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October 04, 2009


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I am intrigued with the cement staining and actually looked it up on line...U Tube videos and all. I live in the Midwest. Most of us have cement floors in our basements only. If I took the carpet off my basement floor, it would be freezing down there! In AZ, do you have cement floors on all levels? Sorry to be so lame brained....I just am not "getting" it. Besides all that, I love the look you have achieved and am trying to find something other than carpet and oak hardwood floors for my family room. (on the main floor with no cement underneath the current carpet)

Great job Carrie! And of course, we do want before pictures of the sewing room! :)

Jenn Baker

Yes..you deserve a large slice of birthday cake...ENJOY that cake, girl, and the beautiful quilt, too! Happy Happy Birthday!


Wow Carrie, I could never have done all that! Guess I am a whimp. But I love how your quilt looks hanging over the cool couch. Hope you had a Happy Birthday!



Your room looks lovely and comfortable! I use the same type of unit to hang my quilts and like it.I do have the husband, and he holds the ladder for me! Hah!


Oh by all means a very large piece of birthday cake is in order. You earned it for sure. The room looks just wonderful. You are amazing.


You know many places have a "Rent-a-Hubby" service. Useful without all the annoyance.
I personally, LOVE that quilt. It should be displayed all year long.
And a VERY large piece of cake is in order. You are an accomplished woman who just burnt a huge amount of calories doing the work. And there are all the caolires to be burned removing the next ceiling, so really TWO pieces would not be amiss.


Carrie it looks so cozy!!! I love the rug...the quilt...the sofa...the pillows. Looks wonderful!!! and a belated Happy Birthday to you! :o)


I love how you hung your quilt and how it looks with your furniture all arranged. Wonderful! I would probably have decided to leave it up too intead of regularly switching it out. It looks so great there.


Carrie, the room looks beautiful, warm and inviting. You did a tremendous job. I adore the quilt, it looks perfect there. Is it easier to have a husband that will help with these projects...yup...is it necessary? Of course not. I have been married 41 years but he did travel some when he was working and then from 2002 - 2004 had to work and live in Alaska while I stayed here raising grandchildren and looking after things. I can do everything on my own from changing a lightbulb to installing a new toilet. I can do all manner of carpentry including using all the necessary tools including the big power saws...(or I could before the Scleroderma interrupted my life). I was never one to call for help but I always know when I should, and do. Somehow, we can get by and get done whatever we want done...isn't that amazing!!! Not to mention, completely satisfying when it is finished. Did you notice I didn't make any comments about the ummm ***whisper*** ladder?


What a beautiful quilt! And a very nice rug, I'm with your Mom about the cushions, they look great, the room looks worth the trouble. Sometime if you have time could you explain how you did the binding thing on the cushions?
Sending you belated Happy Birthday wishes from Idaho!


Fantastic!!!! Love the look of the floor and rug - sofa too. At first I thought it looked like leather in the pics. I often wondered about using those little ring clips, and if they would damage a quilt or not, but I like the look. Don't give it another thought about the help around the house..... I've got one of those "helpers", who does a great job of mowing but after almost 5 yrs in this house.... well there are things that never quite got finished!!
PS - you deserved 2 pieces of cake!!


You know when you mention husband, then comes children, then comes no time for you let alone quilting. Besides, you have Rosie! She can keep you warm on cold nights, she listens to all of your problems and she even is there when you are feeling blue. I have had my husband for 27 years and when he goes it will be just me and the dog! The room looks wonderful, and I love quilt and the rug! Happy belated birthday!


Your room looks fantastic! I think that the power drill is an excellent idea. Next you'll need a tool belt and once you've got those the husband will be superfluous. xx

Joyce cushing

Now that your room is complete you can invite us all over for a little birthday party! I'll bring the cake! I hope you had a wonderful day. The room looks comfy and cozy, by the way.
~Joyce in MI

Suzan Oxenreider

I think that is one of the benefits of being single - you discover how much you really can do (even if you don't want to do it!) I have become pretty handy but I am thankful for women friends who "loan" me their husbands on occasion for the really tough stuff. Oh, I have one of those drills that torques down to do screws. Very nice!

