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December 03, 2009


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badlands quilts

Thats for sharing...I live in Minneapolis and try to do a few quilting road trips a year and haven't gotten east to WI yet, now I've got great ideas!


Country Sampler and JJ Stitches = Bliss! Huge Sigh! Two very favorite shops of mine.


Ohmigosh! Looks like a road trip is in my future! I've been to JJ's but now I "need" to visit the others. Thanks for posting the tempting pics!


can someone adopt me so I can come and live in America and go on road trips like that-pretty please


OMG Carrie what an absolutely incredible trip. What fantastic shops! That is definitely scrap quilters heaven! Glad you had a car big enough for all your goodies!


Wow, what a fun and awesome trip. I love to go to the quilt shops when we travel. The ones you visited looked incredible!


Lucky girl!!! I am on Country Sampler's mailing list and the shop and kits look amazing!!!

Laurie in Iowa

Country Sampler is my favorite quilt shop... and well worth the 2+ hours drive to get there. Jeanne and her staff always know how to treat their customers like royalty.
I've only been to Mill House once... and would love to return. I need to take a road trip to the Madison area and visit JJ Stitches. Thanks so much for sharing... I'm looking forward to your next posting.

Lisa D.

What I wouldn't give to take a road trip with you, Carrie! You know all the best shops!


I definitely need to go to Wisconsin!


I would have been in total heaven, and to think you had the whole car???? geeeeesh!!
Love reading your blogs and you better post the rest of the story soon, can't wait to read about it. Oh and yes, you were away from the popcorn!!! whooo hoooo!!!


Weeee!!! Such fun, I need to go to Wisconsin!

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