskelley

And to think I believed that you could make something ugly... of course I am disappointed. I was thinking the green thing would be SCARY! Not so. You are still awesome. *sigh*


the president of your fan club has spoken.


Oh ya! Ted says Hi!


I truly love your green quilt, Carrie! I realized the minute I saw it exactly what you had in mind - that great border draped over the edge of your bed - how clever and what a challenge for a first quilt - woweee!! I also see that you've never been afraid to tackle an intricate pattern - something those of us more mathematically challenged are loathe to even think about sometimes! And look what you're doing now!!! What a terrific show and tell. Thanks so much to you and Camille for this fascinating journey into so many of our blogging friends quilt lives! I would have shown mine, but they are nicely packed away awaiting a sale on our house one of these days!!

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