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February 05, 2010


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Wow, those are some stunners! I have a real soft spot for gypsy rose and that quilt is gorgeous!! I must go find myself the pattern now!
Don't worry about the swelled head. By the look of those lovely quilts, and your fabulous patterns, you deserve it ;-)


That is a fabulous pattern! Those girls did an incredible job- they all look beautiful and romantic! Seriously, I love them all? You are just going to have to deal with that swollen head... the stewardesses will understand, just give them an autograph!

Live a Colorful Life

The quilts are beautiful. Your patterns are fabulous. There. Did that help with the swollen head?


I saw Nicole's quilt and then jumped over to the other blogs to see theirs too. They are beautiful. And yes the designer SHOULD get credit ;-) btw, bring your raincoat. We are not having the perfect Florida weather next week. High 60's, lows 50's with rain :-( Sorry I can't make it to your workshop at Plum Lane. I know it will be fun!


Have a safe trip, and....don't bump your head.
What can I say? We love ya, man.


I, like many others I'm sure, rushed out to buy the pattern as soon as I saw the photos of Nicole's quilt. I love it and must now make one of my own. Beautiful quilt - beautiful pattern!!

Linda Vaughn

We are all big BIG fans of you and your patterns. Just finished Sunday's best schnibble in both civil war fabric and a bright valentine print.So many schnibbles,sew little time. Have a safe trip.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Amazing interpretations of YOUR beautiful pattern!!

Wendy Currie

Thank you so much!I agree,Gypsy Summer is a perfect name for Megan's quilt.
I Love piecing Summer Wind, I originally made it with the Seaside Rose collection. Now my youngest wants it with Aster Manor. .
It must be fun to see your designs made up in so many different fabrics.

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