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November 18, 2009


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so cute! what a great project. I love the roses story! What a sweetheart. I need to go to work and then raid the stash to see if I have any red adn white fabrics, I don't think I do. Off to the store right? hehehe


Couldn't sleep...glad I had the blog hop to brighten up my early morning. I love your candy cane project, and I know my grandson will love to help me with the glue and glitter :)

Eileen Kane

good luck with that ceiling! I did a small bathroom one time - and it is messy...it's more than messy.

I love the candy canes and hope to try some of them today. thanks so much!


Hi from New Zealand it is 12.16 am on Thursday 19th November here....couldn't go to bed with out getting my next "blog hop" fix...
What a lovely idea for a Christmas project...fat free...sugar free...nothing on the lips to end up on the hips....

thanks Chris.....Wellington NZ....


Thanks for the cute candy canes. I think my grandchildren could help me stuff them.


Perfect project to do with my young neices, sure to be a hit!


Oh my gosh! How adorable are these? Definitely something I will make this year, and I agree that little ones will enjoy helping.

Good luck with the renovation. I don't envy you the ladder!


No one does step by step directions as well as you, THANKS!! I love the candy canes and think I can make them, more importantly I want to make them!

Good Luck with the popcorn removal.


Hello from Australia! It's 10.23 pm on Wednesday night 18 November, I'm usually thinking about bed by now, but just have to keep checking the blog for the next fantastic project. These candy canes are just gorgeous! I've already found some stripes and plaids!! Thank you..from Meredith, NSW Australia

Linda P

Hi Thanks for the sweet Candy Canes~ Great tutorial! I've seen other colors of CC in the stores, green stripe, multi color strip, etc..but I think I have some of the fabrics you used...neat rose story too...thanks again!
Linda P in IL


YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'm earliest today yay for me!, CARRIE I loveeeeee your project, it's sooo sooo soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!, I'm going to give to you another bouquet of roses!, lol, I really like it, :) please enter me in your giveaway, I like surprises as well!, thank you for your project and the story! hugs

Sue P

Love the blog hop! I'm bringing this project to my quilt groups sew-in night -- maybe we can each bring a few striped fabrics to swap candy canes.


How interesting making it older.

Mary Ellen

Hi Carrie what a great project i want to run to my sewing room and look for strip fabric. Thanks Mary Ellen


This is a great project for me to make to decorate my outdoor tree on my porch. Thank you.


lovely, thank you for sharing!

Katie B

What a great project! I hope I can find time to try this.


How cute! Thanks for the great instructions! Nice to meet you.


That is the cutest project, we really need to work fast to get this done for holidays.
the restless quilter

Sarah Vee

Love the candy canes with the dye. It's a different look. Thanks for sharing the scallop cutting tip too. It will come in handy. Great project with a great giveaway. Thanks Rosie. Your posts always make me smile.


Another great project. Thanks so much. And good luck on the renovation.

Lynn Osborne

This project looked a little scary at first but your instructions were terrific. I have some fabric in my stash and I might just give it a try!

Maria Isabel

Oh, gracias por el proyecto es hermoso. Me gusta.
Gracias por los premios.
[email protected]


Very cute and you could hang them on the tree!!

Linda Rebtoy

I just found your blog through Pam's and am I ever glad I did!
I am going to make the candy canes, will probably have to make a run to the fabric store for some more perfect fabrics! Is this where I enter for your drawing?

Kathleen B





Very cute Idea, I will make some of these and have a candy cane tree this year
Dorothy in IL


Love it!!! So many ideas to use it with and great instructions, thank you. Good luck with your room, have fun with it.

Patti Trygg

The candy canes are wicked cute! thanks!!!

Becky Gooch

Great project! I love making quilty gifts that are quick,easy & fun. These fit the bill! Thanks
p.s. about your new schnibbles when will they be available?


Candy Canes with no calories. Yum Yum


I made some of these years ago! I'm glad to have the pattern for some more, thanks so much!

Sandy Rowe

Thanks for the great project. You are one of my favorite creators! Say Hi to Rosie!


wonderful! These remind me of candy cane cookies my mom makes...ohh, that would be fun, her cookies and my stuffed candy canes! Thanks for the insturctions! and the giveaway, would really help me get started :)

Debbie e

Thanks for the pattern for candy canes. The look is great and the scallop suggestion is very unique.


What a neat idea! I love the candy canes. Please add me to the drawing!


They are so cute I just love them, thanks Carrie


These candy canes are so cute. I love them and I love the picture of Miss Rosie.

Vivian Oaks

Love your candy canes!! Thanks so much for the chance to win, too!! Have a super Christmas!

MAría Marcos

IT'S SO NICE. I do really like it


I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you and Rosie are up to. The candy canes are so cute! I would be thrilled to win your prize package. Thanks!


Thank You so much for the great candy cane pattern! (Thanks to Ginger too!) Gonna make some tonight.Good luck living through the renovations, I'm sure all the aggravation will be worth it in the end! Prize sounds awesome too, hope I win!

Brenda Veinotte

Very cute and quick idea. i will have to make some to add to gifts. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy J

Thanks for a great idea, excellent instructions! Good luck with the sewing room reno, please share some pictures along the way. Loved your cement floor and end result of that project. Hope you get all these things done so you can come to Michigan (Quilt'n'Friends) next year!

Marty Mason

All these candy canes and not one calorie! Thanks, Rosie, for such a delightful pattern you've given us. The Christmas blog hop has been so much fun.

Mary Flynn

Love the tutorial on the fantastic project you shared! Best of luck with the sewing room renovation...how fun too!


Sweet candy canes! They're adorable...thanks for the great project!


Felt like a V-8 commercial, why didn't I think of that... actually I did make some of these one year - (there was a McCall pattern, I think with all sorts of ornaments) but they were lots smaller and went on the tree. These are much cuter!! I love the idea of them in the bucket with the greens!!! Wish I had started collecting the stripes all ready. I love stripes when they are on the diagonal for binding and I don't have to use bias, but.... don't have a good color of it for Christmas. I just knew you'd have a great project, thanks so much!!
Good luck with the ceiling and the ladder, guess you could just refer back to earlier post - lol. Are you going to paint the floor in your studio also? I really liked the result!!


Hola, Carrie!!! MUCHAS GRACIAS!!! Candy Canes son hermosos!!! Ud. ha hecho un magnífico tutorial, con muchas fotos y explicaciones muy detalladas! Es cuestión de poner manos a la obra, porque se verían fabulosos decorando el árbol o más pequeños como souvenir de la cena de Navidad! Felicitaciones por la foto de Rosie! Ella es bellísima! Yo tengo mi “hija” que es una weimaraner, tiene 7 años y se llama Abden y la amo más que a mi vida! Por eso entiendo que Ud. dedique su blog a ella! Por favor, anóteme para su sorteo, sería maravilloso tener todos esos regalos en mis manos! Espero que tenga una bellísima semana! Un fuerte abrazo!


Good luck with your remodeling project - think how great it will be when it is done! I love the idea of the striped candy canes. I am off to my LQS to look for stripes today at lunchtime!
[email protected]

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