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February 13, 2010


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Nancy E

Love your Three Barns quilt! Guess I missed something .... don't know what the answers 600, 180 and 1,981 refer to?


Oh yes they will be back! Wish I could have gone to the class. Can you BELIEVE the rain we got on Friday? If it had not been so cold the alligators might have been swimming down the streets ;-) Enjoy the rest of your time in Sunshine State. Oh, and can you take the cold weather back with you??


That quilt is *$#@&% STUNNING!



Beautiful Beautiful quilt...


It sure was fun to get a chance to visit on Tuesday...wish I could have done the class...and yes I would have come back for another day! Have a safe trip home! Howie and Zack hope the Rosie is happy with their little Valentine treat...LOL!

Cindy Carlson

I'll be back - atleast to your blog..LOL


Ahhh. Of course they will be back. Three Barns is beautiful. You have them hooked at this point! Sounds like a lovely trip!


LOVE LOVE LOVE that quilt!!! Lucky ladies to be making it! Is it any particular line of fabric or mainly from your 'historical collection'? :)


Love the quilt. I would like to find out where to get the pattern. I love 1/2 squares & flying geese. So bring it on!!!!!!

call me crazy

Gorgeous quilt! Really 1981?! Yikes. ;-) But a good yikes~ I love stars! ;-)


I love all your quilt patterns but this one is really tops! Can't wait until it's available. This one goes to the top of the list!!!
~Joyce in MI


600 half square triangles, 181 flying geese and 1981 pieces in the quilt maybe? Obviously, a lot of work, but worth it all. We quilters are gluttons for punishment. By the way, what is sun??? Do enjoy your trip! I'm looking forward to all those new patterns.


When will this pattern be available? I think it's one of your best.


it is late 70's here in san diego. suppose to be azlmost 80 on monday.

kim from san diego

Lisa D.

Wow - that quilt Three Barns is amazing! I can't wait to read the story behind the quilt when I buy the pattern. I don't see just "three" of anything! Glad you had fun in Florida despite the less than ideal weather. I'm sure Rosie and Mom will be thrilled to have you home!

Sara Ross

Well, OF COURSE we were ALL back on Saturday. And guess what? Some of us just continued to make flying geese and half square triangles. Others made blocks and they were awesome!! I'm looking forward to completing Three Barns and getting 'Emma's Legacy' and making it for my Great-Granddaughter, Emma!!

Karla Anderson

oh you are SO mean! Making them do the 3 Barns. Mine goes to the quilter next month. I finally finished it the week after Christmas. I worked on nothing else (no other projects at all) from the end of August until the last week of December. You are such a meanie.. but the finished product is fabulous! thanks, Carrie! See you next time you come to KS.


You know we here in Florida are wondering where the warmer weather is as well. We've had more continuous cold temps than I can remember in a really long time...and I was born here, and I'm old.
patsy FL


Sounds like you are having a great time.

I love the Three Barns quilt. Especially the colors. Is it one of yours?

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