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November 01, 2009


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I have trouble resisting RED fabric too. :D I saw the tease of what is starting on the 9th! I'm excited!


Lovely lovely combination!


When it would have been finished I am sure it would have looked great. Have looked at Blessings in a quiltstore in Belgium and it looked great.
Thanks for the compliments on my schnibbles. I am so happy that my mother and me have the same hobby (I learned her).


Oh that Pumpkin Bread recipe looks delish, think I'm going to give it a try. Thanks, Carrie!


Oh my goodness! Thank you Carrie! What a lovely parade it was too :-)



Hi Carrie - Woohoo!! Thanks so much for donating the goods for the giveaway - I'm so excited!!


Thanks ever so much for the recipe - I happen to have one of those mixes in my pantry. A funny thing happened - cant figure it out - when I went to copy/paste the recipe - it came out with funny symbols. When I opened it, it looks fine, but when copied it has funny symbols - could have just been my fingers, I guess - lol!!!
Blog hop sounds fun!!


Carrie I have a question. How many Schnibble patterns need more than 2 charm packs?

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