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November 19, 2009


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Love seeing all the beautiful quilts you decorate with. I'm sure your home is filled with warmth for the holidays.


I LOVE all the holiday quilts, makes me realize I need more!

I hate to break up all this holiday joy but I have quick question. I blogged about a couple of quilts and the patterns are no longer available. It was a shop hop pattern from 12 different stores. Someone has asked for copies of the patterns I have, what should I do?


Kathy J

Oh my gosh, Zuzu's Petals is so beautiful! All your Christmas quilts are, but especially Zuzu. Darn, I'm not going to be able to get any work done effectively all day today, obsessing about that quilt and hunting down fabric! ;o)

Jayne Honnold

I love your quilts, Carrie. Looking at quilt pictures never gets old, does it?


very, very kewl quilts for the holidays. I'm thinking I better get some things out pretty soon. I can't believe Turkey day is just about here! YIKES!


Don't you LOVE Folk Art Christmas? I think I got them all from I to IV!! And I am still making quilts from them. Love your quilts and humour!


Those quilts are so timeless - remember we chatted about your patterns being "timeless" - here's your example. :-)

Love 'em all.


Your quilts are just wonderful.. it must be such a pleasure to pick them out and d ecorate for Xmas... :o)
Have one question... The Stiffy used... for the canes.. can you tell me a little bit more of what it is... so I can try to find something like this in Sweden?

Cathy McMann

Lovely collection of Christmas quilts; thanks for sharing. Is there a pattern or directions for the pinwheel quilt your referred to as just having returned from Australia?


Those quilts are gorgeous. I wish I had some of my quilts. Unfortunately when I say I lost everything I mean everything. I had a bunch of Christmas Folk Art Wedding II and it was my favorite. Oh well just take a few years to get back to some quiltiness around the house.


These quilts are beautiful! Wow you gals must be tired. 120 posts in 10 days by 12 designers! Whew! It's been fun :-)

Linda H

I am ALWAYS searching for the binding when I get a quilt back. How stupid....there must be smart things to do about that??


duhh.... guess I did it today. There were 144 posts in 12 DAYS by 12 designers ;-)


What a wonderful collection of holiday quilts! You have me thinking about getting mine out already.


I just found out that you WERE at Boxwood and Berries! I asked my friends if they knew who you were because you looked so familiar. I borrowed your pen several times, thanks again. I wish that we would have had more of a chance to chat. Love your patterns. Good luck with your sewing room.

Sandy (Strlady)

I don't have any Christmas quilts (except for my new Schnibble pattern from last month). I love the warm homey feeling they give teh place but I rarely keep my quilts. They get bound and they fly over to everyone elses houses. I am determined that this coming year, I will make more quilts for myself. That includes a patriotic quilt and a Xmas quilt. I love the quilt called "Lucille ~ Christmas Folk Art Wedding III". It's just beautiful!


Thank you so much for the Christmas Quilt Show!


My eye is drawn to those red and white quilts. Just so striking and timeless. Lovely.

Carol Sc

Following these blogs for twelve days has been a lot of fun. I've met many new designers. Love your Christmas quilts!

Julie in WA

Gorgeous quilts! I have no Christmas quilts, but I am feeling inspired...


I'm sure there's a funny name for diluted Stiffy, but this is a family blog, right? *L*


What a great collection of Christmas quilts. Oh, and I forgot to comment about the seam allowances in the candy canes. I stared at that pictures for what seemed like hours. Brilliant. Of course, doll makers would do it with all those teeny-tiny things to stuff. Thanks for posting that - I will remember it.

Live a Colorful Life

You just make me laugh. And then your quilts totally inspire me. Thanks!


Such lovely quilts. This blog hop has been such fun. Sad to think it's almost over.


Gosh, I feel like I've been to a quilt show - it was fab!!! Of course, red is my favorite color for any occasion, and couldnt pick just one fave. Interesting use of the Jinny Byers fabric. I also dilute my stiffy stuff - have used it on other projects, oh which reminds me - remember the decorpage and stiffy bows on the baskets..... hahaha!! Well, I was lax yesterday, with a busy day, and didnt get to all the blogs, so will have to check the rest out - I will be sorry when this is over. I usually have been reading with a cup of coffee, and yes you will be missed, but gosh yall must be exhausted little elves!!


