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October 27, 2009


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Finding a bunch of 9 patches sounds wonderful! Funny that you don't remember what they were for. And buying two of the same kit made me LOL.

Love those new Schnibbles! I can't help but wonder if they will make it into the Year of Schnibbles. Cute tuffets! You are incredibly talented (and busy)!


Well, there you are- glad everything is good! Wonderfully cute Schnibs patterns - love 'em.

OK, just send the 9 patches and extras to me and you won't have to fret about them anymore. :-)


Where to start...no wonder you've been so busy...and I love all the new patterns...I have to say "Sunday Best" reminds me of my grandfather who always wore bow ties...and love "Roundabout" and the new Schnibbles! Thanks also for the tip about the the Mill House Inn polka dot coordinating with Simple Abundance! Oh, and I finished my November Schnibbles using the fabrics you suggested...can't wait to show it on the first...it might be one of my favorite Schnibbles I've made!


Love the new patterns, especially Sunday Best


BQFF, adore your new Sweet Liberty Tuffet patterns, so gorgeous.


I love the 7 Sweet Liberty Tuffets!


Love the new schnibbles, will have to order them soon.


Your new patterns are awesome, I love them! You always do such a nice job :)

I bet it feels good to be cleaning things out! I love that feeling.


Glad you are OK...I've missed reading your posts! I look forward to your new designs. LOVE the Tuffets! So much fun to make!

Sinta Renee

Smooth sailing or not... you are a busy girl! And at least you have progress to show for it all... mystery nine-patches, tuffets galore, new patterns to taunt us too! Glad that you came up for air long enough to share it all with us!!!


Whew! Glad to know you are ok!


Glad you are still among the living. The patterns are wonderful, now I just neeed the time to make everything!
When you are finished with your sewing room mine is next!


Can't wait for the Tuffets! Hehehe more excuses to buy charm packs

Kim P.

I love all the patterns!! The tuffets are too cute. I need to get all those patterns in stock too....Enjoy the rest of your week.


You amaze me! Everything is awesome - really love the tuffets!!!


I cannot wait to get my hands on these patterns.I have every schnibble pattern that I can get my hands on and have completed or kitted half of them. Keep them comming


Now, none of the rest of us have ever "accidentally" bought the same kit/pattern/book or magazine more than once, have we? Depending on the kit, just tell everybody you needed to buy two so that you could make the quilt larger than lap size -- like for a bed! Of course, that won't work with "pictorial" types, but then you just tell people that you loved it so much that you wanted to make one for yourself and one for your BFF. (I'll volunteer to be your BFF for awhile if you need one. I'd also be happy to be considered a "charitable" cause if you've run out of local options. You can even send things postage due .)

Good luck with all your efforts. I'm envious just picturing how organized you are going to be at the end of this saga.


P.S. The Schnibs are great! Can't wait to see the rest of them along with the quilts.


LOVE the new Schnibs!! {and the nickname!}
I'm in the MelYear of Schnibbles and I love it!!

Camille Roskelley

Always love the Schnibs, and Roundabout might be my favorite yet! ;-) But the tuffets?? Yes, PLEASE! I'm a die hard tuffets fan now, after the one you sent me. They are the cutest darn things. I want to make them all. Knock it off, will you?!

PS- you are still in my inbox, sorry I'm pathetic!


Great job on those new Schnibbles! I just bought 2 Full Moon Forest Charm Packs yesterday and was wondering how to use them, now I know!


Hello! I just love your blog... more importantly I love your quilts!!!

I was trying to do the schnibbles quilts but I can't find the patterns in Canada. I was going to order them from the states but I can't really afford the pattern and the shipping :(

Do you know of anywhere in Canada that carries your schnibbles patterns? This hunt has practically inspired me to start an etsy where I sell only schnibbles patterns and kits lol... ALMOST!

Take Care and thanks for your help!!!

P.S. I can't wate to make Two Bits and Sunday Best!!! I'm sooo excited for them!!!!


Wow, you have really been 'buried' in your work haven't you? I got a good chuckle out of the fact that you bought the same kit twice. I was sorting my fabrics the other day, and my magazines and found 4 duplicat magazines I had picked up, the really disturbing thing was that they were all four the fall issues for this year. Whoa! I'm losing it, LOL. It's fine though, my niece is a new quilter and can't afford magazines so she inherited them and was truly excited to get some of her own that don't have to be returned to someone. We really lose track of the things we have 'picked up' don't we...especially when its something we really adore. Your new patterns are really wonderful. Can't wait to get my hands on them. Then if I can remember I have them it will be a big plus too.


Here is another fan of the Schnibbles!! They are such fun and easy, and you can always find a spot for them for a splash of color!! So good to hear from you too!! Cant wait for the recipe - I love pumpkin bread, and it s been pretty chilly here, and rainy - could have eaten a whole loaf with a cup of coffee.
2 kits, 2 books, 2 magazines..... I think we've all done it - some of us a few times!! Hope this week and your "clutch" go smoother!!


I love your new Schnibbles pattersn. My favorite is the Roundabout and the little tuffets pincushions. Love, love those.

an encourager

I had to smile at the things you found in your sewing room. If I ever find drawers of mine full of nine-patches and such, I am going to do a cartwheel! Love the Americana pin cushions - so cute!


I love to hoard stash stuff, too, but you bought the same kit twice? It boggles my mind. Karmen (Brannock)

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