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November 20, 2009


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Thanks for all the wonderful posts! It was big fun to hop the blogs!

Vickie E

So fun to read your blog and I am excited that you are going to be in the Pin topper of the month club with Gigi!!

Linda Lum DeBono

I have the same mixed feelings too! I've really enjoyed reading your posts! They're funny and your personality shines through! xo, Linda

Edie Gottschall

Ms. Carrie how did you manage to get all this done and still travel and attend B&B!!!! You are truly amazing, and I feel so blessed to have been at your table at B&B. Thank you so much for sharing your humor, knowledge, and patience with us. By the way, do I have something of yours . . . I found it in my basket when unpacking -- a package of freezer paper. I'll return it to you when I send the recipes and article I mentioned. Take a little nap now to recover from all your blogging. Hugs to you and Ms. Rosie.


I am putting my order in for the candy tree in the glass candle order. Pleeeeeease.


Kathleen B

Kathleen B at 5:24 am...that's me! I would LOVE a prize! So you did PICK ME, PICK ME. Thank you, THANK YOU!


Thanks for all the great reads. This was a fun blog. I couldn't wait to read them.

Mary Flynn

I would love to see you all do this sort of thing again for another holiday....it has been fun and now we have many wonderful ideas, crafts and food to make from you all! Thank you! Oh and congrats to your winners!!!


The blog hop may be coming to an end, but you cant get rid of me that easy - haha!! I love following your blog and getting my smile on, and usually a chuckle or two. It's been great fun!! Why is it, we tear so many recipes out of the magazines, and have the best intentions on making them....?? I think I start to dwell on the calories...ugh!! But then I also tear out plenty of picture of projects and actually do make them or something similar - some times I use the pictures just as inspiration and end up doing a little different.......
Thanks again, sooo sooo much for all the fun, the last couple of weeks!! Hugs!!

Kathy J

Thanks, Carrie, for all the effort you put into your posts, especially these past 12 days. You have to have read a least a bazillion comments over that time but after seeing your Christmas quilts yesterday, I commented that I became 'obsessed' with Zuzu's Petals as soon as I saw it. After some detective work, my persistence paid off and I was able to locate and order 'Miss Rosie's Autumn Quilts,' and that made my day! The blog hop has been great fun. I really enjoyed 'meeting' new designers/quilters, their families, and seeing their varied talents and creativity. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving (early) to you, your mom, and Miss Rosie.


Those trees look like so much fun! My kids would love that project too!

Linda H

Great to have gotten to know you. Bye

Busy Little Quilter

I have enjoyed the blog hop so much. I, along with many others (I'm sure) will be experiencing Cross Country Christmas Quilt Designer Blog Hop withdrawl symptoms.

Thanks for all the fun. I've had a great time reading about your Christmas memories.


Thanks so much for the hop. I will miss you all tomorrow!


It sure has been a lot of fun. I'm going to miss my morning visits with all of you gals. Happy Thanksgiving :-)


Thanks for the blog hop, it was great fun! Hugs to Rosie!

Gale Lavers

I am sad to know today is the last day for blog hop, however we can still follow your blog and enjoy your wit. Love the candy trees and since I have a sweet tooth I would never get a whole tree covered. Thanks for being part of this and may you have a wonderful christmas and maybe even get that CAR :^))))


This has been a lot of fun. I appreciate you ladies doing this and the thought and time that went into it. It's wonderful for those of us that can't do a driving shop hop because of time or just whatever reason. Thank you.


Thank you so much for being part of the Blog Hop!
I have really enjoyed your sense of humor in all your posts!!!

Cindy C.

You have simply made me :-)

What a character you are - a fun, joyful, spirited character that I feel I know a little better, enjoying every one of the 12 days reading your fun blog.

Still :-)ing.


LOL - 12 Days of Christmas was my daughter's FAV song - I've sung that one til I was hoarse! Thanks for the chuckles - Happy Holidays to all and to all some much needed rest!


Oh, whose TV show ended like that? Perry Como? Dean Martin? Help me out here. *S*

What great fun this has been! Gonna miss beginning my day like this.

Happy Holidays to you ALL!

Carol Sc

I don't know if I am happy or sad that this is ending --- I've really enjoyed reading the blogs and will continue to check them. It's a little scary to know there are others, who have piles of project instructions that they are going to make "someday". I sometimes (often)question my sanity, as I am spending $'s on supplies that I will probably use once!


I like the singing! 'Tis the season. :)

Margi Borck

It has been great fun getting to know all of you and those who posted as well! It's going to be so sad to not hear the stories any longer! I hope you all do another blog hop.

Jayne Honnold

Thanks for all the fun, Carrie. I had a blast following all you girls on the blog hop!


Thank you for sharing all of your traditions and memories with us hoppers! It was a hoot reading them.


Gracias por cada Uno de estos doce días, historias lindas, fantasticos proyectos, excelentes diseñadoras.


This has been fun, thanks for all the great stories and patterns.


This blog hop has been so much fun. I will be visiting your blog to keep up with your projects.


Your 12 days of Christmas was really cute.


Thanks for such a great week!


I really enjoyed the 12 days and your singing Carol Burnett's song at the end! Did you pull on your ear like she used to do when you finished singing it! I guess you have to be of a "certain age" to remember that!
Happy Thanksgiving, Carrie, and I look forward to more of your posts.
~Joyce in MI

Karen  M

I'm soooo excited! I'm Karen M at 5:22p.m. What a great B-day treat. I can't thank you enough. I just love your patterns and Rosie too. I have a new labradoodle named Lucy that my husband and I rescued from the pound but she's still in training with my quilts.
Thank you so much for picking me.
Karen M


Dang I'd like to win one of your prizes, oh well, I like to make for christmas crocheted white angels I make them every year, they look so cute on my tree


Thanks so much for all the ideas and memories. I have really enjoyed this.

Julie in WA

Hoo Boy, I could not have those candy trees around my house. My husband and daughter would break the pieces off and eat them, just like they do with the gingerbread house each year.

Kristi Van Os

Your so funny - Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Leslie Schmidt

I think I'm going to be going through withdrawal tomorrow! I will miss the blog hop, but I will be back to check in on your doings. Thanks for the fun and great memories and the wonderful projects.


I haven't been able to get here everyday but I'm catching up! It has been wonderful. Loved the stories, the pictures, the patterns. Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Thank you so much for this blog hop. I have enjoyed it so much!


Carrie, did you really mean to say, "I'm happy that I don't have to think about Christmas for another month"? That gives you precisely five days after that to make your candy trees and othe crafty, nifty things and buy my Christmas present (let me know when you want my list) and decorate and bake those bazillion cookies, and somehow avoid every store, radio station, and magazine for the next month!!!!

Janet Blackwell-Fidler

I remember the hard swirly candy ribbons. The tree are lovely.
Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl Petty

Love your patterns. Emma Rose, Radio Flyer, zulu's petals. You have the neatest ideas.


And you're a poet 2 - loved your 12 Days of Christmas

Ann in NC

THanks for all of your hard work during the blog hop! I enjoyed your various fun stories! It was great fun checking out the various blogs and leaving a comment on each blog on "their" day.

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