I love the red & white pinwheel quilt. I decorate with my Christmas quilts also. It's fun to move things around and set out all the fun Christmasy decorations.


Tan bonitos tus edredones, tan lindos Estos paseos diarios, voy a extrañar.


Your quilts are beautiful. I guess one could never have too many Christmas quilts. I better make a few more.


Hola Carrie, pues te dire que me estaba matando para escribirte en ingles y tu puedes hablar en espanol!!!!, bad girl, bad girl, lol, no just kidding!; was surprised when I saw your spanish note..., well your quilts look gorgeous, I adooore them!, I just have 3 small christmas quilt but I'm making a big one it's 60"X 60", I can't wait to finish it!, it's turning really pretty, I made applique on it. Bueno, ya me tengo que ir, espero tener suerte con el sorteo :D, hasta la vista baby,and I'll be terribly miss you for sure, you asked :D


The red one could go behind your couch, and you could leave it there til after Valentine's Day! Double duty is always awesome. ;)


I love the Lucille pattern. I had forgotten about it until I did a search for your patterns on the Hancock Paducah site and it appeared in the list. I am going to order it because it would be perfect for my stash of Folk Art Christmas fabric.


P.S. I love all your Christmas quilts. I've got to get a Christmas quilt in my queue of projects.


I love and have all the patterns to the Christmas quilts featured here on your blog! I cannot wait to make the one featured in the Australia magazine! It is beautiful!


I'm glad you put this post up. So many of us are blog-hopping (I guess that's the idea) but I've had you on my own personal blog page for a long time now--I like your style and writing.

Thanks, like I said, for this post--I guess I hadn't thought much about draping, and placing and setting quilts in other places than the beds. Your quilts give me lots of inspiration for a quick way to bring the Christmas cheer into my home--with all my red/white quilts (actually only two, but I'm usually using them for Valentine's Day). I'm at that point where I decorate less and less--hating to get it all out and hating to put it all away. But my quilts are always accessible.

Yay! for you today.


What a wonderful Christmas quilt show. OMG I love the one from the Australian magazine...which magazine should we be looking for? Folk Art Christmas was such amazing fabric.


Your quilts are absolutely stunning! They are truly inspiring. What is the name of your latest favorite, featured in the Australian magazine... is it a pattern out in print or one of your big quilt patterns, yet to make its debut? Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!


I knew I had been saving my Folk Art Christmas fabric for a reason. Love your quilts made out of them.


Lucille is my introduction to you, Carrie! I was in a quilt shop and a customer was looking at the book, pattern?, don't remember which, and I was hooked! That is the most beautiful quilt. It is on my list of must-makes! Your Mom has good taste!!!

Leslie Schmidt

Boy, I love the look of Zuzu's Petals. It has a charm and warmth that make it good year around.


I am really enjoying all the christmas cheers you share with us here. :) Yep, it's my first time here and i am really enjoying your lovely blog. Love your quilts! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


I for one am going to miss all of you after tomorrow. I'll keep your blogs in my favorites so I can check back with you periodically to see what's new.

Maryann biesterveld

I love the way you ramble from one thing to the next like we're in the same room just having a chat. I do love your candy canes! Maryann

Karen L.

Could you please let us know how we can get the pattern for the Australian quilt? It is one of my favorites!
Karen L.


When you make whole quilt from your stash, your reward is new fabric. I use quilts on my tables. But use a protective clear cover

Busy Little Quilter

Your Christmas quilts are gorgeous. I, too, love the Christmas Folk Art Wedding collections. I have a couple of quilts made or started in those!

I, too, love your quilt in Austrailian Handmade magazine. I love the border technique.

I decorate with a lot of Christmas quilts, too.


Carrie, love your holiday quilts.


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I just ADORE your red/cream quilt.. I dont have a lot of christmas quilts (um two actually).. summer in australia is definatley NOT quilty weather... its 112F here today, and not even summer yet..
thanks for sharing your quilts!


Your holiday quilts a beautiful Love the Folk Art Wedding quilts.


Thank you for blogging for the past 12 days, Carrie--what a treat for me!! I had to comment on this post because Lucille is my most loved and treasured quilt. You know how people ask about that one possession to be rescued from a fire...? Lucille.

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