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November 17, 2009


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I will certainly put something in our Toys for Tots, they are usually at our Post Office or you can drop off something - my dad was a Marine, and also my Granddaddy was a major, hard to make rank back then in Marines!
I also keep and look for "doggie" cards - funny thing is, I have a very similar chair to the one in the photo, except it's blue. Sunny Boy loves to jump up there and wait on me while I sew - I'll have to post a picture on Flicker just so I can say I did, (well just in case I dont get a project picture done). The seat of it has feathers, and he always knows when I shake and fluff it up!!
Is it fair to make a little set of those pillows in the picture you stole - I think they are really cute!!


I'm sooo loving the puppy pics!

Jane McCarthy

Thank you for the donation suggestion. We get so caught up in our own little worlds and sometimes forget about all the kids (and the parents of those kids) who could use a bit of help this season!


Oh Carrie, what a very kind and generous thought for today. Every child needs to have a little Christmas love especially during the holidays (and all year too). We have so much to be thankful for, and sharing from our bounty is one way of sharing love. Thanks!

Cindy C.

What I like to think about is giving a four legged friend a home. I'm such an advocate of these furry friends..they're special blessings to so many of us. We save all our cans to donate. The money from recycling cans go to the shelters. And I love making small quilts for the shelters as well.

Kathy Hogard

Hi, Carrie. I really enjoyed sitting with you at the workshop! I love your Christmas stories, especially the one about the truckers. It had me in tears! Thanks again for all the treats! Love, kathy

Jayne Honnold

Your card with the Santa puppies is adorable. Thanks for reminding us that there are many less fortunate who need our support. I will look for the Marines' Toys for Tots, either locally or on-line to make a donation.


Definatly doing the charity thing this Christmas. I heard a statistic the other night that giving is down 30% and when asked people said they would give when the economy gets better. We have had a huge cut in household income ourselves though it was self imposed. It seems to me that when things are really bad that is the most important time to give.


What a great reminder, Toys for Tots. Enjoyed the pictures even if you didn't take them! And I agree, it does sound like a siege,and remember Keep Your Powder Dry! LOL

Mary Freeman

Love your table topper. This is truly a year to think of others less fortunate. It has been a tough year for so many familys. Thanks for reminding us all to give!

Carol Sc

I was running errands, yesterday, and saw a cute stuffed animal with a fleece blanket --- it wasn't horribly expensive, but I thought it would make some little one very happy --- it will definitely go into the Toys for Tots.


Qué gran recuerdo, gracias por compartir todos estos dias, me alegra conocerla mas.

call me crazy

Very good reminder, thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for tomorrow! :)


I do love the pillows!


Thank you for the gentle reminder of charitable giving this time of year.

Julie in WA

Those puppies are sooo cute!
I hear the food banks can really use donations this year as well~


we will be donating to Toys 4 Tots again this year - thanks for the reminder!


Love your doggy picture, and the chair, isn't that a wonderful chair.
But most of all I love your generous idea of giving to Toys For Tots. I love giving gifts to my children and my grandchildren but when I have given something to a complete stranger the joy I received has been unmeasurable. Look forward to your day....


Love the puppies in the chair pic and Toys for Tots. We usually do a local toy drive...seems so important to try to help as much as we all can in todays world.

Chris H

Love the puppy picture! And Toys for Tots is a great organization. :-)


With a marine dad, uncle, and cousin, I love the toys for tots organization! We donate several times. Thanks for spreading the word!


Thank you for the donation reminder! And for sharing your CUTE puppy card.

Piecefully, Pam

Somehow, Christmas and charity just go together! ; ) It's ALWAYS better to give than to receive, right?! Thanks for the reminder and encouragement to share!

LOVED the puppy pix!


The puppies are sooo cute! I'll be donating toys but they go to our county Human Services office for distribution in our county. I gathered a group of friends to make some stockings that we can fill individually and then there's a giant stocking (about 4 ft. long) that will be hung in Toody's Sweets and Treats so that others can donate toys, too. I was so blessed at Christmas even when times were tough for my folks. I began donating dressed dolls when I was just in my early 20's and my daughter played with them as I dressed them, then they were donated to the Salvation Army. I just can't imagine a child not getting a gift at Christmas. I look forward to seeing what your project will be tomorrow!


Thank you for sharing your cute puppy card and I´ll be looking forward for your big day tomorrow :D

Leslie Schmidt

Bless you, Carrie, for the gentle reminder. I have been getting too carried (no pun intended) away with all the fun stuff for myself. I need to focus on those less fortunate.


I love the puppies too.. we usually donate funds to the Salvation Army and do a target wishing tree present as well..



Maria Isabel

La almohada de su belleza. Thanks you javasa4@hotmail.com

Mary Ann Dove

Hey, those good looking guys in those uniforms can always get some toys out of me. Besides, it's for a great cause. I have some candy canes similar to yours my mother made,the material was left over from bathrobes we got for Chritmas that year. Great memories.
Mary Ann Dove


I LOVE your candy cane project! Thank you for sharing with us. They will be fun to make and add glitter for a little extra sparkle !!

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