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December 31, 2009


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ok, aren't you going to tell us what it means?
who can't wait to see the transformation....
no one ever has too much fabric you must be hanging out with the wrong people if they are telling you that!!!!


Welcome back! I kept checking to see if you'd posted and nothing! I was wondering what happened to you.

Rest assured that no quilter will tell the Intervention or Hoarders shows about you because payback is hell. And then we would have to face the ugly glare of the camera on our stash too. Doesn't the word stash makes it sound, like, maybe, a manageable amount of fabric? Or is that me in denial again?

Very clever button. I had to think about it for a sec, but then I got it.

Cindy C.

I wondered where you were hiding.
How about atleast a little "L" now - it's soon to be 2010, and a fresh start.

Don't forget, we care.


So glad to hear that things are progressing. Yes it will be a mess again, but what a happy mess it will be :-) Love the No L (noel) button. But yes I think we were all really tired this Christmas. Maybe next year we will resurface and regain ground. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Live a Colorful Life

that button really makes me laugh. I want one for next year! and any good ideas for parting with excess fabric? Can't wait to see your sewing room.


Ha! Ha!
Glad you had a good Christmas though, especially after working so hard beforehand.


Glad you are back. Good luck finishing the sewing room!
Put a t.v. in there and you can live for days watching football!


I love your badge. . . & don't tell!!! Make folks figure it out!. . . That's the fun part! When I was teaching, I would put little word games like that on the board & the first student that could figure it out would get a candy bar of their choice . . . as a reward for 'thinking outside the box'. . . (& really. . . there is enough of a hint in your photo!). It became so much fun for the kids, & even when someone had figured it out & there was a new one on the board - many of the kids didn't want to be told - as they still wanted to figure it out. (I became so proud of them!) They would even form teams at lunch to figure it out. . .!)

I'm also so relieved to hear that you have too much of a stash too. I've been going though mine - (& much of it will be in my booth at the Tucson Quilt Show!). There is some though - that I can't part with & I still have the dream (delusion?) that I will get to make something from it. . . (like my stash of Gingham Rose (3 Sisters). . . sigh.

I wish you a wonderful New Year Carrie (& Rosie too!). . . & can't wait to see you new books!!!!
xo, Bren


If we dont hear from you for a week, should we send a search party??? I have more than enough fabric for a few lifetimes and when I tell myself 'no more fabric' then a lovely email comes along and tells me about a sale :O)))

Happy 2010!


Carrie Nelson - I missed you!! But so glad you got to enjoy your brother and his help, that fabulous brother, that has such good taste in ear rings - do tell us what he brought you this year!!! Every time I checked back, I said little nasties about WS keeping you snowed under other work, when we all knew you wanted to be in your little corner of the world!! I had secretly thought you were biting off a chunk when you started that room and was still blogging every day thru the blog hop, which I'm so glad you did!!!
Can't wait to see the pics of your room and pick out all the containers and rounder-uppers from some of my favorite stores and you can give us all good ideas! I'll be checking in right after my beloved Rose Bowl Parade - the one I really do watch all the way thru!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Rosie, and Mom!!


one of the local comedy clubs decorated a little tree for the Colorado Festival of Trees with a whole slew of those buttons back when Governor Lamm was in power - i remember cuz i "got it" and the EXman didn't ... Governor Lamm's wife decorated HER tree with sheep (which should have been clever but was really just kinda sad) ... anywho, i liked the no L tree better than the lambs ...... i thought that i had too much fabric, but then my daughter became a quilter and now we don't have enough - ha ha ha!


Happy New Year! Love your button and "got it" reasonably quickly--I don't think I stared at it for more than an hour or two!

Ann in NC

Welcome back! I missed your posts. Glad I haven't seen Intervention or Hoarders for fear I would feel like I was looking into a mirror! Oh the stuff that got moved to make room for overnight guests as Christmas.


I used to have one of those no "L" aka Noel buttons but lost it to a friend who liked it more.
Now about that extra fabric, don't fret, it's similar to an artist's paint but it just happens to take up more room than their little tubes! Looking forward to "after" pictures of The Room!

auntie pami

I missed you. Glad you are back safe & sound and hopefully feeling better about all that you've taken on and completed. Your home sounds wonderful. Ok, so about that "excess" fabric, I'm so bad about my fabric I had to open a store. And, of course, I'm behind on uploading. But, I do resolve (ha ha) to work on a blog and update my store and finish my samples for my first quilt show!


Ah yes, the holidays...Can't wait til they arrive and then feel so relieved when they are all over. It is going to take me some time to recover this year!


I spent New Year's Eve looking through my fabric stash and hat box filled with patterns (there were a really large amount of yours in there!). I was left thinking that I had way too much fabric (thanks for being the first to say that out loud), and I was also wondering if all those pre-cuts that I own are really the best way to go. I guess if you're into "scrappy" that's okay, but I'm seriously thinking I need to move towards finding a pattern I want to make, and THEN buying the fabric to accommodate it...rather than buying all the pretty pretty pieces and hoping I'll find a pattern that will work for them. Or do I just need to buy more "background" fabric and work it from there? Such a dillema! Happy New Year, Carrie!!


I'm not too far from you if you want to stash fabric at my house! I was going to beg you to tell what No L means, but the dimwit (me) just read a comment that spilled the beans. Why can't I ever get that stuff?? Have a great New Year!


I can't figure out why people worry they won't get their stash quilted in a life time. Who cares? So what if the stash outlasts us? Happy New Year!!

Maggie Bonanomi

Hey Happy New Year, glad your back, I live thru others blogs! I don't really believe you can have too much stuff, be it fabric or wool or other good but maybe unrelated stuff...I do fear one day answering the door to see the Hoarders crew standing there. I told my hubby I wasn't a hoarder but then the path to my ironing board looked abit like one lady's path thru her NY apartment!!humh,maybe one day I will get my workroom in some sort of working order, but then maybe not!


Glad to see you back! Last year in December/January I did the same thing as you are doing and I have such a workable sewing room now that it was worth all of the time I spent getting it that way. I'm sure you will love your space when you are done. Can't wait to see the pics!

AND, at least you didn't have to take breaks to shovel snow since we live here in snow-free Phoenix, unlike most of the rest of the country right now.

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