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September 18, 2009


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Well, Nicole told me about the ruler, and I found one TODAY at my LQS. I am SO glad that you did this little visual tutorial. Now onto the Winter White flying geese ;-)


Awesome tutorial. Must try to get my hands on one when I visit the US later in the year!


I ordered one the other day after reading Nicole's post...so this tutorial was perfect timing!


thanks for the tutorial and yes now I MUST own this ruler too!
love the post it tip
great idea it will snuggle right in there ;)


I have both of the rulers and always struggle with that top part...keeping it all lined up...the post it note trick is just awesome. Thanks so much.


This is such wonderful information! I too love flying geese and to find a new way to "fly" through them is wonderful. :-) I'll be on the look for these rulers. The next quilt on my table will be String Theory and I can't think of a better quilt to try this on.

Missy Ann

Ok, I'm convinced now too. I'm going to Festival here in Houston next month, I'll look for one there.


That is just like you to come up with a variation that is perfectly wonderful. Your Post It note suggestion is positively brilliant. Great tutorial.


Nicole sent me over to see your demo. I have just ordered the rulers and now when I get them I can have this tutorial to help me.

Thanks so much!!


thank you so much for this VERY helpful demo .. i definitely will be getting that ruler and then maybe i will have perfect geese everytime also and not afraid to tackle a pattern with them in it like say winter white! karen ca


As usual I love how you name your patterns. This one having a special ruler to use is great! Having you show how to use it is even better. Thank you!


Great visual tutorial (even when things dont line up exact, you let us know that!). I've never heard of this ruler, while I have seen the Ellenor Burns one, I usually do the quick flying geese method without ruler, but will try this way. I, also, like the way you name your patterns and always get a chuckle because at the end of the story is when you realize why it came together that way. Great post today!!

Paula Peck

Thanks for this tutorial! I love Due South and bought the pattern, read about the ruler and ordered it. But, I didn't quite understand how to use it, so the Due south project has been on hold.
Now, all I need to do is decide on fabric!

I'm thinking Rouenneries might just be great for Due South!


Wow! I bought the ruler a while ago but have not used it. Thanks for the inspiration to get it out and try it!

Julie Love

Have been using the ruler for Winter Wishes -- love the tip with the Post-Its -- made using the ruler even quicker! Now I actually ENJOY flying geese!! Next project is Opening Day! Thanks so much!


Thanks for the great demo- I already have a trip planned to one of my favorite quilt shops this morning, so will look for that ruler. Also as a proud Canadian I can tell you the name of the actor in Due South is Paul Gross and I loved the quirkiness of that show.

Kathy J

Thanks for the demo. Nicole had piqued my curiosity enough to check out the ruler but couldn't find any instructions on how to use it. You just may have helped me conquer my fear/dislike of geese!


ok- i need a USA quilting pen friend to send me stuff like this - help ! - - -Also, I miss you Carrie, where are you ?


Hello Carrie,

I always want to make a flying geese quilt, but too afraid of triangles! This one is a nice tool for it (trimming to size from a slightly larger block). If I want to make this block with this ruler using precuts, like your 'Open Season' quilt, would that change the fabric requirement?

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