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February 08, 2010


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You go for it Rosie!! Gotta love Goldens!!


Way to go, Rosie - you show her!


Gibby, Roscoe, and Lizzie know that is what quilts are for - a little buffer between them and the furniture. There is no better use of a quilt. Rosie, take some nice, long naps this week.


If she didn't want you on the couch, she wouldn't have put the quilts there, right Rosie? Sweet dreams:)


Dear Rosie,
Take comfort in knowing that while Carrie is enjoying her Florida trip, you are holding down the fort! Enjoy your R & R!

call me crazy

LOL Sweet dreams Rosie! Have fun in Florida Carrie! :-)


You mean dogs don't own everything?? Lord I knew I was gullible but the pups had me convinced they owned all furniture and blankets/quilts in the apartment.


Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. Don't you know that having blankets, quilts or sheets thrown over a brand new couch completely spoils the decorator look that we people are striving for? What? You don't care? Well. Either does Ozzie. At least Carrie gave you a pretty quilt to lie on. Ozzie got a lavender sheet.

Linda P.

Queen Rosie knows a good thing when she sees it. Some how, I'll bet her mom knows and just loves her sooo much, that what the heck...


Poor Rosie... I know you wouldn't do that, but you had to be where you could have Carrie's scent/pssst, another good place is her bed!

Lisa D.

I'm with Vicki - if she didn't want you on the couch, would she have left a nice cozy quilt on there for you? Enjoy your new nap spot, Rosie. I'm sure you'll be happy when Carrie comes home.


Rosie..with all the patterns you have floating around the world with your name at the mast head I would think you own at lease a portion of that sofa...



Rosie, you just enjoy every minute of it!


Don't we all just work in order for our pets to live in the manner to which they have been accustomed? that's what my husband and I always say...


Don't you love Rosie! - we had two goldens - Buzz and Woody - years ago. We are still sharing stories. We have a little dawg now and he does being cared about in the same manner.... indulged, quilts sofa and so on and so on.


Bari Jo Moore

You go girl! Paws up dude! Greetings from Cody Bear in Albuquerque (Golden R also!) *(by the way, I've only swallowed soccer socks... how in the world did you pass a needle? And all those watch parts?) Did they try the hydrogen peroxide thing on you? Worked fast and kept me out of surgery... but I still steal the socks... I'm still working on being allowed on the couch, though...


Don't worry Rosie - we won't tell!! Enjoy!!!

Ann in NC

Enjoy YOUR sofa, Rosie! What good is a sofa if you can't take a nap on it?!

Barb Colvin

Oh yeah! Rosie rules!


My Dear Rosie,

It's a real coup by my definition. From what I read in the news, the best time to have a coup is when the leader is out of the "country." Of course, the leader is usually a dictator, and I don't think that Carrie quite counts as one.

I'll bet she lets you keep sleeping on the couch when she gets back. Part of that homey feeling, you know? And, if she really, really, really was worried about it, as others have said, she wouldn't have laid out all those nice quilts for you. And she could have really been nasty and sprayed everything with that "Doggie No" icky stuff that pet stores sell.

So enjoy the feeling of your coup while you can, and then enjoy knowing that Carrie loves you enough to let you up on her brand new couch even when she's home. You know she had you in mind with all these changes -- the floors are better for your ball, and I'm sure there are other changes that you really enjoy (like nice cool cement instead of carpet on a hot day).

Be honest with yourself, Rosie. I think you already hold the head honcho position (whether Carrie admits it or not). When Carrie asked for snack ideas, what was she the most grateful for? Doggie snack suggestions. And whose picture shows up the most often in her blog -- yours or hers? It's good strategy, though, to let her think that she's the boss, especially when it comes to the little piddly things, but you know who's really on top when it comes to the big stuff.

You're really lucky that your person is Carrie.


P.S. Does one have a coup, make a coup, do a coup, hold a coup, establish a coup, or what?

Cindy Carlson

Now THIS - I love...LOL...

Just like ALL three of our Weimaraners! They do it while we're gone and they do it while we're home.

They're just part of the furniture.

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