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December 02, 2009


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JoyLyn R

Fresh courage take! You are inspiring me to get with it and finish my sewing room & organize. Good luck to you.


Good luck with you home 'remake'! Sometimes it seems endless, but the good news is, 'het einde is in zicht', as we say in Holland - the end is nearby.
The picnic schnibbles parade turned out so pretty. Incredible how one pattern can give inspirations in so many different ways! I am so happy I joined in!


WOW! Carrie what a job! It's going to be awesome when you get it all finished. Cheering you on!


I feel your pain! We have remodeled our house before and the good thing is that the end is in sight! What color are you going to do the floor? I am assuming that you are doing the same thing to the floor as the living room. It turned out beautiful! Keep smiling and you will be so happy when it is done.


Hope all of your sewing stuff gets back in the room soon...because it must be hard for you not to be able to sew!Can't wait to see the "after" pictures!


Yeah....really I got nothing. This stage of things is always yuck. But when it is done you will no doubt be the envy of everyone.
I loved doing Picnic, I'm adding a border and some prairie points to mine so it can go live as a baby quilt. Because really what is better than babies and picnics?


I agree with you Carrie, the Picnic quilts were all beautiful! Hope the sewing room gets done quickly. I'm not really good about having everything spread out all over. Except for fabric, now you know we have to make exceptions to the rule ;-)


Hi Carrie
This is Jo from Jo's Country Junction. I am SO excited to be the winner. I looked on all the on line shops trying to find the new Tuffet pattern and had to luck so I am SUPER happy to be winning. You can email me at [email protected]


Beautiful Picnic quilts! I can see how hard it would be to pick a winner. Good luck with the latest phase of your redo!


Wow!!! Well done!! You deserve two nights on the couch!! haha!! Very brave gal - taking pics - but its always a good thing to do in case of that dreaded word (fire). My friend (who is also an insurance agent) was telling me about someone who's house burned - her husband is on her to inventory what fabric she has, etc etc.... She said she had friends who would testify..... well, I said I could take inventory of mine, if it ever happened and multiply by 3 or 4 (and I have a lot) whew!!
I'm trying to get caught up too, after Thanksgiving and my fun grands here!!
Did someone say bread machine?? I gave mine to my sister a few months back, and she was thrilled - do I still have to get her a Christmas present now - lol
Quilts were great - glad I was selecting a winner - fish bowl is always good!!! Rest easy!!

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