Camille Roskelley

Hey, happy birthday lady! Looks like I missed out on all the birthdays last week when I was gone. Hope you had a great one!

The quilt on the wall turned out great, and I'm so jealous of your new PB couch, I've been eying one just like it for forever now. This isn't helping...

Darn you...


I asked my husband to help me with ONE thing this weekend. Carry one of those long, heavy portable tables from the garage down to the basement. It's still waiting by the door.

Be glad you didn't have to have this conversation:
Husband, "What are you doing"
Wife "I'm going to hang a quilt on the wall"
Husband," OK, just don't put any holes in the wall"
Husband, "Can you wait until after the game"
FYI - There's always a game.

Your room looks warm and inviting! I'm guessing you'll get a Christmas quilt on the wall come December.


beautiful! I'm going to have to try this method to hang some quilts.The pillows are gorgeous too.


It looks marvelous! I know what you mean about lugging ladders around. I had to get ours out to climb into the rafters of the garage to get down my box of Fall decorations. What a struggle!


Carrie, all your hard work looks wonderful!! I think I'm gonna go hang out at your house. I'll even help with the ladder and what-not. I will even feel a vicarious sense of accomplishment from your achievements! I have been working at cleaning/organizing for months now. Haven't finished and haven't sewn anything.
Enjoy your "new" home.


Stella Blue is my absolute favorite Miss Rosie quilt (and in my to do basket) and it looks wonderful there. Happy belated birthday.


I've been out of town for a week and have SO enjoyed catching up on your neat floor, new schnibles patterns, and now your gorgeous quilt hanging on the wall!(And I agree with your mom, those pillows look great there!) Your gorgeous quilt on the wall, reminded me that was the reason I started quilting! I have an odd shaped entry way and right after moving in, knew I needed a different quilt for each season, or month, to hang in that spot! I'm so glad I thought of that idea, and hence my journey into quilting!(And I too, LOVE your PB couch!)LOVE your new room, can hardly wait for pictures of your re-do when you get your sewing room done!I wish it would motivate me to get organizing, but it's either that, or getting started on my LONG list of hand made Christmas gifts. (Sure wish I had the time and energy for both!)Happy belated Birthday!


It looks wonderful...as well it should after all that hard work...the quilt, of course, is what makes everything! I've been wondering about hanging quilts that way...I absolutely love the look!

Lisa D.

You do not need a husband - look what you can do all by yourself! The Stella Blue quilt looks fabulous, as do the new couch, pillows and gorgeous rug. Looks like a page from a catalog. Well done!

Carol Lewis

I love your quilt it's perfect behind your new sofa. I would love to find out your binding secret for the throw pillows.


Happy Birthday! It looks fabulous. A wonderful birthday present.


I had a lovely friend at work that was given a beautiful quilt by her secretary. She hung it on the wall of her office with thumb tacks. I almost fainted......


Happy Birthday! YOu did a great job hanging up the rod. I didn't even know there were curtain rings with clips...great solution! Lovely quilt. Hope you pampered yourself silly.


Great job -- love the room and all your decorating choices. The quilt looks fabulous there.

I know what you mean about DIY projects.. I was a single parent for 17 years and did it all. Having a hubby now doesn't solve all my install needs -- I still hang our drapery rods in rooms w/8' ceilings because he never is ready to do it when I want it done. he he... But neither of us will get on a 10 or 12' ladder. I believe that ladder you have there is at least 10' - yes??? Yikes! You are one brave woman.

Love, love, love the stained floor. So cool!


So..obviously I'm really late with this, but Happy Belated Birthday. I'm behind on my reading...but had to say I so enjoyed reading your birthday post. Great sense of humor. I hope you got your BIG piece of birthday cake. The new couch looks great as does the quilt hanging behind it. Have a great day.


A good cordless drill the one you can trust.

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