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December 12, 2009


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We are also wondering if the decorations will ever be put up. We are all going in different directions. But at least it's started. Maybe we will have them all up by New Year's ;-)

L. M. R.

I sure do enjoy your charming posts, Carrie. Good luck with your sewing room and Merry Christmas!


I just came down from my studio and saw that you posted..Let me tell you what I have been doing! MAKING FABRIC CANDY CANES! My hands are crippled from stuffing, my nail polish is coated with STIFFY..There are candy canes hanging on coat hangers all over the guest bathroom shower rod. They are adorable but dang girl, I haven't stuffed so much since I stuffed a 22 pound turkey. Those canes better be stiffy in a jiffy or I'm sunkie!

Tomorrow is gitter day. OOOHH can't wait. They really are cute I made 24 Large ones and 24 of the size on your blog...The large ones are going up the banister with my garland and the small ones are going to be at the place settings of each of my sewing friends next Sunday brunch...if I can get the stiffy out of my nails and glitter out of my hair...I'm over it. teehee.

and if anyone wants to take their cane home I'll beat them over the head with it.


Showtunes! When Polly and I get a chance to work together we put on old musicals on the tv. Which reminds me of GLEE - are you a fan?? Love it! And no, I can't carry a tune in a bag.

You don't want to know how long it took me to figure out the "L" pin. Nice.

Gee..... thanks for the shout out.
(blushes uncontrollably)


Vickie E

I completely agree with you about Laurie, I wondered if anyone else read her tags!
I joined Gigi's group too! and I am making a special project for January...atleast that's the plan!


You have such fun and charming posts- please post more often. It makes lots of us smile.


It took me awhile with the "No-L" pin. It was like a puzzle my two daughters and I were trying to solve until one of them said, "No-L" and the light bulb finally went on! thanks for the laugh tonight! And I agree, Laurie writes a great blog.


I am follically challenged so it took me a wee while to work out No L either.. doh! sometimes my brain hurts when I thinky too hard.. have I got all my decorations out? um nope... do I plan on getting them done anytime soon? um nope.. Dags (aka dh) is refusing to get them down, and with a recently dislocated knee cap, I can barely walk, let alone climb ladders and swing from chandeleirs (OK I have never done that but it sounds impressive none the less)

take care and merry christmas to ya!

in HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT Australia
I have the a/c blasting and we are watching downloaded to TIVO movies trying to stay cool...


What a happy post today...I laughed so hard when you said your mom suggested a musical instrument...mine did the same thing. I should be crushed...I'm not...LOL! I still sing in the car...people always look at me a little strangely...Hmmm...Thanks for the chuckles this morning.


Merry Christmas to you! I agree with the other posters, your posts always make me smile. I think you have a wonderful sense of humor and your way of looking at life is great. I can't wait to for the chance to sew again after the holidays, too much to do right now in preparing for Christmas. Thanks for the uplift today.

Live a Colorful Life

Thanks for always making me laugh.

Live a Colorful Life

P.S. My favorite tag is "magical overflowing never depleted scrap bin." Boy, can I relate!

Edie Gottschall

OMG, Carrie, you have made my day. Guffawed until I actually snorted (like a pig, not like an addict!). Comments are a must read, too. Hugs to you Girlfriend! Edie


Wow...there is so much fun in this post...thanks once again...now I'm off to check out the pin topper of the month club!


YES, that is by far the best ice cream place. I stopped twice and I was only in town for 5 days!!

Like I say.........Ice cream, chocolate and wine can get you through anything!!


Another day you have managed to perk me up - someone in this house is not being nice, and it is NOT Sunny Boy!! Singing?.... oh how I love this subject - my daughter was out sunbathing one day (many yrs ago) and had the ear phones on, singing at the top of her lungs - uh, nothing was in tune, and surely I would have recognized Julie Andrews.......not even a clue!! However, for an installation comic relief, I did write a song to that tune: A Few of my Favorite Things, and will share with you some time. PTOM?? (pin topper of the month?? LOL, what cute little things and having a hard time giving these away, but hurried and wrapped them up (I did keep some for me). And, I have to agree on the the Minick gals - love their posts too!!
Enjoy it all- including the mess, it will get done in time - hugs!!!


The "braille menu" reminded me--when my brother-in-law began dating my former sister-in-law, she'd just moved to California and asked about the "bumps" dividing the lanes in the road. He told her they were there so blind people could drive. She actually believed him for awhile--I think that's when he decided it was love!


Such a charming post! It's my first time visiting and i really love your space here. :) So glad i came knocking on your door. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

PMTC: Jacqueline


Merry Christmas Carrie! I've been "lurking" here for a while and thought I'd say hello! Miss Rosie patterns are my new obsession and I've been hoarding them and fat quarter bundles to do them with so next year will be a marathon Miss Rosie/Schnibble year for me! Thank you for your wonderful designs- you've made my day/week/month/year/decade etc!!! Merry Christmas!

Debra in Ohio

Merry Christmas!

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