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July 08, 2009


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Oh no I think mine is the most shameful quilt ever, i cant believe Im actually going to post it!


Love your quilt!

I haven't had a chance to show my first quilt, waiting till the weekend when I've got time to dig it out. Sorry to disappoint, but I don't think it can be considered an "icky".


Carrie - You're so funny - you make me start my day with a smile :). Love your new quilt and can't wait to see the green one!


I just love Christmas quilts that don't scream Christmas. You can leave them out so much longer than just in December. I LOVE this quilt.

Have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the first quilts, except mine of course.


I was laughing out loud with this post. Seriously...and I love the red and green quilt and pincushion! I've noticed you and Camille have commented on all of the first quilt posts...such thoughtful and nice comments...I just think that is so amazing of you both...I'm sure everyone appreciates it as much as I did! Have a great day!


I have been waiting and waiting to see your green thing. It can't be THAT bad....Can it?
I had to laugh at what you said about Camille and her camera skills making anything look good. So true! And she does have the cutest kids on the planet.


lol!!! " I think it gives her gas". . . LOL!!!
You crack me up, girl!
xo, Bren

(I l-o-v-e your pinwheel quilt!!! It's a beauty!)


Carrie - I love this quilt! Will you have a regular pattern for it or will it just be on the Homespun website? How lucky we all are that you are so creative!



I love your Christmas (unChristmas) quilt! Here's a thought, you can borrow my 5 children and use them in your photo shoot. . .from shear numbers alone, they should counterbalance the sage green quite nicely! And they would just LOVE Rosie, as they are dog lovers extraordinaire. LOL!


Love, love, love your new quilt and pincushion. When we you have that pattern out here in the U.S.? Love reading your blog.


I can officially tell you to stop worrying about the green thing, Carrie! Hey - we all had to start somewhere, and look how far you've come!
P.S. Maybe Camille will photograph the green thing for you!!


This would be great in Red and NAVY and cream background print...or light blue...like a Minnick and Simpson palette for a patriotic USA quilt! I'll be looking for that magazine...hard to come by around here, but will look.

I don't have a blog, so can't post my first quilt. It wasn't too bad LOOKING...But I quilted it with DOUBLE thread...didn't know you quilted single strand. And I think the knots are all showing on the back... And the prints...lots of Polyblends...I made this in 1976. Not much cotton to be found. No one to help, either. Looked at a photo a went for it. Traced the CARDBOARD template a million times onto the fabric with a PEN, cut it out with SCISSORS and tried to keep a 1/4" seam allowance (I did know that much).
I did a 'extra backing over to the front' binding...
Now we have Rulers and mats and cutters and 1/4" feet and walking feet and and and....WE'VE COME A LONG WAY, BABY!


I'm so anxious to see your "green thing"! LOL ( I have 5 kids, 2 married and 1 with a boyfriend you could borrow for your photo!) I LOVE your Christmas quilt, it's Beautiful. I will have to get a copy of the Homespun magazine. Thanks for the fun posts you always entertain us with, I always enjoy them!


OH give me a break! My green thing is hunter green gingham, so beat that! Good idea on sticking the kids in front of it though. Thanks for that... :-) Hey, you can borrow BOTH of my little stinkers for the day. Heaven knows I'm not getting much done with them around!

Your pinwheel quilt is stunning- and YES please to making it out of Simple Abundance red and aqua. Yum!

Seriously can't wait to see the green thing. Bring on the popcorn...

dotti white

Carrie--I love this quilt! Love the colors and everything! Your story about the quilts is so funny! Thank you for sharing!


Carrie, you absolutely crack me up!!! I have to say however that when you hinted that the "Green Thing" looks like a vat of peas soup exploded on it I was wondering if it was the quilt on the bed it in that famous scene from "The Exorcist"...a movie I've never seen, don't plan to, but might as well have because it is still talked about so much, especially the 'pea soup' scene. Well, just thought I'd ask. I can't wait to see it but I think maybe I'll wait on the popcorn till after, just incase, LOL. Now on a lighter note, your Good Tidings quilt is really beautiful. I knew all those neat little pile of squares would make something wonderful!!!


As usual I love it. Not a surprise as I have loved each and ever one you have designed!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Good Tidings is absolutely gorgeous! Yes, please give us USAers the link for the pin cushion when it's available - so cute.
Waiting for the green ick!! I'll bet it's beautiful.


Oh, Carrie! Do I have an icky for you! I'm not finished yet, but I may have Quadrille for my latest finished project!


Your new quilt is gorgeous, I LOVE it!! Can't wait to see the green quilt, you are making me laugh :D I posted my first quilt too... it's been so fun to see everybody's quilts.

Mary Flynn

Gorgeous Quilt....goes with my home perfectly! Whe is a link so we can see the site you mentioned? Much appreciated.


Can}t wait for Monday...!

and for Australian Homespun to arrive! The quilt is lovely! I like the idea of a Christmas quilt without the real Chistmas fabrics!

Thanks for organizing this really wonderful quilt show!

Tricia T.

Speaking of pincushions... I called my local quilt shop to see if they had any tuffet patterns so I could make some during our vacation week this week. "Sure! "It" says we have 2 in stock." I told them I'd be there later in the morning to pick one up (It's 1/2 hour away, country driving...) Well, of course, "it" was wrong and when I got there they couldn't find one of them anywhere. Grrrr.... Now I'll have to order it and pay shipping. Sigh. In the meantime, would you be able to tell me what fabric line you used on the ones you photographed for the pattern cover? I love them and I'd like to order the fabric along with the pattern!! Thanks!!!!



I, too, love the idea of a non-Christmas Christmas quilt. I have been slowly gathering red and green prints that I love to make one.


Do not be dismayed! I posted my first quilt and it is icky!

Erica K

I'm feeling a little sorry for myself as well... Not because my first quilt is hideous (it's not that bad...) but because my latest projects are probably ones that all these people would be embarrassed about. :( *sigh*

At least it cheered me up to think that your quilt might give your dog gas! :) lol

Allyson in Alaska

ooooh, I like the pinwheel quilt. Love the colors, love the traditional design. Thanks for sharing.

The first quilt parade was fun too! I wish I had participated. New-blogger-syndrome. lol

Lisa Vancor

You are my favorite quilt designer and that Christmas quilt is the proof. I cannot look at another "cute" Santa or warm and fuzzy quilt. Thank you.
I always buy your books and patterns and sometimes I actually make the quilts.

Lisa, San Rafael, CA

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